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Mike Rowe's Podcast Insights And Lessons On Work, Life, And Everything In Between (1)


Mike Rowe’s Podcast: Insights And Lessons On Work, Life, And Everything In Between

TV host Mike Rowe captivated audiences in the 1990’s through his Discovery Channel show, Dirty Jobs. Today, Mike hosts a popular podcast: The Way I Heard It. Read on to learn all about Mike’s podcast, including topics, guests, reach, and the overall impact of the show.

About Mike Rowe

TV personality Mike Rowe found fame through the hit Discovery Channel show, Dirty Jobs. Here, NetInfluencer dives into the details of Mike’s The Way I Heard It podcast, including themes, reach, and overall format. 

On The Way I Heard It, Mike Rowe weaves humor, charm, and wit into thoughtful interviews with guests. He also shares his own takes on what’s happening in the world, including world events and political issues. Mike frequently discusses his frustrations with “the system” and American society. 

Listeners appreciate Mike’s candid opinions and his commitment to staying off the beaten path. They love the dynamic between him and Chuck and reviews of the show highlight Mike’s uncanny ability to tell a story and hold the audience’s attention. 

Mike Rowe's Podcast: Insights And Lessons On Work, Life, And Everything In Between

The Creator Behind the Podcast

Jack of all trades Mike Rowe is a TV host, spokesman, actor, producer, and writer. Mike began his television career in 1990 when landed a host spot on the home shopping network, QVC. In addition to his work on QVC, Mike picked up several freelancing odd jobs. He then pitched his idea for a show, Dirty Jobs, to the Discovery Channel. Dirty Jobs ran for a total of 39 episodes and put Mike on the map.  

Throughout the 90’s and 2000’s, Mike worked on a variety of TV projects and landed several public speaking gigs. He also started the mikeroweWORKS Foundation, which awards scholarships to those pursuing a career in the skilled trades. Mike’s CNN show, Somebody’s Gotta Do It premiered in 2014. The show features individuals with unique hobbies or professions.

In 2017, Mike Rowe started his podcast, The Way I Heard It. Mike describes the show as “short mysteries for those with a love for fascinating tales”. His guests include everyone from family members to famous celebrities.

Themes and Topics Covered

On The Way I Heard It, Mike Rowe covers a variety of topics, from pop culture to politics. Mike hosts guests from all types of backgrounds and shares their stories. Each episode of the podcast is also infused with Mike’s wit and wisdom and anecdotes from his own life and career. 

If you’re wondering what it’s like to listen to The Way I Heard It, here are three summaries of recent episodes. 

Episode 221 – Tim Allen Lives on a Runway

Mike calls actor Tim Allen his “TV Big Brother” and talks about his recent show, Last Man Standing. Mike had a role on the show as Tim’s character’s brother and the two discuss why Mike disappeared from the cast after only one episode. The show also jokes around about Tim living on the runway of an airport and Mike works to get to the bottom of the mystery.

Episode 231 – A Cornhole Christmas!

Mike’s mother is a recurring guest on the podcast and here, she talks about playing pool at her new facility. Mike and his co-host Chuck share their own experience in a pool hall with an eclectic jukebox and a lot of trumpets. Mike’s mom talks about a number of topics and Mike refers to the episode as “weird, funny, wise, and probably inappropriate.”

Episode 233 – Jay Leno Makes His Own Sandwich

Comedy and TV legend Jay Leno joins Mike in this episode and the two chat about the importance of trust, self-esteem, and confidence. Jay and Mike wind up talking for an hour and, according to the episode summary, “hilarity ensues.”

Reach of The Way I Heard It

Mike Rowe has 237,000 subscribers on YouTube, 1.3 million followers on Instagram, and just under 5,000 followers on TikTok.

On YouTube, where view statistics are readily available, it appears that the average episode of The Way I Heard It receives between 5,000 views and 150,000 views.

As of January 2023, The Way I Heard It was ranked as #124 out of all podcasts in the United States on Apple Music. Based on this analysis we estimated that The Way I Heard It receives 50k listens each time an episode goes out across Apple, Google, Youtube and Spotify podcast networks.

Mike Rowe's Podcast: Insights And Lessons On Work, Life, And Everything In Between

The Format of the Podcast

The structure of The Way I Heard It podcast is informal and conversational. Mike interviews his guests in a casual, friendly manner and lets the flow of the discussion guide each episode. He also brings in stories from his life and opinions on current events. Mike’s co-host is his friend of 42 years, Chuck Klausmeyer.

While Mike sometimes does podcast episodes alone or just with Chuck, most of the time he is joined by a friend, family member, or a famous guest. In a recent episode, Mike hosted Megyn Kelly, a conservative journalist. He also recently hosted Todd Rose, a scientist and the president of Boston think tank Populace. Mike also spoke with actor Gary Sinese on a past episode.

Reception and Impact

The Way I Heard It receives mostly positive reviews from listeners. On Audible, the show has a rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars. It also has a rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars on Apple Podcasts.

Mike Rowe's Podcast: Insights And Lessons On Work, Life, And Everything In Between

Many of the podcast’s listeners have been fans of Mike Rowe since his days on Dirty Jobs. One review mentioned that Mike was a “genius at reality-checking” and complimented his intelligence and wit. Another fan touches on the well-roundedness of Mike’s show by saying it’s “informative and entertaining, from serious to comedy, Mike covers it all.”


If you’re a fan of story-telling podcasts with interesting hosts, check out The Way I Heard It. It’s available on most of the major podcast platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and Audible.

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