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Meta Performance Bonus Program For Creators Explained


Meta Performance Bonus Program For Creators Explained 

Meta’s Performance Bonus program allows eligible creators to earn money based on the engagement of their public Facebook posts and Instagram content. This invite-only program allows creators to monetize their creative efforts on Meta’s platforms.

The Performance Bonus program pays out based on metrics like reach, reactions, shares, and comments on eligible Facebook posts. According to the platform, reach, defined as the number of people who viewed a post at least once, carries the most weight in determining earnings. Qualifying content spans public photos, text posts, live videos, and short and long-form videos on Facebook, excluding Reels and Stories. Cross-posted eligible content from Instagram is also counted.

Only content created within 90 days of an earnings period start date and after joining the program is eligible, with a cap of 3,000 pieces of content per period. Selected creators must adhere to Meta’s Partner Monetization Policies to participate.

Final payouts may vary due to reviews, ownership claims, and other adjustments. As program changes roll out, the amounts may fluctuate monthly, even with consistent engagement levels.

To access the program on Facebook Pages, creators can follow prompts in the app, Meta Business Suite, or the Professional Dashboard. For FB profiles, users must enable professional mode before onboarding.

The Performance Bonus program is one piece of Meta’s $1 billion+ investment plan presented in 2021 to provide new monetization avenues for creators across Facebook and Instagram. Other initiatives include an in-stream video ad bonus, the Stars bonus program, and bonuses for using Instagram’s IGTV ads, Live badges, and Reels.

Meta frames these bonus programs as opportunities for creators to earn while learning what content resonates on its platforms.   

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