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Meta Unveils 3-In-1 Facebook Video Player To Make Watching Clips On The Platform Easier


Meta Unveils 3-In-1 Facebook Video Player To Make Watching Clips On The Platform Easier

Meta has rolled out an updated video player on Facebook featuring Reels, longer videos, and Live content in one fullscreen, vertically-oriented experience. The new player aims to boost user engagement by optimizing video recommendations across formats.

The upgraded player introduces several new features. Tapping all videos, regardless of length, now displays them in a vertical fullscreen player. Most horizontal clips now offer a new fullscreen option to watch in landscape mode.

Within the vertical player, improved recommendations highlight videos users may enjoy based on their interests. For example, Meta may suggest a short Reel with a makeup tutorial followed by a longer home improvement video.

New controls provide more viewing flexibility. Users can slide skip to specific sections of longer videos. Tap controls enable jumping back or forward 10 seconds and pausing. These options make it easier to rewatch missed steps or skip segments.

Outside the player, Facebook’s Feed and VideoTab will surface more relevant recommendations spanning videos of all lengths, emphasizing the popular Reels format to meet growing demand. 

The changes open opportunities for more creators to reach new audiences across video styles and lengths said Facebook.

“People of all ages are watching more video on mobile, so a large majority of video consumption has shifted to vertical; we want to make sure the video experience on Facebook reflects people’s evolving preferences,” the company stated.

The updated video player is launching on iOS and Android in the U.S. and Canada first, with a global rollout in the coming months.

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