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Making Bank On Twitch In 2024 Just Got Easier - CEO Teases Moneymaking Upgrades For Streamers


Making Bank On Twitch In 2024 Just Got Easier – CEO Teases Moneymaking Upgrades For Streamers

In a letter to the Twitch community, CEO Dan Clancy has shared the live streaming platform’s key priorities and product plans for 2024. 

“Our priority is to continue to be the best community-centric live streaming service. To do that we need to continue to invest in Twitch so that it can evolve and this letter gives an early peek at some of the things we are doing in 2024 to help improve the service to better meet your needs,” Clancy says. 

The roadmap outlines several strategies, upgrades, and new features aimed at helping creators grow their audiences, earn more revenue, and keep their communities safe.

Making Bank On Twitch In 2024 Just Got Easier – CEO Teases Moneymaking Upgrades For Streamers

Cultivating Community Growth and Collaboration

A major focus for Twitch in 2024 will be enhancing discovery and collaboration capabilities to help streamers expand their reach. Clancy has revealed plans to make it easier to share clips on social media platforms like Instagram, enabling creators on-the-go mobile editing. 

The company is also working on improvements to the Stream Together feature to simplify multi-streamer collaborations, including merged chats and combined viewership.

Investing in the Mobile Experience

Twitch recognizes mobile’s importance and aims to redesign its app for a more immersive viewing experience centered around a discovery feed of live streams and clips. 

New features for Twitch Stories will enable quick video updates and portrait clip/photo sharing. The checkout flow for Subs, Bits, and gifted Subs will be rebuilt from the ground up for mobile. Moderation tools like Mobile Mod View on iOS will also roll out.

Increasing Monetization Opportunities

Building on last year’s expansion of the Plus tier for higher revenue shares, Twitch intends to facilitate more creator sponsorship deals with brands in 2024. New incentives, Hype Train upgrades, and community rewards are planned to encourage viewer support via Cheering, gifted Subs, etc. Twitch will also hold more widespread promotional events.

Subscription Price Increases

Following recent price hikes for Tier 1 Subs in markets like the U.K. and Turkey, Clancy has stated Twitch anticipates raising Sub prices in additional countries later this year to help creator payouts keep up with rising costs.

Prioritizing Community Safety

Safety remains a top concern for Clancy and Twitch, with forthcoming changes to Community Guidelines including clearer harassment definitions and stricter enforcement penalties in some cases. 

New tools will proactively detect and block harassment across Twitch before it appears in chat. The enforcement system will also be updated regarding suspension lengths.

Improving Creator Communication

In addition to the product roadmap, Clancy highlights Twitch’s commitment to more transparency through programs like live creator streams and Patch Notes following major announcements. He also plans to continue touring globally to gather feedback from the streamer community.

“Personally, I am planning on continuing to travel around to meet with streamers across the globe. These interactions are invaluable in helping me understand many of the challenges that you face and it helps with exploring new ideas and areas of exploration for the service,” the CEO says.

The multi-pronged 2024 strategy demonstrates Twitch’s focus on bolstering the platform for its creator community across key areas like discoverability, income opportunities, safety resources, and open communication. The plan lays out many significant upgrades and monetization perks streamers and creators can anticipate in the coming year.

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