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LTK Just Unlocked $26.6M In Extra Creator Earnings With These Genius Shop Updates


LTK Just Unlocked $26.6M In Extra Creator Earnings With These Genius Shop Updates

Creator Commerce™ platform, LTK, has launched a suite of new updates to improve the creator-led shopping experience for the hundreds of thousands of LTK Creators and their communities of a combined 40 million monthly shoppers.

A key update is the introduction of a new Products Tab for creators’ LTK Shops. This dedicated section showcases all the products a creator has posted in one place with an AI-powered search tool, allowing shoppers to find specific items without scrolling quickly. It automatically updates products and sorting with no extra work required from creators.

“We are committed to making a creator’s LTK the best destination for their shopping community,” stated Kit Ulrich, General Manager of LTK’s Creator Shopping Platform. “We continue to invest in improving our tech and designing experiences that are seamless, intuitive and get creators credit so they can be as economically successful as possible.”

Another significant change is the introduction of Link Optimization technology to facilitate the app-to-retailer click-out process for shoppers. In the initial testing phase, this unlocked $26.6 million in additional creator earnings by ensuring they receive proper credit and commissions.

LTK has also enabled richer content by allowing creators to add video carousels of up to 10 one-minute videos to their Storytelling Posts. On average, video posts generate 64% more click-outs to purchase than single images, according to the company.

Other updates include improved search functionality, the second-highest driver of conversions on creator shops, and a new feature allowing shoppers to view a creator’s posts containing a tagged product for styling inspiration.

The suite of updates is available globally and represents the first wave of enhancements planned for this quarter to provide a more seamless shopping experience across LTK’s creator and shopping community ecosystems.

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