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Linktree vs. – Feature Comparison For Influencers and Creators


Linktree vs. — feature comparison for creators and influencers 

Linktree Vs. — Which link-in-bio tool is best for influencers and content creators?

Have you ever been frustrated by Instagram limiting you to only one link in your bio? Maybe you want to promote your latest product, show off your TikTok, and lead to your portfolio, all in one concise link. 

As an influencer, you have a lot of links to share, so you don’t want to limit yourself.

Back in the day, you once had to switch out the link in your bio each time you had that newest product to promote, which could be confusing for your followers. 

These days, you don’t have to worry about constantly changing the link. Instead, turn your attention on creating an eye-catching, memorable landing page for your personal brand.

There are many of these landing page tools on the market, so how do you choose which one to pick? Today, we will be taking a look at two main competietiors, Linktre.e and campsite.


Linktree vs. — feature comparison for creators and influencers 

Linktree is a platform that helps creators share their online content in a more organized way. This streamlines the process, genereates more clicks, and allows for more follower engagement. 

Linktre.e was developed in 2016 by Alex and Anthony Zaccaria and Nick Humphreys, the founders of digital agency Bolster, after they had problems updating and promoting individual bio links for their clients. They found it troublesomeone to continually update the link in their biography, just like many of us do.

And so, Linktre.e was born. 

Now, the company has over 30 million users worldwide and is used by brands, artists, publishers, agencies, and influencers to improve their online presence.

It offers several features to simplify the process of sharing content and is based in Melbourne, Australia with additional offices in Sydney and Los Angeles.

 In 2019, Linktree was included in CNBC’s “Upstart 100” list of promising startups, and in 2020, Fast Company recognized it as one of the “Most Innovative Companies” in the Social Media category, along with previous mega brands such as Glossier and Reddit.

Some of the msot famous people in the world trust Linktre.e, including mega-celebrities like Selena Gomez and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

You can take a look at Johnson’s linktre.e below:

Linktree vs. — feature comparison for creators and influencers 

Johnson keeps it simple with seven links that his 356,000,000 Instagram followers can easily get to.

So, what other kind of features does Linktre.e offer?

Linktree’s FREE features:

  • Unlimited links 
  • Link locks (for sensitive information that you don’t want the world to know)
  • TikTok profile link app
  • Ability to accept payment through Paypal and Sqaure
  • (Limited) Customization for themes 
  • (Limited) analyitics, such as amount of unique clicks, location of clicks, and click through rate.
  • Free themes, headers, and custom profile picture, title and bio description. 

However, a lot of customization, analyitics, and additional features are behind a paywall. The pricing plans are as follows;

The Linktree starter plan costs $5 USD per month and offers additional customization options, the ability to schedule posts, and the ability to highlight a particular link. 

The pro plan, which is the most popular option at $9 USD per month, provides unlimited themes, advanced analytics, the ability to remove Linktree’s branding, and enhanced customer support. 

The premium plan, priced at $24 USD per month, is tailored towards larger businesses and includes exclusive content and support.

While individual creators and small businesses may find the pro plan sufficient, the premium plan may be better suited for larger businesses.

Here are some of the analytics that you can see with Linktree:

Linktree vs. — feature comparison for creators and influencers 

These analyitics are all available with the free plan, so you don’t have to worry about upgrading. However, for analytics such as the location of where your clicks are coming from, you will have to upgrade. 

Linktree vs. — feature comparison for creators and influencers 

Linktre.e is used and trusted by millions of creators, so you know you’re in good hands. However, there are other options if Linktre.e doesn’t fit your style. 

Linktree vs. — feature comparison for creators and influencers 

This link-in-bio tool is used by over 200,000 creators, and is trusted by brands such as Orangge Theory, Dell, Starlight Social, and even Georgetown Univeristy. 

Campsite claims to be the best Linktre.e alternative. But what features does campsite offer that  Linktree doesn’?

  • The ability to pin and archive links
  • embed your profile on your website 
  • create a carousel of links
  • split up links with a divider 

Campsite aims to create a more enhanced landing page than Linktre.e with these features.

They even offers custom themes with their free plan, which Linktre.e only offers their premium members.

Campsite has two different pricing plans to choose from, apart from their free version. The pricing options are as follows:

Free– Their free plan claims to include everything you need to help your audience grow. It features a fast bio link optimized for conversions, unlimited links, and advanced customization options. However, it does not include variety of link types, or detailed analytics. 

But, you can unlock premium integrations like opt-in forms, forms, tracking pixels, and more by upgrading to the premium plans below.

Pro– For $7 USD a month, you’ll get everything in the free plan plus access to additional powerful features and three profiles. You’ll have access to a variety of link types, in-depth analytics, premium integrations like opt-in forms and tracking pixels, and the ability to add your own domain for a custom URL. 

You can also opt into the annual pricing, for $70 USD a year. 

Pro+– If you want to enhance your bio links, this is the plan for you. 

For $24 USD a month, the Pro plan includes all the features of the premium plan and allows you to set up six profiles right away. You can also add four collaborators to your team and access lifetime analytics for all your profiles. 

Additionally, you can use our reporting tools and filtering to deeply analyze your profile traffic and export your analytics data as a .csv. 

Below is an example of some of the data you can receive from campsite, including the pro and pro+ plans. 

Linktree vs. — feature comparison for creators and influencers 

The annual plan will cost you $240 a year, but you will be saving 16%.

(Campsite even offers a discount on the pro plans for registered nonprofits, which you can email them directly to see if you or your small business can apply.)

What will your customized look like? example

Below is an example of Dell’s 

Dell has used the premium feature to create a custom domain, so that when you click the link in their bio, it does not have campsite’s branding attached to it.

Linktree vs. — feature comparison for creators and influencers 
Linktree vs. — feature comparison for creators and influencers 

Dell has utilized the dividers feature, which can create a more clean look than Linktre.e, which organizes everything into one list.

Luckily, you can’t go wrong with both of these competitors. With advanced features, clean designs and thousands of positive customer reviews, Linktre.e and campsite are both safe options. 

Which link-in-bio tool will you use? With so many alternatives on the market right now, be sure to let us know which one is right for you down below.

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