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A Billion LinkedIn Members, Yet Another “Record Engagement” Claim Raises Eyebrows


A Billion LinkedIn Members, Yet Another “Record Engagement” Claim Raises Eyebrows

In its latest earnings report, Microsoft once again boasts that LinkedIn achieved “record levels of engagement” during the previous quarter. 

According to Social Media Today, the tech giant has regularly made this claim about the professional networking platform’s user activity since 2018.

Microsoft states that LinkedIn sessions grew by 11% year-over-year, with the company citing “record engagement” on the platform. However, the lack of specific details or qualifications surrounding this metric raises questions about its validity.

Social Media Today says the company has repeatedly reported new “record engagement” highs for LinkedIn in nearly every earnings update over the past six years. The only exception was in July 2020, when Microsoft did not mention record engagement levels.

While LinkedIn now claims to have surpassed 1 billion members worldwide, Social Media Today noticed a distinction between total members and active users. The platform shut down its service in China last year, which should have reduced its member count by around 60 million. Yet, LinkedIn’s reported member numbers did not reflect this loss.

Microsoft’s earnings report indicates that LinkedIn’s revenue increased by 10%, driven by growth across all its business lines. However, the company does not provide further insight into the drivers behind the claimed record engagement on the platform.

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