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Kick Vs. Twitch Why Streamers Are Making The Switch From Twitch


Kick Vs. Twitch: Why Streamers Are Making The Switch From Twitch?

A new online streaming platform is taking the industry by storm, and it just might be the next big thing!

The new streaming platform Kick has onboarded some of the biggest Streamers. It is setting itself up to compete directly with Twitch by offering many different incentives, including double the pay and more freedom of speech. Read along as we delve into what makes Kick the next best platform to build a following and how they’re making Twitch look bad by spoiling their creators. 

What is Kick streaming, and who’s behind it?

Kick Vs. Twitch: Why Streamers Are Making The Switch From Twitch?

Kick is a new streaming launched in early 2023 to fill the gap in a marketplace with vast growth potential. Despite Kick’s relatively new market entry, they’re growing exponentially by leveraging the right tactics. 

Kick was allowed a market entry thanks to Twitch and other streaming platforms’ lack of creativity and financial incentivization. Kicks Capitalization was on point, as the trending platform launched mid-user frustration with Twitch, Youtube, and other apps. 

Increased banning and minimal appreciation carved an opportunity that was well-taken advantage of and leveraged to their benefit. Even though we still don’t know who the real owners of the platform are, it is believed that Stake, the betting company is behind the launch of the Kick and is a significant shareholder.

Along with Stake is another Australian gambling company Easygo online casino creators, as platform partners. Made by gamblers for gamblers, Stake integrates its gambling models into Kick, adding a prominent advantage to the platform. Many claim that Trainwreck, the popular streamer, is a platform partner; and not only a famous streamer promoting the app. 

Twitch streamers that moved to Kick

Kick Vs. Twitch: Why Streamers Are Making The Switch From Twitch?

Adin Ross

Adin Ross banned multiple times from Twitch, is also part of the promotion campaign, as he joined the platform on February 2023. Adin Ross’s final “Permaban” came after being banned seven times for alleged controversial and hateful comments. This all came after Adin started speaking about his relationship with controversial influecers such as the Tate brothers and changing his content from gaming to personal development. 

Adin is Kick’s golden token he is one of the biggest influencers out there, and has deep contentions with other big names on Twitch, such as Kai Cenat, IShowSpeed, and more. 


Another streamer banned from Twitch for violating rules and guidelines now has over 34,500 followers on Kick. Evelone192 was refused a response to his appeals to unban his account and accused of using “An offensive Word.”

Corinna Kopf

Youtube streamer and Only Fans model Corinna Kopf is one of the biggest names to be added to the Kick streaming team. Corinna joined Kick in February 2023 and is known for being the ex-partner of Logan Paul, one of the biggest names on social media.


A Twitch Streamer conquering the Stake Platform with his gambling, who finally found a platform that promotes and favors gamblers. Although Roshtein has been banned multiple times on Twitch, he currently streams his gambling activities on Twitch and Kick and is only prohibited from Youtube. 


A Kick promoter before anything Trainwreck is even claimed by many to be a partner of Project Kick along with the gambling companies. Trainwreck is a famous Twitch stream gambler who criticized the platform a few years back for their 50/50 revenue split and was one of the first mega names to join Kick’s streaming platform.

Twitch Vs. Kick

Pay incentives 

Kick’s primary advantage over its competition is its pay incentives that encourage users to join its platform leaving competitors curious about how the company profits. Kick boasts about offering a whopping average of 0.95 cents per dollar compared to the 0.50 cents Twitch steamers make per $1. Although payment fees vary from 0.02 to 0.07 cents per view, the platform uses a fixed rate of roughly 0.05 cents to promote its social streaming platform. 

Community Guidelines

Community guidelines on Kick are far more flexible than other platforms such as Youtube and Twitch. It is best compared to Rumble in its policies, as they both work as a haven for every controversial or opinionated character. The main differences include gambling, as users can only showcase sites available in the united states. 

However, both Twitch and Kick claim that they endorse free speech, a factor worth investigating after Adin Ross’s ban for advocating Men’s mental health and well-being on Twitch.

Ease of reach

Since the platform doesn’t yet have many creators or relatively the same number of users as its competition apps, the reach of each piece of content is exceptionally broader. Almost every social media platform has started with a reach like this that migrated through its expansion. This is yet another excellent reason for Twitch users to shift platforms, enabling them to build a large following in less than the time it would take on Twitch or other already-established competitors. 

Betting and Gambling

Kick has very few limitations on gambling and permits the promotion of it in almost any and every form. Main funders and stakeholders of the streaming platform are gambling businesses in and of themselves, making it more promotive and accepting of gambling, betting, and more. 

Will Kick become the next big thing in streaming? 

With the many advantages the app offers, Kick is growing and an exceptionally fast rate. Twitch, the app’s competitor, only dominated because there was no better alternative. 

It’s all a profit market, whether from the creator or platform’s side; everyone’s playing the game to make as much as possible. Kick will continue to grow until it reaches the level of direct competition with Twitch, and only one will win the game. 

Kick’s launching and promotion strategy ticks all the right boxes to become the biggest streaming platform on the internet. If the app continues to follow an influencer promotion strategy that encourages partnerships with massive names in the industry, the brand will inevitably take over. 


When there is an opportunity in the market, mega-tech companies emerge out of nowhere, and that’s what happened with Kick and Twitch. Almost every streamer on Twitch complained that the app wasn’t rewarding enough, and it was a matter of time until someone stepped up to fix that.

Despite Kick being a much better app than Twitch, the opportunity and growth potential that it currently offers will not be around for long. Some users shifted their efforts entirely to Kick. In contrast, others played it safe by streaming on every platform to diversify income streams and protect themselves against any potential bans or cancelations. 

If you’ve not yet started your Kick account, this may be your sign to join the rapidly growing online community and build your presence while not oversaturated with similar creators of your niche. 

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