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Jon Namnath Named CreatorIQ’s New Chief Operating Officier


CreatorIQ Names Jon Namnath as Chief Operating Officer and Board Member

Jon Namnath, Co-Founder of Tribe Dynamics, has recently been named CreatorIQ’s Chief Operating Officer and appointed to the Board of Directors. Tribe Dynamics recently integrated with CreatorIQ. Together, the companies will continue leading the influencer marketing software industry and providing unique insights and marketing solutions for brands and agencies.

Creator IQ, an influencer marketing platform known for its powerful end-to-end influencer marketing tools, recently named Jon Namnath the new Chief Operating Officer. CreatorIQ is the software partner of choice for many huge brands, like CVS, Airbnb, Sephora, Unilever, and Disney. Their many influencer marketing tools include advanced creator marketing insights, creator discovery, and much more. 

Who is Jon Namnath?

As the new COO, Jon Namnath will oversee the next growth phase for the company and daily business operations, and continue defining and leading with CreatorIQ’s vision. In addition, he has been appointed to CreatorIQ’s board of directors. 

CreatorIQ Names Jon Namnath Chief Operating Officer, Board Member

Jon Namnath’s recent appointment to the board of directors and position of Chief Operating Officer is especially advantageous due to his extensive leadership experience and keen talent for influencer marketing and business development. 

CreatorIQ Names Jon Namnath as Chief Operating Officer and Board Member

CreatorIQ recently integrated with Tribe Dynamics, another leading influencer marketing platform, whose mission is to provide passion-driven brands with the tools to assess the health of their brand community and the value of their digital media. Co-founders of Tribe Dynamics, Conor Begley and Jon Namnath, have both been named chief officers at CreatorIQ. Conor Begley is now the Chief Strategy Officer for Creator IQ, while Jon Namnath is the new Chief Operating Officer. 

With the Tribe Dynamics and Creator IQ integration, the companies are excited to continue scaling their platforms, educating more brands and agencies about the value of influencer marketing, and driving the influencer marketing industry with industry-trusted insights and analytics. 

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