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Joe Rogan Podcast A Look at the Growth and Popularity of the Podcast


Joe Rogan Podcast: A Look At The Growth And Popularity Of The Podcast

Joe Rogan Podcast: A Look At The Growth And Popularity Of The Podcast

Master of podcasting and leading UFC commentator, Joe Rogan is by far the biggest name in podcast history to this very date. 

The infamous host was offered around 20 million dollars just to continue to host his show on Spotify and make it his leading platform. 

What differentiates the Joe Rogan Experience from every other podcast in the market is their long-time existence and the unique guests they interview each and every week. 

Almost any paramount name in any major industry has been featured on the JRE, spanning all the way from all-time boxing superstar Mike Tyson to Elon Musk himself who’s been featured twice. Popular guests are often asked to come back and continue the conversation where things were left off. 

The Creator behind the Podcast

Launched in early 2009 before podcasts were even a thing, nobody knew that the JRE would dominate the podcasting world and become one of the biggest names in the space. 

Aside from being the biggest name in both UFC commentating and Podcasts, Joe Rogan is also a hilarious stand-up comedian. 

His broad range of different skills offers an advantage to the team in both popularity and excellence in delivery, tailoring his approach depending on the guests in front of him.

The podcast feeds and thrives off of controversy and comedy, as mega million-dollar names come to discuss everything uncensored – with absolutely no limitations whatsoever.

The broad range of topics makes the podcast the perfect place to tune in and learn about topics or niches you’ve never expected to come across. 

While Joe Rogan is just the conversational element of the podcast, his creative crew is the main reason the team is where they are today. 

The creators launched the podcast not knowing that it would become the media behemoth that it is today, but persistence and interviewing the right people was the key to success.

Themes and Topics Covered

The true definition of everything and anything, it is almost impossible to classify the JRE with one specific niche or topic. Instead, the whole structure of the podcast is centered around their freestyle structure where any guest can come on and express their true beliefs and values in the rawest form possible. 

Some of the wildest and best-performing episodes on the Joe Rogan Experience include:

Joe Rogan Experience #1169 – Elon Musk

One of the most talked about episodes of the Joe Rogan podcast with a following sequel due to how well the episode performed. 

In this episode Joe Rogan sat down with entrepreneur Elon Musk, to discuss a wide range of topics covering everything from his very first few business ventures to launching his dream company SpaceX. 

Highlights of the interview include Musk’s creation and sale of the flamethrower, which he named “Not a Flamethrower” due to shipping and purchasing restrictions.

The conversation also touched topic on the impact of Artificial intelligence, and the entrepreneur’s thoughts on his own identity, in which he said “Can someone please change my Wikipedia page to business magnet instead of business magnate” 

The interview was everything viewers can ask for, informative, humorous, and insightful providing listeners with a unique perspective on the mind of one of the world’s most innovative figures.

However, the interview also sparked controversy, particularly due to the moment when Musk smoked Marijuana on the show. 

Joe Rogan Experience #1070 – Jordan Peterson

Another excellent episode is with professor and psychologist Jordan Peterson, in this episode, Rogan discusses Jordan Peterson’s recent book – 12 Rules for Life. 

The Duo also did another version of this episode discussing how Jordan Peterson is getting canceled by the Canadian College of Psychologists. 

Additionally, Dr. Peterson addresses the structure of modern society, tribalism, and how every individual needs to escape the set standard society built for them. 

An extremely knowledgeable individual with so much knowledge to offer listeners if psychology is something that interests you, be prepared to learn all about how we function in an individualized yet postmodern society. 

Joe Rogan Experience #1315 – Bob Lazar & Jeremy Corbell

A quick insight into the extraordinary world of space science and Extraterrestrial life with Bob Lazar, author of Dreamland, his biography. 

In a breathtaking episode, they address every question you’ve ever had about outer space and its fascinating facts. 

Aside from outer space and the fascinating creatures, Bob Lazar and Jeremy Corbell discuss what it’s like in the controversial Area 51 with hosts who used to work there. 

Area 51 was a trending topic in early 2022, and this episode addresses everything you need to know about what happens in the secretive restricted area. 

Reach of the Joe Rogan Podcast 

The Joe Rogan podcast has over 14 million subscribers on YouTube and 1.6 million followers on Instagram with fans promoting podcast clips all over TikTok.

On Youtube, where view statistics are readily available it appears that the average podcast receives between 500,000 views and 2 million views per episode.

As of January 2023, the Joe Rogan Podcast fell off its rank on Apple podcasts but still maintains a significant following and will be back on the charts in no time.

Based on this analysis, we estimated that the Joe Rogan Experience receives 10 million to 20 million listens each time an episode goes out across Apple, Google, YouTube, and Spotify podcast networks

The format of the podcast 

There is no specific format for the podcast as they jump straight into everything from the first 3 seconds. In fact, that’s the way every podcast starts in a quick countdown without no further introduction due to how popular the guests already are. This also adds to the authenticity of every single episode.

All interesting big names from actors to doctors had their moments on the pod, some of the most popular guests include, Joey Diaz, Kevin Hart, Bernie Sanders, Alex Jones, and the list goes on.

Reception and impact 

One of the most listened to podcasts, therefore by default one of the most impactful, The Joe Rogan Experience Targets the curious and individuals who aren’t contemptuous with their basic knowledge of the world.

Although the podcast was mainly targeted toward young men at its initial launch, we truly believe it has now become a show for everyone regardless of who you are and what you do. 

If you haven’t been listening to the Joe Rogan Experience, it might be the right time for you to tune in and check it out. 

You can find the Joe Rogan Podcast almost anywhere you look for it, mostly in video form, but we certainly prefer Youtube or Spotify. 

The most interesting and entertaining episodes from the podcast are those that we recommended above, making it the perfect place for first-time viewers to start. 

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