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Gender Fluid Content Creator Jakeytho Shares Difficulty In Starting And Why How Having The Right Intentions Matters


Gender Fluid Content Creator Jakeytho Shares Difficulty In Starting And Why How Having The Right Intentions Matters

Jakeytho’s journey to becoming a content creator wasn’t easy. He started creating content in 2015 but failed several times. It was only in 2021 that his attempt succeeded. Jakeytho shares with us today how having clear intentions helped him become the content creator and social media influencer he is today.

Jakeytho’s journey to becoming a content creator wasn’t easy. He started creating content in 2015 but failed several times. It was only in 2021 that his attempt succeeded. Jakeytho shares with us today how having clear intentions helped him become the content creator and social media influencer he is today.

About Jakeytho

Jakeytho is a gender-fluid and diverse content creator and social media influencer. He is based in Brisbane, Australia, and has more than 15,000 followers on Instagram and 46,000 on TikTok. At 22 years old, Jakeytho is one of the most popular in his niche, but his journey toward gaining the confidence he has now wasn’t easy. 

Jakeytho worked as a skin consultant for Clinique when he was 18. This was the first time he allowed himself to feel fully comfortable wearing makeup in public. He recalls, “I vividly remember wearing tinted moisturizer, powder, concealer, and bronzer and thinking how amazing it felt to express myself.”

Jakeytho left Clinique after one year and decided to pursue a career at Mecca, Australia’s version of Sephora. He says, “I had always dreamed of being in an environment where every gender expression was embraced, and Mecca was that space for me. I felt at home, and the team I had alongside me was nothing but incredible. Throughout my time at Mecca, I explored several different career paths, but nothing seemed to stick. I got knocked back several times and knew it wasn’t my time.”

After his last attempt at a long-term career at Mecca, Jakeytho used his passion for diversity and fashion to his advantage. He created an online page where other individuals who are in the same situation as him would feel seen and normalized. 

How did you start in content creation, and what inspired you to pursue it as a career?

Jakeytho began posting videos on YouTube in 2015 just for fun. He was posting videos focused on comedy and his challenges as his hobby and never believed that he could turn it into a career. 

However, Jakeytho’s motivation and passion for making videos died as his intentions going into it weren’t right. He gave it another shot in 2017, but this time, focusing more on videos that talk about beauty and skincare. He got pretty good at posting content regularly, and even his mom supported his passion. 

“My mom even bought my first camera because she believed and saw how badly I wanted to make it work. She let me use our spare bedroom as a filming room in 2018, and I felt I was getting somewhere. I had just graduated high school and finally felt free. I began posting more frequently,” Jakeytho recalls. 

But Jakeytho’s love for filming and creating content wasn’t enough to succeed even in his second attempt. He got so hung up with the numbers and would regularly compare the performance of his videos to the videos of content creators who have been in the industry for years.

Fast forward to 2021 post-COVID, and Jakeytho decided to try again. But this time, with a clearer intention: to inspire other queer people to feel comfortable in their own skin. 

In August 2022, he received a DM from The Ace, Jakeytho’s current agency, and signed up almost immediately. He says, “I signed pretty much straight away and virtually met my beautiful agent and close friend, Marie. I had hit the jackpot. I suddenly didn’t care about numbers and wasn’t comparing myself to others because I had a team of creatives that believed in me and saw what I saw when I was 15, and I was a star. I had created my own lane through intention and passion.”

What’s your creative process like?

Jakeytho wants to constantly create new, fresh, and inventive content, which is why he doesn’t draw too much inspiration from other creators or follow trends. He gives us more details by describing what takes place during brand collaborations:

“In most cases, at the beginning of a collaboration, a brand will send out a brief or an example of content they love. From here, I will incorporate a part of myself into the content, whether that be my personality or something that makes it unique. Every fortnight, I drive around different suburbs to find shoot locations.”

But Jakeytho’s creative process wasn’t always like this. In the past, he would look for locations on the day of the shoot, and this approach brought a lot of stress. There were even instances when he found out the location wasn’t exactly what he had envisioned for the outfit. 

Jakeytho shares, “It’s really important to understand the mood or vibe of the brand you’re working with and also the outfit you’re wearing.” Making sure that the two matches have been one of Jakeytho’s secrets in ensuring successful brand collaborations

What type of content do you create?

Presently, Jakeytho creates content focused on the fashion and beauty industry. He’s also working on expanding into fitness and wellness content and daily vlogs.

Jakeytho creates different types of content but admits that his favorite is making content that allows him to show his personality. He says, “I love creating content that I feel has a purpose or is inspiring or powerful. I enjoy shooting fashion & beauty content, but I fall in love with it when there is an important message. Being pretty is cute, but being inspirational is rewarding.”

How did you gain followers?

Jakeytho used two strategies to gain followers online: stay consistent and stay authentic. These strategies are no longer new, as countless content creators and influencers have recommended them for years, but Jakeytho still vouches for their effectiveness. 

“Everyone says it, but it’s true. If you stay true to yourself and never compromise for anyone, the universe will reward you in beautiful ways. Consistency, because that’s honestly what Instagram and TikTok recognize in their algorithms. When someone stumbles on your page and sees you only post once a month, they’re more than likely not going to follow you,” Jakeytho states. 

Any challenges or obstacles you experienced as a content creator? 

The biggest challenge Jakeytho has had as a content creator is finding time to shut out the noise and spend a day for himself. He admits it can be challenging to juggle different roles simultaneously. 

Aside from being a content creator, Jakeytho has to manage his time and energy between having a social life, going to the gym, and managing his Only Fans account. 

He states, “I always remind myself that it’s okay to take a time out; it’s healthy. It’s about the journey, not the destination.”

What’s your proudest moment as a content creator?

Jakeytho couldn’t pick one; he had two. It was when he internationally signed with his agency and celebrated Hello Molly’s 10th birthday in Sydney as his first-ever event. 

What inspired you to wear lingerie?

Posing in lingerie is no longer new to Jakeytho. In fact, when you visit his Instagram page, you’ll see plenty of photos of him in lingerie. But because of his gender, Jakeytho received plenty of negative comments whenever he posted pictures of himself wearing lingerie online. 

But because Jakeytho was tired of dreaming about feeling beautiful, he decided to feel it by wearing lingerie. He says, “Lingerie is a way for me to express my hyper-feminine side. I believe everyone should have the opportunity to explore both sides; it’s a lot of fun!”

What did you do to gain confidence with your content?

For Jakeytho to gain confidence in posting the type of content he posts, he constantly reminds himself about how everyone is unique and special. He also avoids copying or mimicking others.

He explains, “This way, I am posting content that feels true to myself and my purpose. I gained a huge amount of confidence when I signed with The Ace as I finally felt professionally validated for my hard work.”

How do you deal with negativity on your social media?

Jakeytho relies on having a different mindset when it comes to dealing with hate and negativities on social media. He believes that insecure individuals only project their insecurity unto others, and mean comments on social media don’t have to have any weight. 

“You are your thoughts, and if you choose to believe the negative things people say about you, you have already lost the battle. Most of the time, they don’t even believe what they’re saying, they just say it because they think it will hurt,” Jakeytho states. 

What is one thing you would like people to understand about you?

There have been a lot of misconceptions about Jakeytho, most of them made because of the type of content he posts or how he looks online. But just like any other content creator and influencer, Jakeytho has highs and lows. He says, “I have many weak moments, and I am not a perfect person, but that’s what makes me human.”

And even though Jakeytho has made a name in the industry, he doesn’t consider himself better or more deserving than anyone else. He also wants to set the record straight, “I’m also not as serious or intimidating as I look, I’m actually very friendly.”

Do you look for brands to collaborate with? If not, why not?

Jakeytho and his agent are always on the lookout for genuinely inclusive and diverse brands. It’s very important for Jakeytho to work with brands that align with his morals and aren’t solely using his diversity for the clicks.

Can you share an example of a collaboration outreach message that you like? Why?

When collaborating with brands, Jakeytho likes to present his idea first. In most cases, he’ll send an outreach message that goes like this, “I’d love to shoot in three different pieces that I would wear to the Oscars.” He also appreciates brands that give him creative freedom in making content. 

What campaign are you most proud of?

Out of all the brand collabs Jakeytho has had, the one with MAC has been his favorite. Besides being a fun experience, it was always his dream as a teenager to collaborate with them. He adds, “Add anything pride-related to that list!”

Is anything special happening soon that you want to share with your audience?

Jakeytho expresses his gratefulness for the position he is in right now. He’s very excited to see how his career as a content creator and influencer will evolve in the future. 

He leaves us with this message, “There is always something special and exciting happening on my Instagram, so if you haven’t heard of me before, I promise you won’t forget.”

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