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Ishaan Bhimjiyani How Strong Storytelling Skills Makes Educational Content Inspiring


Ishaan Bhimjiyani of revishaan on Creating and Marketing Educational Content on TikTok

Ishaan Bhimjiyani is a passionate, motivated student, but he wasn’t always this way. Two years ago, he started his TikTok account and began sharing educational content and documenting his journey online. Today, his TikTok, revishaan, has over 270,000 followers. Keep reading for his top tips on marketing your social media and using storytelling to create compelling content.

Who is Ishaan Bhimjiyani?

Ishaan Bhimjiyani is a TikTok and Instagram creator better known as revishaan on TikTok and revishaan_ on Instagam. Currently, he is a student in England who creates content on studying, motivation, travel, and more. 

Ishaan Bhimjiyani of revishaan on Creating and Marketing Educational Content on TikTok

Ishaan Bhimjiyani shares that his motivation came from a pivotal moment about two years ago, “I had just had end-of-year exams, and I was really, really unmotivated. I had no drive to do any work, and I was thinking to myself, I’ve got two weeks until my exams, I haven’t started revising, I had no idea what to do.”

He notes that he was mostly getting Cs and Ds at this time until his teachers told him that he wasn’t going to get into his desired schools. 

Ishaan Bhimjiyani explains, “That’s sort of what fueled me to start social media and sort of just document my life. I wanted to prove those teachers were wrong.”

Ishaan Bhimjiyani of revishaan on Creating and Marketing Educational Content on TikTok

The Start of revishaan

Ishaan’s social media content started with a focus on helping others with French, a subject he’s always had a passion for and excelled in. 

Today, his signature video is “I’d say it’s probably my day in the life [content]… but my live streams are definitely the most popular.”

@revishaan Reply to @neveractives for ur post gcse #fyp #gcse #alevel #revishaan ♬ original sound – Revishaan

“Study with Me” live streams are some of Ishaan’s most popular videos. He notes that he gets around 5,000 to 6,000 people to tune in during the live streams, and he’s been streaming for a little over a year. 

“When I’m studying, I’m trying to inspire people, trying to get people off TikTok and sort of studying with me while they watch me study, hoping to motivate them.”

Ishaan Bhimjiyani loves that these live streams are a win-win for both him and his followers because the live streams motivate both parties to study more. He has also gained more leverage on social media through these lives. 

Ishaan Bhimjiyani of revishaan on Creating and Marketing Educational Content on TikTok

Viral Content & Analytics 

In terms of his analytics, Ishaan shares impressive numbers. On his live streams alone, he reported having 2.3 million views in the last 60 days, five million views in the last seven days on his videos, and 45 million views total in the last 60 days. 

When asked about his most viral content, Ishaan noted his TikTok showing him opening his final school results and his reaction got the most views. Another significant post for him was a TikTok, where he rated his college’s food. 

@revishaan how was ur day #fyp #gcse #alevel #revishaan ♬ sweetest pie by doja and dua – ash 🌬

“I feel like people have seen me revising so much and studying so much that they deserve to know what I ended up getting and deserve to see my reaction when opening my results.”

Regarding the college food post, Ishaan notes that this TikTok had a high engagement rate because it told a strong, relatable story. 

Ishaan Bhimjiyani of revishaan on Creating and Marketing Educational Content on TikTok

Marketing his Social Media

Ishaan shares that choosing a niche has been paramount to his success on TikTok. He was also one of the first creators on TikTok to make content about education and studying, especially during the pandemic. 

“My hair has become a massive part of my marketing strategy too. It’s long. A lot of people know me just because of my hair and my live streams, so doing something that nobody else has done or creating something new. Nobody else has created my own revision strategy, where I basically write as fast as possible on my live streams. That’s what attracts a lot of views.”

Brand Work

When asked, Ishaan says his dream collab would be with Apple. 

Ishaan has worked with a variety of brands, but a notable collaboration for him was working with YouTube directly. A couple of months ago, he was contacted by YouTube about a collaboration where he would help to educate young people on cybersecurity and cyberbullying. 

“The aim was to educate young people about online security and cyberbullying and how that is a big threat at the moment, especially during the pandemic and after the pandemic… So it was two videos that we sort of created and, again, they were all education-based.”

For brands, Ishaan provides them with analytics about how many people click on the shared link, how many followers he gained from the video, and how many views it got. He notes that he’s only had great experiences with the brands he’s worked with. 

However, he shares, “I feel like I’d only work with brands if they’re well-known, even if they are a startup, as long as their ethics are correct and they align with mine, then I’d be happy to work with them. I love brands who are education-related [and] charitable.”

In the past, Ishaan has turned down collaborations because they promote things he doesn’t align with or feel comfortable promoting. 

For example, “I’ve been approached by vape companies quite a lot, and I’ve had to say a hard no just because my audience is children, and I don’t really want to be promoting these things [to them.].”

Ishaan Bhimjiyani of revishaan on Creating and Marketing Educational Content on TikTok

The Future

Ishaan shares that he’d love to see more diversity and education content in the future. 

“I think educational content has only just taken off and, in terms of diversity, you see all of these TikTok houses with a lack of diversity.”

When asked about his funniest experience as a content creator, Ishaan shares that it’s when people in public record him but don’t think he notices it, even though it’s pretty obvious. 

His favorite part about social media? “I’d say when I meet my followers. It’s great fun when they ask for photos during events. I’d say that’s the highlight of social media.

In the future, Ishaan is attending several music festivals and will be filming for a variety of artists, which he is excited about. 

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