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No More Cringeworthy Typos - Instagram Just Dropped The Power To Edit Sent Messages


No More Cringeworthy Typos – Instagram Just Dropped The Power To Edit Sent Messages

Instagram has announced several new features aimed at enhancing the messaging experience for its users. The updates allow for more flexibility, personalization, and enjoyment when connecting with friends and family through direct messages (DMs).

“People connect daily on Instagram through posts and stories, but especially privately through messaging, so we’re excited to be bringing these new messaging features to Instagram,” the announcement reads.

One of the key additions is the ability to edit sent messages within a 15-minute window after sending. Users can press and hold on to the sent message, then choose “edit” from the dropdown menu to make any necessary changes, whether fixing a typo or clarifying their message.

Another useful feature is the option to pin up to three group chats or one individual chat to the top of the inbox for easy access. To move a chat, users can swipe left or tap and hold on to the conversation, then select “pin”. These can be unpinned at any time.

Instagram has also introduced greater control over read receipts in DMs. Users can now choose to turn read receipts on or off for all chats or specific conversations. They can find this option by going to account settings, tapping “Messages and story replies”, then toggling “Show read receipts” on or off and saving the preference.

The update brings additional improvements to stickers and replies. The app’s customers can save their favorite stickers in DMs by pressing and holding on to the desired sticker, making them easily accessible at the top of the sticker tray for future use. Furthermore, when replying to a message, they can now include stickers, GIFs, videos, photos, and voice messages by pressing and holding on to the message, selecting “reply”, and choosing from the available options.

To personalize chat experiences, Instagram now offers themes that can set the mood for conversations. Users can access themes by tapping the chat name, going into themes, and selecting from options such as Love (soon to be animated), Lollipop, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and many more.

These new messaging features aim to provide Instagrammers with a more personalized, convenient, and engaging experience when connecting with friends and family through direct messages. Content creators and marketing professionals may find the improved messaging capabilities beneficial for building conversations and managing communications more effectively with their audiences.

“We are always working to make messaging on Instagram a fun and private way for people to connect with each other,” Instagram says, hinting at more features coming in the future.

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