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How To Earn Additional Income on Instagram Live


How To Earn Additional Income on Instagram Live

Livestreaming has become a valuable tool for a wide variety of influencers as it enables them to connect with their audience in real-time. Instagram Live has developed into one of the largest players in the livestreaming field with over 100 million people watching Instagram Live every day. With such an incredible reach, many influencers are working to make Instagram Live an additional revenue stream. Therefore, Netinfluencer discovers how you can earn an additional income through Instagram Live. 

What is Instagram Live? 

Instagram Live is a real-time streaming platform that allows influencers to produce unedited content for their followers to interact with. Viewers can post comments and questions within the live chat feature, which further encourages increased conversation and engagement. 

When you host an Instagram Live, your followers will be notified by a push notification and your livestream will be put at the front of the Instagram Stories queue. In turn, your followers will be kept up to date with your most recent content as it happens. In 2020, Instagram launched a Live Replay feature that allowed viewers to watch a livestream up to 24-hours after it was posted. 

How To Earn Additional Income on Instagram Live


How to go Live on Instagram

Instagram’s unique and accessible interface has made it easy for users to create a livestream wherever they are. Described below are a few simple steps that show how to create your first Instagram Live.

  1. Open the Instagram app.
  2. Tap the + icon at the top-right corner of the screen. You can also swipe left anywhere on the screen to be directed to the ‘New Post’ page.
  3. When you reach the New Post page, swipe right at the bottom of the screen until you reach the ‘LIVE’ button.
  4. Once you select this option, you will be directed to a camera screen. Tap the button that displays four lines that are located on the left-hand side. If you want to create a fundraiser livestream, tap the heart button.
  5. When you are ready to begin live streaming, tap the circle button at the bottom of the screen. This will notify your followers that you are currently on Instagram Live. 
  6. To complete your livestream, tap the X at the top of the screen. Then, you can share your livestream with your followers for up to 24 hours.
How To Earn Additional Income on Instagram Live


How to apply for Instagram’s Partner Monetization Policy

In order to help fund a wide range of creators, Instagram has developed an intuitive monetization policy. The policy allows creators to access a wide range of tools that can increase engagement and revenue These include being part of Instagram’s Affiliate Program and placing ads on Reels and Stories. 

Meta has also released a bonus program that allows invited creators to access a wide range of monetary benefits. Currently, the scheme offers three main benefits: a one-off video ads payment, a live-video badge bonus, and a summer bonus that rewards the most popular reels of that year. These features help to keep Instagram more competitive and encourage more influencers to produce content just for the app.

How To Earn Additional Income on Instagram Live


There are a few simple requirements needed in order to join Instagram’s Partner Monetization Policy. These are listed below.

  1. Participants must reside in a country that allows for the Instagram Partner Monetization Policy.
  2. Creators must adhere to the Community Guidelines and ensure that they do not post or monetize any type of banned content. 
  3. Must produce content that complies with the overall monetization policy. For example, influencers must not earn money from looping videos.
  4. Influencers must only earn income from authentic engagement and not from any type of spam or manufactured sharing. 
  5. Creators must also follow Instagram’s payment terms and policies.
  6. Instagram also focuses on relevant and consistent levels of engagement. As such, it is advised that influencers gain a minimum of 10,000 followers before applying for the scheme.

What are Instagram Badges?

Badges are a relatively new feature within the Instagram Live interface. Since fully launching in the US in 2021, they have been a great way for viewers to show support for their favorite creator. As a result, Badges have enabled many influencers to create an additional revenue stream just from Instagram Live. 

These badges act as a piece of financial praise, working similar to the Bits feature on Twitch. Viewers can purchase three types of Badges that will appear as hearts on the influencer’s livestream. One heart is worth $0.99, two are worth $1.99, and three hearts cost $3.49. Once a viewer has purchased a Badge, it will be driven to the front of the live chat feature, giving the host a chance to thank them for their support. 

To access the monetary benefits of Instagram Badges, you must first enable them on your profile. This can be achieved through your Professional Dashboard within your business profile.

How To Earn Additional Income on Instagram Live


Benefits of joining Instagram’s Partner Monetization Policy

With so many monetization programs to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which platform is the most suitable for you and your content. Instagram’s Partner Monetization Policy allows creators to boost their earnings through their own content as well as partner with other brands. This not only opens up a wealth of opportunities but also gives creators the chance to collaborate with acclaimed brands within their respective fields.  

With regard to Instagram Live, joining the monetization program can give influencers the chance to receive payments for their content without having to build selected tiers. As such, viewers can send one-off payments whenever they like and do not have to subscribe to an additional service. 

Instagram’s range of monetization benefits is applicable to all of its features, helping influencers create multiple revenue streams on one platform. Once you have built a Creator Account, you can place paid ads on IGTV content and promote products on the Instagram Shopping platform. In turn, Instagram has the capabilities to promote your personal brand on an extremely wide scale. 

Instagram is a very popular platform for all different types of influencers, helping them to create a plethora of content with ease. Instagram Live has allowed the platform to become competitive amongst other live streaming services, building a bustling hub of financial opportunities. To discover more about how you can earn more money as an influencer, visit our website

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