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Fashion Model Inez Lizzie on the Growing Creator Economy & Joining Sintillate Talent


Fashion Model Inez Lizzie on the Growing Creator Economy & Joining Sintillate Talent

Inez Lizzie is a 24-year-old fashion model and influencer. Recently, she signed with Sintillate Talent, a multi-award-winning influencer and talent agency representing talent in 18 countries worldwide. Inez shares that signing with Sintillate Talent helped her access many more brand opportunities. She also shares her thoughts on the constantly growing influencer industry and the challenges this brings.

About Inez Lizzie

Inez Lizzie was born in Poland. When she was two, she and her mom moved to Italy. A few years later, they moved back to Poland, then to Spain for nine years. She has now been in the UK for the last ten years. 

She shares, “It was amazing growing up traveling around and meeting new cultures and everything. I’ve really enjoyed that.”

Inez Lizzie started sharing her life online when she attended college in the UK. She was doing a sports course in college, which jumpstarted her passion for fitness and the gym, a significant component of her brand today. 

“That’s how it started. Me posting on just my normal account, with no following whatsoever, just workouts, fitness, a few tips here and there, just videos working out, and a few tips for girls, and that’s how my following started to pick up a little. That’s when I noticed this could be a little something going on here.” 

@inesslizzie #puppy #americanbully #cute #fyp #dog #latina ♬ original sound – Austin Ware

In 2016, a brand reached out to Inez through her email, and she did her first brand collaboration. 

She attributes part of her success on social media to her comfort level in front of the camera. 

“I’ve always felt confident in front of the camera because before I started influencing, I was doing a few freelance photo shoots… I realized the connection between liking being in front of the camera and doing it at home with brands promoting stuff. I’ve always loved taking pictures and talking to people and just thought it could really work out.”

Inez Lizzie Shares Her Thoughts on the Growing Creator Economy

Joining Sintillate Talent

Inez Lizzie shares that her growth on social media was slow at first. In 2020, she came across Sintillate Talent and decided to apply, even though she doubted she would be accepted. 

However, she was accepted into Sintillate Talent, which provided her with many more opportunities. 

“It was just the best thing ever. I thought that this was the help that I needed from them because I didn’t know myself back then, what to do, and how to take this further. My following wasn’t big, so the brands didn’t always want to work with me.”

Brand Campaigns

Inez Lizzie shares that the campaign she is most proud of was with Lounge Underwear. 

“It was my dream brand to work with, so when the opportunity came across through [Sintillate] Agency, I was just so shocked. I think on a daily basis, we do sometimes forget, as influencers, that… Wow, I’m really working with this brand. They’re sending me product, and I’m working for them.”

She notes that she had always loved the Lounge Underwear brand and bought their lingerie for years before becoming an influencer. 

Inez also works with Shein on different campaigns throughout the year, which encompass everything from bikinis to normal fashion. 

In terms of engagement, she notes that her lingerie and bikini content tend to receive the most engagement. 

“I feel like since the beginning, because I was into fitness, I’ve always kind of [been] showing a part of my body to the public, so they have been used to that. I feel like it grew nicely from fitness into me being confident wearing lingerie and bikinis.”

Inez Lizzie Shares Her Thoughts on the Growing Creator Economy

Inez’s Content Process

Inez Lizzie explains that many people don’t realize the enormous amount of work that goes into a single photo, especially regarding brand collaborations. 

“Back then, brands would be happy with pretty much any picture you would give them… but these days, there’s a lot more expectations. I feel like people don’t even realize.”

One of the biggest parts of Inez’s content process is nailing the location for her content and keeping things fresh. 

“If it’s lingerie, I would advise you to do it in your room because the environment would be appropriate for the type of clothing that you’re taking a picture in. If it’s a bikini campaign, it could be done outside in the sun, so it matches the theme.”

Inez Lizzie adds that she is also passionate about not adding filters to pictures because she feel it’s essential to show your true self, not the edited version. 

Not adding filters to photos has become especially important as more and more people, and brands can recognize when something is edited. Confidence is critical, and Inez shares that you don’t need a filter on your face or body to make yourself look like someone else. 

Inez shares that brands don’t care about just a pretty face. They also want excellent content that is well-produced. 

“I feel the most important thing is don’t be scared to be creative and switch it up. Just get yourself out there [and] put your ideas into play.”

Inez Lizzie Shares Her Thoughts on the Growing Creator Economy

The Constantly Growing Creator Space

Inez shares that being in a challenging and constantly growing industry can be demanding as you try to maintain high-quality content. 

“I think the industry grows so much. There are so many influencers joining the industry every day. The expectations are only getting higher every year.”

As a creator, you can also face a lot of hate from online trolls and people in your day-to-day life. 

“I think we just have to remind ourselves not to answer any of it. Just let it be. Let people have their opinions. Everybody’s allowed to have one. Obviously, it’s not nice when you’re reading something about yourself. It can put you down. I feel like we have to remember that we’re doing this for our own reasons.”

She advises other creators not to respond and to remind themselves of the bigger reason they have behind creating content.

Inez has also faced judgment from friends for posting pictures of herself in lingerie. She explains that they wouldn’t think twice about an influencer they don’t know posting that kind of content, but she faces judgment because they know her personally. 

“I feel like we as influencers need to keep together because we can support each other. We all have the same ambition, same goals, so if anybody’s experiencing any hate, you can always ask another influencer.”

She adds, “You can’t change them. You can’t allow people to make your day bad or make you sad. It’s not going to stop me from posting or doing lingerie collaborations.”

Inez Lizzie Shares Her Thoughts on the Growing Creator Economy

Closing Thoughts

Inez shares that things have been hectic because she recently got a puppy. However, she is excited to switch things up next year and travel to more opportunities. 

“Next year, I definitely want to put everything into place and give myself a hundred percent and just get out there.”

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