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How To See Others' Deleted TikTok Videos - Keeping Up With The Latest Trends


How To See Others’ Deleted TikTok Videos – Keeping Up With The Latest Trends

Over 1 billion videos are viewed on TikTok every day. And despite this staggering statistic, we have still managed to identify some TikTok videos as our favorites. But every so often TikTok videos get deleted, and we cannot view them again. This is where Net Influencer comes to your rescue with all the details on how to see these deleted TikTok videos.

There are a number of reasons for a TikTok video being deleted. The content could have violated TikTok’s community guidelines. As a result, these videos are taken down. The user could have accidentally deleted the video. Or they might have removed the video due to it being overly criticized, underperforming, or for other personal reasons.

These TikTok hacks will assist you in unlocking yours and others’ deleted videos, whatever the reason for deletion. 

Here are our suggestions:

The Phone’s Cache Method

These hacks are only possible if you have not cleared the cache on your device and the deleted TikTok videos are still stored in your phone’s memory. There are 2 possibilities for using this approach and these involve checking your ‘favorites’ or ‘watch history’ on your TikTok profile. 

  1. Retrieving a deleted TikTok video through your ‘Favorites’ on TikTok

The good news is that if you previously ‘favorited’ the deleted TikTok video, the cached video may still be available there.

  • Go to your ‘Favorites’ under your TikTok profile.
  • If the video appears in your phone’s cache, you may save it to your device or share it with a third-party source, such as Google Drive.

If you have not favorited the video prior to it being deleted, there is hope. We will review the ‘Watch History’ instead.

  1. Retrieving a deleted TikTok video through your ‘Watch History’ on TikTok

Did you know that TikTok saves your watch history for 7 days? And this makes retrieving deleted TikTok videos possible. 

  • Visit your TikTok Profile.
  • Select the menu button at the top right-hand corner of the screen. It is represented by 3 short horizontal lines.
  • Scroll down to ‘Watch History’ and select this option.
  • Here you should be able to check if the deleted video appears in the cache memory of your phone. 
N.B. This is possible on both iPhones and Androids.

The Third-Party Archive Method


Sites such as are used to archive popular TikTok videos. It is easily searchable by user names or hashtags for the videos. However, this only applies to videos with more than a few views and likes. Your favorite video has to score high in likes and views to be archived here.

  1. Wayback Machine 

The Wayback Machine is another option. It is a digital internet archive that contains over 500 billion pages and is growing every day. This is a hassle-free method to watch any deleted video, across social media platforms, especially deleted TikTok videos. There may be a time limit on the availability of the content. Very old videos may not still be accessible. It is important to note that in order to view deleted videos you must use the TikTok web version of Wayback Machine. Your video could be one search away, using the third-party archive. 

Request the TikTok video from the creator

Nothing is less complicated than merely making a humble request for the deleted TikTok video from the original creator. If anything, it is a form of flattery. You can direct message the user on TikTok. If they have deactivated their direct messaging, drop them a comment on one of their current videos, or use the Q&A option beneath their profile picture. With any luck, the user will share the video with you. However, if they choose not to, accept this and move on.

Request the TikTok video from the TikTok community

You may be pleasantly surprised at how helpful your TikTok community can be. Take a chance and request the video from other users who may already have the deleted video saved. They may be required to physically save it to their device or a third-party storage service before sharing it with you, due to it being deleted. However, a nice enough person would not mind doing this. Use the same methods mentioned above, prescribed for contacting the creator, to make contact with your TikTok community member. Again, if your request is denied, let it go and use any of our other suggested methods.

Search For TikTok Compilations on YouTube

Now, this may seem like a long shot, and it probably is, but TikTok compilations are gaining traction. Chances are the deleted video you seek, may be included in one of them. In fact, there is a chance that the entire TikTok video is uploaded on YouTube, as this is also a growing trend on YouTube, only if the video has reached viral status.

This cross-platform pollination serves in your quest to view others deleted TikTok videos, although it requires some tracking down first. So how would this work? Try searching YouTube for the category your deleted video belongs to with ‘TikTok Compilation’ added to it. e.g. ‘Baby TikTok compilation’, ‘Wednesday Dance TikTok compilation’. YouTube will provide you with the videos that you can sift through to find your coveted video.

You can also play detective and go through the channel of these TikTok compilation creators. They generally create these videos in parts, and you are sure to find more compilation videos to scour through on their YouTube page.

The Preventative Method

While we have uncovered some methods for viewing others’ deleted TikTok videos, a preventative approach is recommended. Download and save your favorite video for future use. It is much easier this way. Check out this article on a free web-based TikTok video downloader that can assist you with this.

You can also save the videos to Google Drive once downloaded, to economize space on your devices. Alternatively, save your favorite TikTok videos to an SD card or USB drive. These serve the same purpose as Google Drive and act as a backup. These solutions allow for quick and easy retrieval and viewing of TikTok videos.


While we should respect the privacy of TikTok users who choose to delete their videos, the fix we get from our firm favorites is completely harmless and all about entertainment. However, we must remind you that these hacks do not support breaching users’ privacy, nor are they intended for malicious purposes.

With these methods and solutions for seeing others’ deleted TikTok videos, you should be back on track in no time; viewing your favorite TikTok videos. Take the preventative route when it comes to safeguarding your favorite TikTok videos, and be sure to save them. 

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How To See Others’ Deleted TikTok Videos – Keeping Up With The Latest Trends