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How Much Do Influencers Get Paid Per Country On Average - 2023 Report


How Much Do Influencers Get Paid Per Country On Average – 2023 Report

Influencer marketing has infiltrated a plethora of bustling sectors, helping it to become an immensely lucrative and dynamic industry. With such progress on the horizon, it is vital that brands are fully informed of the changes and updates occurring in this bustling market. To explore this concept further, Netinfluencer will express the key findings seen throughout the 2023 Influencer Marketing report by Collabstr.

Who Conducted the Survey?

The 2023 Influencer Marketing report was conducted by Collabstr, a company that collates a wealth of highly-regarded content creators all on one comprehensive platform. This site also organizes influencers into an array of specific categories and platforms, ensuring that marketers can select a creator that best suits their needs with ease. 

Survey Methodology

This report pulls upon the work of 50,000 influencers and a further 20,000 brands, making it the most comprehensive and detailed piece Collabstr has produced to date. The information was collected between January 1st, 2022 to November 20th, 2022, making it an incredibly contemporary data set. 

Three Key Takeaways

The 2023 Influencer Marketing report is packed full of useful insights, making it a key asset for brands looking to reap the benefits of this profitable sector. Listed below are just three key takeaways from this report. 

  1. In 2022, 45% of paid collaborations occurred on TikTok.
  2. 82% of marketing budgets were allocated to influencers working and residing in the US.
  3. Brands will usually spend an average of $257 to work with their desired influencer.

What Does This Mean for Influencer Marketing?

The first finding from this report explores the prevalence of paid work on social media as well as which platforms are seeing the most benefits from working with influencers. The fact that such a high percentage of projects are being carried out on TikTok, highlights the immense popularity of the platform and its ability to facilitate such work. As such, TikTok’s wide selection of video production and editing tools has managed to make it a very highly sought-after platform for eager brands. 

How Much Do Influencers Get Paid Per Country On Average - 2023 Report

Collastr also informs us that over 80% of paid influencers reside in the US, indicating how influencer marketing has impacted the nation. From this data, we can expect more projects to occur across America, which can also help to increase job security and wealth within the region. As a whole, we can assume that this form of marketing has the potential to improve the quality of life for many Americans, exceeding their potential for developing long-term wealth. 

How Much Do Influencers Get Paid Per Country On Average - 2023 Report

The final finding from this report expresses the average amount that a brand is willing to pay to work alongside an influencer. With over $250 to spend on each project, it seems that many brands are more than happy to financially reward their chosen influencer, again helping the industry to become more profitable. 

How Much Do Influencers Get Paid Per Country On Average - 2023 Report

Link to the Report

The 2023 Influencer Marketing report can be found on Collabstr’s website alongside a vast variety of helpful assets such as expert tools and case studies.

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