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Hailey Bieber announces her investment in fintech company Current

Model Hailey Bieber shared that she’s invested in Current in a fun video on her YouTube channel.

Model and YouTuber Hailey Bieber is now an investor in financial technology, or fintech. Specifically, Hailey has invested in Current, which offers an alternative to traditional banking methods.

Hailey announced her investment in Current by sharing the good news in a YouTube video on her popular channel. In the middle of an on-camera game with fellow YouTuber Emma Chamberlain, in which the two competed to complete certain tasks without the use of their hands, Hailey shared that the video was sponsored by Current. 

Now, she has taken a leap into the world of finance and technology by investing in a new start-up venture. Find out how this young entrepreneur is going to use her star power to drive business!

Check out Hailey Bieber and her company, Current below:

Hailey Bieber announces her investment in fintech company Current - Net Influencer

“It is the future of banking, and I’m also an investor in Current, which is very exciting.”

Using small plastic doll hands, Hailey and Emma then proceeded to “scan” toy grocery store items and use a Current card to checkout at a play cash register. Unfortunately for Hailey, Emma quickly beat her to the punch and won the “Anything But Your Hands” challenge. But Hailey took the loss in stride. Accepting her defeat, Hailey made yet another announcement to her 1.38 million YouTube subscribers: They could join Current using a special code and have the chance to win money with its payment method Current Pay.

“Despite losing that challenge, you can sign up for Current using code ‘HAILEY,’ and we are giving away $10,000.”

What Is Current?

Not a bank, Current is instead a fintech company that promotes its fast direct deposits, zero overdraft fees, and no-fee ATM withdrawals.

Current was founded by Stuart Sopp, the company’s CEO, to make banking “accessible and affordable for everyone,” its website notes. And that mindset seems to be driving the company forward. Though not a bank, Current became the first United States-based fintech company to allow account holders to earn rewards points for using their debit cards. Members can rack up points at over 14,000 shops, from clothing retailers like Forever 21 to fast food chains like Burger King.

Hailey Bieber announces her investment in fintech company Current - Net Influencer

Regarding the cashback opportunities Current presents, Stuart shared:

“We are committed to building products that put more money into our members’ pockets and help close the growing wealth inequality gap in this country. Over 130 million Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, and we are giving them additional cash back on their everyday purchases.”

Current’s Plans for the Future

Current received $220 million of Series D funding with venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz. It’s now valued at $2.2 billion, three times what it was worth just five months earlier, TechCrunch reported in April 2021. 

Though Current has around 3 million users today, the company has plans to continue growing. Its CEO, Stuart Sopp, sees Current taking over the banking scene.

“We’re here to challenge the existing bank fraternity. Over the next 10 or 20 years, most young adults won’t see branches as a viable alternative to banking — it will be digital only, and they will have to catch up with us.”

To achieve this goal, Current has partnered with Hailey Bieber, as well as with the likes of YouTuber MrBeast. Also an investor in the fintech company, MrBeast, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, gave 100,000 fans the chance to win $1 or $1,000 when they signed up for Current. He announced his partnership with the company in his April 2021 video “I Got Hunted by a Real Bounty Hunter.”

He said in a statement:

“I’ve always been passionate about producing great content and giving back to the community, and Current is the perfect partner to support me in both efforts. I’m excited to be working together and look forward to producing awesome content that will help even more people.”

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