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Creator Management Platform GRIN Rolls Out A New Data-Driven Tool To Help Brands Power Up Their Influencer Programs (1)


Creator Management Platform GRIN Rolls Out A New Data-Driven Tool To Help Brands Power Up Their Influencer Programs

Creator management platform GRIN, whose clients include Uber, Macy’s, and SKIMS, has launched Activations Benchmarking, a data-driven tool designed to help brands evaluate and optimize their influencer marketing performance. Powered by over a decade of customer data encompassing billions of data points, Activations Benchmarking provides customized benchmarks tailored to each brand’s campaign goals, size, and needs, the company’s announcement reads.

The tool arrives as more marketers embrace influencer campaigns but still face challenges measuring effectiveness. According to GRIN’s data, 47% of social marketers cite measuring campaign performance as a top hurdle. 

The tool draws insights from over 84,000 activations spanning industries and brands over the past five years. According to GRIN, these campaigns generated 786 billion impressions, 12 million content assets, and $847 million in attributed revenue.

“GRIN’s vision is to democratize influencer marketing expertise and support every customer on their path to success, regardless of program maturity or size,” GRIN CEO Brandon Brown said. “Benchmarking is the first of many solutions providing data-backed recommendations to run programs more effectively and efficiently.”

Key features of Activations Benchmarking include:

  • Recommended key performance indicators (KPIs): The tool identifies the most relevant metrics to focus on for reaching overall goals.
  • Real-time performance tracking: Campaigns are monitored in real-time, allowing brands to pinpoint gaps and track progress as the campaign unfolds. 
  • Brand comparisons: Companies can benchmark their performance against other brands in their space.   

The proprietary benchmarking data serves as a roadmap, giving brands real-time insight into their campaign trajectory and precise areas requiring increased focus to drive results. Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, each benchmark is designed based on factors like campaign duration, goals, and company size.

As influencer marketing continuously evolves, tools like Activations Benchmarking can provide strategic guardrails for brands navigating this space. By leveraging GRIN’s dataset, marketers can move beyond guesswork and make data-informed decisions to optimize influencer strategies.

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