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2 British Influencers Built A T-Shirt Empire And Are Now Bringing Their Talent To LA


2 British Influencers Built A T-Shirt Empire And Are Now Bringing Their Talent To LA

George and Michael Heaton, brothers from Manchester, England, started their influencer-founded fashion brand Represent 13 years ago, catering graphic T-shirts to the local streetwear community. Now, they’ve opened their first brick-and-mortar store in Los Angeles.

The new 3,100-square-foot flagship store in West Hollywood’s North Robertson Boulevard opened on March 31 and showcases Represent’s core clothing line along with an exclusive Robertson Collection. This move aligns with the brand’s strategy of immersing itself in key markets and recruiting local talent for international growth.

“We’ve got such a long history and we’re a British brand, which is new [in L.A.],” George Heaton told Glossy. “Among the stylists and the people in fashion here, it’s a breath of fresh air compared to the [local] brands. A lot of L.A. brands look very similar, and they’re all using the same factories and the same fabrics. It’s repetitive.”

Represent has experienced significant growth, generating $100 million in revenue last year, an increase from $63 million in 2022. Up to 70% of its sales come directly from consumers through its website and other direct channels. The brand boasts partnerships with major retailers like Saks, Neiman Marcus, and Nordstrom, where it sells its main collection and custom pieces tailored for each of them.

In addition to its core line, Represent offers an activewear line called 247, with prices ranging from $50 to $300. The brand competes with names like Amiri and Fear of God in the streetwear market.

The Los Angeles store aims to strengthen Represent’s presence in the United States, a market that currently accounts for 20% of its revenue. The founders attribute the brand’s success to its omnichannel marketing strategy and close communication with its customers through various channels, including a Facebook group with 143,000 members.

“Our customer return rate is high, so once they’re in, that relationship is very sticky,” George Heaton told Glossy. The brand has fueled customer loyalty through initiatives like the Vault program, which offers exclusive access to products in development, special sale items, and limited-edition items for its top-tier “Prestige” loyalty members.

The Heatons are optimistic about the longevity of the streetwear market. “There are always new brands, and different pockets of subcultures that brands can tap into,” George Heaton told Glossy. “[Success] is in how you talk to the consumer and how you can be that ‘brand of influence.’”

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