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All About The Generation Outcast Clothing Influencer Program


All About The Generation Outcast Clothing Influencer Program

Generation Outcast Clothing started in Australia in 2014 and is a well-known fashion brand amongst the festival crowd. Also known simply as Outcast Clothing, the brand features head-turning outfits at a more expensive price point than similar competitors. Although the brand doesn’t list any information about a formal influencer or brand ambassador program, they may in the future. Keep reading to learn more about Outcast Clothing and how they promote their fashion line.

Are you an influencer who loves attending the latest music festivals in the latest fashion? Here, NetInfluencer dives into the Generation Outcast Clothing brand, who wears their clothing, and how they promote their fashion line.

All About The Generation Outcast Clothing Influencer Program

Generation Outcast Clothing, also known as Outcast Clothing, was founded in late 2014 by power couple Lawrence and Paris Jane Lees. The company reportedly has 19 employees and a revenue of $3 million. Although the company originally started in Australia, the brand’s current headquarters is in Lodi, California in the United States.

According to the Outcast Clothing website’s “our journey” page, the brand attracted the attention of Kylie and Kris Jenner, who were touched by co-founder Paris’ story of overcoming depression. The brand sells original, high-fashion designs geared towards festival-goers. Customers benefit from express shipping and 24-48 hour turnaround times for customer service inquiries.

All About The Generation Outcast Clothing Influencer Program

Who Are the Generation Outcast Clothing Influencers and What Do They Do?

Generation Outcast Clothing does not officially partner with social media influencers or brand ambassadors. However, the company often features their home office employees on their social media pages and gives customers a sneak peek into how the brand operates. In this TikTok video, Generation Outcast’s design manager Bekki Molineux tries on several outfits she recently purchased. 

@outcastclothing Our fabulous Design Manager @bekkimolineux is slaying in her new Outcast purchases ❤️‍🔥 #outcastclothing #outfitinspo #ootd #summervibes ♬ Chill Vibes – Tollan Kim

Here, Generation Outcast shares a “day in the life” video featuring several employees. The video shows footage from a photo shoot, starting with a coffee run in the morning and ending the day with cocktails at a beach bar. 

@outcastclothing Working at Outcast Clothing #dayinthelife ##viraltiktok##fyp ♬ Aesthetic – Gaspar

In this clip, several Generation Outcast designers, managers, and coordinators model their outfits as they head in for a day at the office. The video also features the brand’s CEOs, Paris and Lawrence.

@outcastclothing Outcast team! The role vs the outfit ❤️‍🔥 #fitcheck #OOTD #fyp #viral ♬ GASLIGHT – INJI

What are the Generation Outcast Clothing Influencer Requirements?

At this time, it doesn’t appear that Outcast Clothing partners with influencers. The brand features professional models in their marketing campaigns. The brand also sometimes features employees who work at their headquarters. 

How to Promote Generation Outcast Clothing as an Influencer and Make Money

After thorough research, it seems as though Outcast Clothing does not have an official affiliate or brand ambassador program. The brand does sometimes provide discount codes and places items on sale for customers, but there is no information on how to become a partner or earn affiliate commission on the Outcast Clothing website. Consumer research website Knoji also reports a lack of an official affiliate or influencer program.

On YouTube, there seem to be a handful of influencers who may partner with Outcast Clothing, as it appears they have custom discount codes. For example, in this video from Madison Wooley, she offers her audience the code MADISON15.

If you wish to contact the company and inquire directly about a potential partnership, the email address is listed online.

How Influencers Promote Generation Outcast Clothing on TikTok

Most of Generation Outcast Clothing’s TikTok account consists of professionally-shot videos of models wearing the brand’s fashions. Here, a model takes a video of herself modeling one of the brand’s viral mini dresses with a tropical print.

@outcastclothing The dress on everyone’s lips…💘 #fyp #minidressinspo #viraltiktok ♬ creepin sped up – xxtristanxo

In another video, the brand alerts customers that one of their most popular outfits is back in stock. In the clip, a model wears the Leoni set, a matching crop top and mini skirt in orange zebra print.

@outcastclothing The Leoni is back baby…🔥 #fyp #viral #nyeoutfit #OOTD ♬ Tap In x Gimme More – carneyval

Two models wear a couple of Outcast Clothing outfits to provide party outfit inspiration. A blonde model sports a red, low cut mini dress with ruffles down the center. The brunette model shows off a matching red two piece set. 

@outcastclothing Its an entire MOOD. 🔥 #fyp #festival #viral #partyoutfit #nyeoutfit ♬ Chill Vibes – Tollan Kim

How Influencers Promote Generation Outcast Clothing on Instagram

Over on the official Generation Outcast Instagram account, the brand posts photos and reels of models in their latest fashions. Many of the posts also include contests to win clothing and vouchers in exchange for brand-boosting social media activity In this reel, a model shows off a vibrant blue long sleeve mini dress. The post also encourages likes, comments, and reshares for the chance to win a $100 voucher.

In this video, a brunette model wears Outcast Clothing’s Champagne Mini Dress in black. The post features a contest where participants can enter to win a dress of their choice from the brand.

Here, a model wears the brand’s Tyra Crop Top and Blanca Maxi Skirt in black. The accompanying contest is a chance to win an Outcast Clothing outfit of the winner’s choice. 

How Influencers Promote Generation Outcast Clothing on YouTube

There are a few YouTubers who have unique Outcast Clothing discount codes in their videos. However, the majority of the videos featuring the brand are influencers who are not officially sponsored. Many of the vloggers also provide their honest opinions about the brand, which isn’t always positive. In this video from Carly Eyckens, she mentions Outcast Clothing’s sizes seem to be off, as several pieces she ordered were too small or didn’t fit well.

Here, Annalise Wood provides a “ruthless review” on Outcast Clothing. She first mentions the items being on the expensive side and the quality wasn’t worth the price. Although she enjoyed the clothing she purchased, she does not recommend the brand to her audience.

In another unsponsored video review of Outcast Clothing, lifestyle influencer Isatu models several Summer outfits. She models several two piece matching sets and a form-fitting pink romper.  


Although it appears as though Generation Outcast Clothing does not have an official influencer program, you may be able to partner with the brand and receive a custom discount code. If you’re interested, consider sending a message to the Outcast Clothing customer service team:

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