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Fiverr A Game-Changer for Independent Content Creators


Fiverr: A Game-Changer For Independent Content Creators

How can the freelancing platform Fiverr help you, a content creator, expand your audience and become less dependent on constantly shifting social media platforms and their algorithms? 

Today, we’re breaking down why becoming an independent content creator is important if you’re interested in making content creation a career and how you can do that using Fiverr. 

The Importance of Becoming an Independent Content Creator 

So, what is an independent content creator?

Independent content creators don’t rely solely on social media platforms to make money. 

For example, if you make all of your money through social media platforms like YouTube, TikTok, or Instagram, you would be left without income if the platform suddenly shut down or banned you. This situation makes content creators dependent on the platform for revenue and access to their income, making them dependent – a scary situation to be in. 

On the other hand, independent content creators may use established platforms to connect with their audience and make additional revenue streams, but they also “own” their audience in at least one way. This setup puts the content creator in a safer, more stable place financially. 

Examples of ways that independent content creators “own” their audience and content include:

  • Collecting email addresses from their audience and sending out email newsletters
  • Using Web3 to sell NFTs 
  • Building their own app, website, or platform to share content
  • Creating an e-commerce shop with their products rather than relying on a platform like Etsy or Shopify
  • Starting a blog

These independent, 1:1 connections with your audience also provide more monetization options, such as including affiliate links or sponsors in your newsletter. 

What is Fiverr? 

Fiverr is an online platform connecting people all around the world with freelancers to take on a variety of projects. Fiverr artists and freelancers can tackle almost anything, from graphics and design to music to video and animation. 

Many entrepreneurs and large corporations outsource projects they can’t keep up with or don’t possess the ideal skillset to tackle to Fiverr artists to leave time for their big goal pictures and avoid burnout. 

What Services Does Fiverr Offer that Make Independent Content Creation Easier? 

Outsourcing is important for any content creator, business owner, or entrepreneur. Here are just a few of the ways that you can use Fiverr’s different services to make managing your independent content creation career easier: 

Website Design 

When you create a website, you own it. The domain, the copy, and everything on the website are yours and can’t be taken away by a platform (provided you pay the hosting fees, domain company, etc.) 

However, the idea of launching a website can feel completely overwhelming, from needing the skillset to build, design, and write a website to needing all of the icons, artwork, photography, and more to make it look professional. 

Fiverr artists offer many services to help you design, launch, and manage your website, including: 

  • Website design for various hosting platforms
  • Custom website building
  • Professional logo and website banner design
  • Website copywriting
  • Photography for your website
  • Vector icon sets
  • Website updates or troubleshooting

E-commerce Store Set-up  

Similar to launching a website, many Fiverr artists offer e-commerce shop services to help you launch an independent e-commerce website or shop on your established website. 

These services could include professional photography of your products, product descriptions, SEO optimization for the titles and tags, and troubleshooting if you get stuck launching your shop. 

Virtual Assistant Support

A virtual assistant can provide ongoing or as-needed support for your business, from taking on tasks like email management, organization, appointment and project management, and much more. Some virtual assistants can even do creative work, such as writing newsletters, proofreading, editing video content, and much more. 

They are an excellent way to grow your brand, stay on top of your many tasks, and keep your business and quality consistent. 

NFT Design 

NFTs and Web3 are other emerging ways for content creators to connect directly with their audience and even allow their audience to “invest” in them. 

However, many of us don’t have the skill set to create and design eye-catching NFTs ourselves. Fortunately, many Fiverr artists offer custom NFT collection designs. A huge range of artistic styles is available on Fiverr, from 3D animated NFTs to trading cards to “doodle” style NFTs. 

Blog Post Services 

Starting a blog helps you establish yourself as an authority in your niche, providing you with ample opportunities to share valuable information, promote your social media, add affiliate links, and drive more traffic to your website. You can embed your social media videos, share photos, update your followers with quick posts, or share value-rich long-form content. 

However, many people don’t enjoy writing, don’t have time to write, or lack the skill to write engaging, easily digestible content. 

A Fiverr artist can take over any part of producing blog posts and managing a blog. 

Examples of some of these services include: 

  • Blog post uploading
  • SEO optimization 
  • Blog management
  • Writing blog posts
  • Brainstorming and researching blog post ideas
  • Creating a content calendar for your blog
  • Transcription (If you make long-form content, consider having your videos transcribed and blog posts written based on that information.) 
  • Proofreading

App Design

An app gives you your own platform to directly share content, classes, updates, and much more with your audience. Fiverr artists offer many app design services, from mobile UI design for android and Ios phones, web apps, custom icons and graphics for the app, written descriptions for the app, and much more. 

These services will help you quickly launch a brand-consistent, high-quality app and start onboarding your audience. Designing an app also gives you limitless opportunities with your audience. You can create a free app to share content or install a paywall or subscription fee structure to create another revenue stream. 

Benefits of Using Fiverr

Now that you know more about the services available on Fiverr and how they can help you expand your business and protect it from being taken away, let’s look at some of the top benefits of using Fiverr. 

Helps You Reach a Larger Audience

As a business owner, you’re constantly scrambling to get through your current tasks, tackle new and exciting projects, and figure out how to prioritize what you can do today. 

But what if you didn’t have to eliminate anything off your to-do list? 

Instead, you can outsource these tasks. Think about outsourcing admin tasks to a virtual assistant, design tasks to a graphic designer on Fiverr, and building a website to a professional website designer. 

Your time is always best spent on what you excel at, making content and connecting with your audience. By freeing up your time to do these things, you’ll be able to grow your audience and reach more successfully. 

Create New Income Streams

Multiple income streams allow you to make more money overall but also relieve stress if you ever lose a platform’s income stream or part ways with an ongoing brand deal. 

Launching a website, e-commerce shop, or app provides you with new opportunities to sell products, add revenue sources, utilize affiliate marketing, and much more. 

Final Thoughts

We hope this article gave you some food for thought on why it’s crucial that you never rely fully on one income stream or exclusively on platforms. Instead, look at becoming an independent content creator by establishing yourself outside of other platforms and look into outsourcing tasks that are wasting your time or are outside your realm of expertise. 

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Amy DeYoung is a freelance blog post writer covering influencer marketing and business topics. As the daughter of two business owners, she's been fascinated by all things business from a young age, which led her to graduate from college with a bachelor's degree in business. When she's not typing away, she spends her time reading nonfiction books and mystery novels, baking scrumptious desserts, and playing with her dog.

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