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Finance Bro The Business Philosophy And Framework For Content Creation


Finance Bro: The Business Philosophy And Framework For Content Creation

Leveraging a unique perspective that blends data-based strategies, and theories refined through trial and error, Finance Bro amassed over half a million followers in under a year.

Unlike passionate creators who perceive content creation as their calling, Finance Bro navigates the world of short-form videos with a data-centric approach and business mindset.

In his last interview with Net Influencer, we discussed how it all started and the ultimate objectives, but today’s interview offers a special insight into the rationale behind everything he does.

From optimal productive strategies to managing brand deals and number-based decision-making, read along to learn how his method can accelerate growth.

What Does This Philosophy Entail, and How Can Any Influencer Use It To Their Advantage? 

Finance Bro: The Business Philosophy And Framework For Content Creation

“Before diving into specifics of each strategy and approach here’s a summary of all business aspects that apply to creators.”

1- “Find Market Demand.”

2- “Determine Your Target Market.”

3- “Know What Type and Size Of Business You Are.”

4- “Base All Decisions Upon Data.” 

Elaborating on the set strategies and methods to success, we ask finance bro for an explanation of each of these suggested improvements and the rationale behind his recommendations. 

What Does The Process Of Finding Demand Look Like? Give Us an Example. 

He explains, “Think of your content as a product, you need to manage that product like a business owner. So the very first step to this approach is to make something that is demanded by the market.”

“If the product bridges the demand gap, people will buy it; if it does not, they won’t.”

“However, by further developing your product, you build upon the demand, offering a solution that goes beyond the initial problem.”

Building Upon The Demand Of Your Product 

Finance bro explains that on top of seeking demand, businesses must compete, by adding distinctive features and benefits that work as a unique selling point. 

He shares examples from his early days of content creation stating, “There were many accounts making finance memes, but very few or none were doing it in a TikTok/reel format, so what started as a video for fun, quickly turned into a creative business venture.”

He tells us, “Replace “Product” with “Content”, “buy” with “like/comment/share/engage”, and “business” with “account,” then almost everything from the business world can apply.” 

What Should Creators Consider When Determining Their Target Market? 

“Content creators and influencers, like businesses, should clearly define their audience and tailor their marketing strategies accordingly.”

Finance Bro emphasizes that selecting your audience from the start, rather than hoping people share your personal preferences, can significantly simplify and accelerate the growth process. 

He says, “This leads to much more consistency in your content and a greater likelihood that someone will follow you since your content is specifically tailored towards them.”

“I have my target audience in mind through every step of creating content, from choosing the right topic to how all demographics of the target audience will receive the video.”

He tells us that some of the most important questions to ask when looking to specify an audience include: 

  • “Will they understand this topic?”
  • “Where are these people located?” 
  • “Is the humor tailored towards them?”
  • “What exactly are they looking for?”

Concluding his answer he hints that those who determine a specific target market beforehand are likely to end up with profits much faster. 

He says, “If the purpose of your account is to make money from brand deals, it is much easier to get them, and at higher rates if you have a niche and highly engaged audience.”

What Do You Mean By “Know What Type Of Business You Are?”

Finance Bro: The Business Philosophy And Framework For Content Creation

“Just like businesses, creators can be categorized based on their growth rate and dedication to expansion.”

Giving us examples from the business world, Finance Bro compares creators of the two main types of businesses with their equivalent of content creators.

High Risk and High Reward Growth:

  • “Have high-quality videos right to attract as many people as possible.”
  • “Spend money on quality equipment.”
  • “Produce multiple pieces of content every day.”
  • “Collaborate with other creators in their niche.”

Moderate Pace Content Growth:

  • “Produce quick, simple content that saves time and effort.”
  • “Slowly improve over time and invest in better equipment”
  • “Treat it like a side hustle.”
  • “Try to market the ruggedness and unprofessional format as a unique advantage.”

Finance Bro clarifies that no one strategy works for all, but there is a common aim among multiple creators, which is the urge to go viral.

He believes that if your goal as a creator is to constantly go viral and only put out the best of the best videos, there are high standards that are often overlooked and undiscussed.

He explains his theory, telling us “Going viral can have major negative consequences. If people follow you because of one specific video or trend, you’re likely to lose them in the long run if you don’t keep serving them the same content.” 

“If you have an unengaged audience, videos will be shown to fewer people and brands won’t be interested in partnering with you.” 

Can Any Influencer Make Data-based Decisions, Even The Not Too Business Savvy?

“Absolutely, and data-driven decisions extend beyond analytics pages. Creators can make simple yet effective choices based on the noticed behavior of their audience.”

He says, “If you see content doing well, find out why it does well, and use that “why” to make more content. 

Give Us Examples of What Creators Should Look For When Looking For Data. 

Breaking down a list of points that he prepared for the interview he answers: 

  • “What time are they on social media?”
  • “What social media apps are they on?”
  • “Why are they using social media?”
  • “What other types of accounts do they follow?”

“Dig much deeper into these questions. Ask for honest and harsh truths. Get as much feedback as possible, and use it.”

Is There Anything From The Business World That Doesn’t Apply To Creators?

“Yes, and one of the best examples is competition, people consume so much content that you are not competing for their attention. At the end of the day, if your content is good, people will follow both of you.”

“Perhaps competition matters if both creators were direct substitutes, let’s say two news pages that post about the exact same stories, but that goes back to stressing the importance of a competitive advantage.”


From the unique insights of this interview, we conclude that changing the way you perceive your content has a significant impact on the overall growth. 

While content creation is still a relatively new profession, Finance Bro sees this becoming a much more saturated industry in the future, adding a necessary element of product differentiation and professionalism when dealing with brands.  

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Moe is freelance writer and content creator who enjoys interviewing influencers and learning about their journeys to success.

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