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How Fashion Influencer Elin Hetemi Creates a Safe Space for Others on Social Media 

Elin Hetemi is a Norweigan fashion influencer creating a safe space for herself and others online. Her content focuses on fashion, body positivity, and encouraging others to be confident in themselves. Recently, Elin signed with Sintillate Talent, a multi-award-winning international influencer and talent agency with representation in 18 different countries.

Elin Hetemi is a 22-year-old Norweigan content creator specializing in fashion, lingerie, and body positivity content. Today, she shares with us about her social media goals, keeping her Instagram a positive place for herself and others, and signing with Sintillate Talent

She shares, “Before I did content, I was a really creative person. I always liked fashion, and I never really did anything with it. I just kind of had this interest and kept it to myself. I always took school really seriously, so when I opened my Instagram account for the public, I found a way to share my creativity, and I thought it was really fun.”

How Fashion Influencer Elin Hetemi Creates a Safe Space for Others on Social Media 

How Social Media Helped Elin Through Difficult Times

Elin Hetemi shares that in 2015 she lost her dad unexpectedly during a work accident. 

“It was really unexpected. We were really a close family, so for me, that time in my life was really hard. I didn’t find much happiness in a lot of things, and for the [following] few years, it was like that for me.”

A couple of years later, she applied to college and was accepted, which gave her renewed inspiration in life. 

“I had so much inspiration in me, and I was going to study economics, and I did at that time. My life has changed so much with going to college, and it just really inspired me to also open my [social media] account.”

Instagram became an important creative outlet for Elin, and she continued focusing on it while attending college. Her content primarily focuses on fashion. 

“My content on Instagram, with time, started to grow. For the first time in my life, I was popular. Not that it really matters, but I was never really popular in my real life, to be completely honest, so I was shocked.”

As her account grew, Elin was contacted by brands for collaborations, which she found exciting and fun to partake in. This opportunity also gave her a job while in college.

“Later on, I got an agency for the first time with Sintillate Talent. I like them a lot because they have a focus on mental health, and we have a well-being manager, so it’s not really just about work. We really care about each other, and I feel like I have made genuine friendships, not only on Instagram but also with the agency.”

How Fashion Influencer Elin Hetemi Creates a Safe Space for Others on Social Media 

Working with Sintillate Talent & Brand Partnerships

After being represented with Sintillate Talent, Elin Hetemi received more brand collaborations and began noticing a huge growth in her social media numbers.  

“I got more brand collaborations, and they really helped me to grow. Before that, I had some, but now I have even bigger brands that are working with me, and I’m really grateful for that.”

She notes that her most successful moments and brand partnerships to date have been through arrangements made via Sintillate Talent. 

“They [the partnerships] gained a lot of popularity, and it worked really well in the beginning. When I started, I had some unsuccessful ones too, to be honest, and that didn’t work out, and that can happen sometimes, but it’s important to not lose hope.”

Her most successful partnership has been with Luvlette, a popular lingerie brand. She shares that her dream collab would be with Fashion Nova. 

“I see a lot of other influencers with a bigger following that work with Fashion Nova. I hope one day I can get there too.” 

Making Her Content a Safe Space

Elin Hetemi posts content within the fashion niche, including anything clothing-related, such as dresses, swimwear, and lingerie. 

“I am really body positive, and I’m really confident in my body, and I want to show others that it’s okay [for them] to be [confident] too. I have some young girls that are following me, and I try to be positive and also show reality.”

In addition to her fashion-related content, Elin posts body positivity, makeup, and jewelry content. 

Elin shares that she makes her social media account a safe space with her body positivity and mental health content. She also focuses on collaboration and building others up. 

“I try to collaborate with other creators and support each other, hype each other up. That’s a good thing when you are posting. I think there’s enough space for everyone in this business, even though it’s really competitive. I like to support others as well.”

When asked about current trends in the fashion space, Elin explains that she sees a lot of content focused on lingerie and spring-related content. 

Keeping Social Media A Positive Experience

Elin Hetemi shares that her social media career has been hugely positive for her. However, she knows that many people have bad experiences with social media. 

“I know that many people have bad experiences with social media like young people are spending a lot of time on their phones and such things, but honestly, except for posting, I don’t really use it a lot. I think it’s about having balance in your life.”

Elin Hetemi adds that everything, including social media, is about balance. 

“It should be fun to be there, and if you have a different experience, then maybe put the phone down for a while and think about why you are feeling those feelings.”

How Fashion Influencer Elin Hetemi Creates a Safe Space for Others on Social Media 

Closing Thoughts

“I’m really grateful to have been in this interview because I could share my experience with grief to my followers, who maybe didn’t know that [about me]. I know everyone in life will experience grief at some point, so being able to share my story here was really exciting for me, and it meant a lot.”

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