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Interview With Dee Brissett A Closer Look At Creator Wizard And Her Journey As A Content Creator


Interview With Dee Brissett: A Closer Look At Creator Wizard And Her Journey As A Content Creator

Dee Brissett has always been passionate about helping others, which fueled her to become a content creator and made her the perfect fit to work at Creator Wizard. Her experience at Creator Wizard changed her views about the content creation space, both as a creator herself and a teacher to creators.

Dee Brissett has always been passionate about helping others, which fueled her to become a content creator and made her the perfect fit to work at Creator Wizard. Her experience at Creator Wizard changed her views about the content creation space, both as a creator herself and a teacher to creators. 

Learn more about Dee Brissett’s journey and how Creator Wizard continues to help creators. 

Who is Dee Brissett?

Dee Brissett is the Community and Programs Manager at Creator Wizard. Her main responsibility involves heading and running all of the platform’s programs and community space comprised of a diverse group of creators from all angles of the economy. She works closely with creators who are well-known on their own platforms, as well as creators known on social media.

Dee also works as a sponsorship coach, teaching creators how to find and negotiate their dream partnerships and helping them with their overall sponsorship strategy. She admits being obsessed with SEO and says, “Search is my thing.”

Besides working with Creator Wizard and in the creator economy as a coach, Dee is also a creator herself. She runs her own site, DEE AND FAM, and posts content about helping busy families save time and money on Costco twice a week. Having different roles allows her to mingle on both sides of the spectrum — the business and the creative sides.

What inspired you to create content online, and what has been the most rewarding part of building your community online?

If asked this question five years ago, Dee would have answered it’s all about having the freedom to create anything she wants, making videos about it, and sharing them with a group of people. But right now, the story’s a little different for her.

Today, there’s more purpose and more meaning behind Dee being in the content creator space. Her inspiration to create content today is about helping others — whether that means helping people save on their grocery bills or helping creators make thousands of dollars working with brands they love.

Hearing and seeing reports from other people saying they found Dee’s advice or tips and tricks helpful means a lot to her because when she started, she felt there wasn’t a lot of help. Back then, she was swimming in the dark and trying to figure out things on her own.

She says, “It’s a little bit more personal offering help. It hits home slightly differently because I know what it’s like not knowing how to get help.” Dee cites how challenging it is for many creators to have someone authentic and willing to help them.

What was one of the main challenges you faced when you were starting?

Not having a clear direction was Dee’s biggest challenge when she started. Before, her main focus was doing reviews on products useful for moms and babies as she embarked on a new journey of becoming a mom herself.

During this time, she threw herself into this overpopulated category or niche, and she struggled to stand out because she didn’t do anything different. Instead of doing anything unique, Dee just did what she saw and hoped for the best. Unfortunately, this approach didn’t work. This led her to quit a few times until one day, she said, “You know what? Forget trying to do things based on what I see everyone else doing. I need to do it for me.”

With this realization, Dee began to assess herself and the things she loves doing and bring happiness to her. Once she minimized her opportunities, she maximized her potential by not attempting to help a million people in a million different areas. She focused on helping one person in one area, and by doing that, things took off for her.

What do you hope your viewers or followers take away from your content?

Dee hopes that when viewers land on her channel, they’ll feel they found a friend who has their best interests at heart, not someone who only tells them what to buy but also shows them how to use it. She wants her viewers not to feel alone even when they’re in the store by themselves.

Having this goal allowed Dee to gain thousands of virtual friends who consider her a part of their routine. And for Dee, this means the world because of all the people and things that can be a part of her viewers’ routines, making sure that they watch videos as they take on their daily routines is beyond her wildest dreams.   

How is your creative process when it comes to producing content?

Dee considers her creative process robust — it’s like a wheel that’s constantly spinning, and there are always plans for the future before each week comes up. She always thinks about her content schedule on a monthly basis and assesses what she needs to showcase in that particular month, what she can help people with, and what she can bring that’s new or hasn’t been done recently.

Her content creation process involves a lot of research, footwork, and being able to know all the products available and they’re available. For instance, she compares products in different years, so she can share with her audience the price difference and any other changes.

She reiterates the importance of researching and polling her audience to know what her audience is looking for and how much they’re willing to spend. When all of this information is within reach, it’s easier for her to have a sustainable system, which she repeats monthly, and tailor content, especially for her audience.

Ultimately, she makes sure that throughout all the plans and executions, she’s able to serve the people. Having this kind of mindset makes everything else come together.

Are there any particular collaborations or projects that stand out for you?

When it comes to working with brands, Dee is very selective. Although she has the option to form partnerships with ten brands in one month, she keeps it minimal because she worked really hard to gain her audience’s trust. And for her, it’s no longer about the numbers — how much she’ll earn or how many views she’ll get — it’s about assessing how certain partnerships affect her business plan, marketing goals, and ability to serve her audience.

Those are the reasons why Dee’s favorite partnership or sponsorship to date isn’t specific to a particular brand; it’s just any brand where she received feedback. For example, when Dee receives feedback about her going beyond the brand’s expectations, she knows that the partnership was a win-win for both of them — and this has always been her goal with any partnership.

Dee shares that most of the partnerships she had were on the business end of the creator economy. She says being able to work with brands who help her serve her audience while making an impact in the industry made her the creator she is today. She adds, “It’s a whirlwind being able to feel like I’m winning on both ends.”

What advice would you give to aspiring content creators or those who are just starting out?

One piece of advice Dee would give to aspiring creators is to ask them, “What’s your end game?” and whatever that end goal is, focus on that. She also advises working backward by setting mini-goals and mini-milestones, and each time they get one step closer, they should remind themselves that all of these short-term goals will help them reach their ultimate goal.

When Dee was starting, she was too focused on starting — like what happens when you start a race and hit full speed from the get-go. But as time passed, Dee realized that being a creator is a long-term commitment, and changes happen every week, every month. There are pivots and adaptations which she must soak in, while keeping her core focus on her end game.

For Dee, having a goal isn’t enough to succeed as a content creator; it’s also important to have a plan on how you’re going to get yourself there. Ideally, you should start creating content that’s dream brand-worthy, as this will attract opportunities in the long run.

Share with us some tips on how to find and negotiate your dream brand partnership.

Dee advises anyone who wants to work with brands to be present where these brands are. Since brands are on social media, then you should be present on social media.

Thinking like a business is another step in finding dream brand partnerships. It’s important to think about what brands are looking for and how creators can help them achieve their goals. Because as much as creators think that the partnership is about them, it’s not. It’s about the brand’s goal and them reaching its audience, and creators are basically the missing ingredient. In short, creators make it easier for brands to reach their audience.

Creators should also have a proposal that’s unlike everyone else’s. Instead of saying, “I love your brand and your products,” Dee advises creators to take another approach like, “Hey, this campaign you worked on was absolutely amazing. I did something similar. Here are some ideas of how this can come to life. Let’s get on a call, and let’s talk.”

When creators reach out to brands by saying they love their products, the brands will often reply by saying, “Thank you” or, worse, not reply at all. For Dee, finding and negotiating dream brand partnerships is easier when creators offer something that isn’t generic.

How do you see the creator economy evolving in the future?

Dee feels like the ride is about to take off, and things will get bigger and better than it already is. In the future, the world will realize the impact the creator economy has.

Aspiring creators who want to dive into the content creation space should recognize the opportunities and consider wearing several hats at all times. Dee says, “There’s no need to climb over each other to get to the top. There’s enough money and room for everyone.”

To succeed in the ever-competitive creator economy, creators should think about the type of impact they want to make and focus on that. If you’re a creator with big dreams, people are only going to believe they’re big when you think they’re big, too.

Dee continues, “Whatever your goals are, whatever your hopes are, whatever your visions are, start sharing them with the world because this economy has so much space for unique stories just like yours and everyone else’s. And it’s your job to bring that to light; no one is going to do it for you.”

Tell us a bit more about Creator Wizard and your role in your company.

Creator Wizard is an online school that teaches creators how to find and negotiate their dream sponsorships. Dee works alongside Justin Moore, the founder of Creator Wizard, who has been helping creators make millions by working with the brands they love.

Dee also credits Justin for giving her the opportunity to work with brands she loves. She went through all of Justin’s courses and programs, and this has made a huge impact on her journey and success today.

Through Creator Wizard, Dee understood how creator marketing and influencer marketing work. It also helped her become a better businessperson in general.

Creator Wizard offers high-level strategies and tactics that have been proven to work, and creators can unlock opportunities. For example, creators who get paid $50 to $100 per partnership now earn four, five, six figures, and more for every brand partnership they make.

Dee states, “We’ve helped creators master so many things in their businesses when it comes to negotiating, researching, and executing plans, which is more than just pressing upload.” Creator Wizard walks creators through A to Z, covering all the basics and high-level strategies, and then offers various coaching services. They also offer membership plans where members receive one-on-one support, perfect for creators who are still not ready for a manager but need that extra support in their sponsorship strategies.

For Dee, working with Creator Wizard has been one of the most rewarding jobs she had to date because she has a lot of fun helping creators and loves being a student of the program and an expert and master of teaching creators.

Are there any exciting projects or collaborations coming up?

Creator Wizard has a lot of projects in store for the future, and most are confidential. But Dee shared one, stating that the platform is in the middle of uprooting its entire strategy and creating a new offer to aid the feedback it received over the years.

Creator Wizard has been running a four-week course since it started, and right now, they’re structuring things to be a bit different. Moving forward, they want to offer creators the opportunity to join the course throughout the whole year, as opposed to three times in a year.

These changes are going to be new for Creator Wizard and, at the same time, exciting for Dee as she’s able to meet new creators and give them the support and guidance they’ve been asking for.

Dee will also speak at the Creator Economy Expo, which will be her first in-person summit. She’s looking forward to presenting, networking, and meeting amazing people in the creator economy.

What’s next for DEE AND FAM?

For her own channel, Dee wants to offer her own membership, where she provides more resources and tools to her audience. She says, “I have a large number of ride-or-die supporters who watch every single upload and comment on every single video. I feel like we have interchanged our lives — they tell me about their families, and I share about mine.”

Dee is still in the early development stages of releasing her own cookbook. Along with her cookbook, she’ll also launch a membership and membership soon. These three are on top of her to-do list this year. 

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