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How This Influencer Built a Business Around Empowering Women Through Fashion & Mindset


How This Influencer Built An Business Around Empowering Women Through Fashion & Mindset

Dani Kumrou traded in life as a classroom teacher almost nine years ago to build an online career that now encompasses influencer marketing partnerships, e-commerce brands, and coaching programs. Her transition began with network marketing for a health franchise before companies approached her for paid promotion opportunities as an influencer.

Today, Kumrou’s influencer work includes a partnership with the Sintillate Talent agency, pushing her to raise the bar on content creation. She also runs the apparel line Power of Women and the coaching group Power of Health, both rooted in empowering women through body positivity and self-care messages. 

Her professional change started with network marketing for a health company franchise. “I started doing it and realized I really, really enjoy this. I really enjoy creating content,” Kumrou said. 

As she built up an online following through the content she created, brands began approaching her about paid promotion opportunities. “A lot of companies would then approach me and say, ‘Do you want to work with us? Do you want to do different collabs?'” the influencer slash entrepreneur explained. “And that’s how I kind of fell into being an influencer because it was never a goal of mine.”

Now, Kumrou juggles her influencer work with other online businesses. She attributes her ability to manage the different facets of her career effectively to strict routines and prioritizing mindset work like affirmations and meditation.

“You have to be very disciplined because it’s not like a job where you have someone telling you, ‘You have to be here at that time,'” the 37-year-old said. “You have to manage your own time, and you have to be very disciplined with that.”

Kumrou’s content as an influencer provides a look into her daily life. “A lot of the content I create is just me living my life, you know, what I’m eating on a daily basis when I’ve been out with my daughter,” she said. Much of her promotional work centers on fashion since “I love fashion. So, I post a lot about different things [like] different outfits that I put together.”

How the Sintillate Talent Partnership Is Shaping Her Career 

Kumrou has worked with influencer marketing agency Sintillate Talent for about eight months. She praises the company’s director, Sinan Sahin, for his passion and discipline, which inspire her. “He reminds me of myself in a way—very, very passionate about the company and about things being done right,” Kumrou said.

The partnership has pushed Kumrou to elevate her content creation continually. “They have made me up-level myself even more. I’m always going to be trying to be the next version of myself,” she explained. The bar that they set of how good they want their content to be makes you as a creator kind of up your game.”

The diligent influencer appreciates how Sintillate demands excellence. “It’s not like working with big brands where it’s like, ‘Oh, that’ll do.’ You never create the content that we want—you go above and beyond to make sure the content is the best it can be,” she said. So the partnership just works really, really well.”

Constantly striving to improve is important to Kumrou. “I always want to learn a new way of doing a reel or a TikTok. I’m always going at wanting to get better and improve myself,” she stated.

Building Her Brands While Dealing With Online Harassment

Empowering women is at the core of Dani Kumrou’s brands, Power of Women apparel and Power of Health coaching. “I am all about lifting one another higher, you know, supporting one another,” she said. “I am really big on mindset, and I just love empowering people. I think it’s so, so important.”

With Power of Women, Kumrou wants to remind each woman that “she’s worthy, she’s good enough, she can achieve phenomenal things.” As an influencer, she feels a “duty to uphold that and to show women they can be anyone, they can do anything.”


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Power of Health focuses on helping women prioritize self-care and health, but not from an extreme dieting perspective. “It’s not always about being the skinniest or losing the most weight…it’s about being the best version of you,” Kumrou explained. Even small changes like drinking more water can have a big impact.

While trying to spread a positive message, Kumrou has faced significant online harassment from trolls. “Everyone that works online or that becomes successful is probably going to deal with this,” she stated. She’s been bullied about her accent, had people create fake profiles to attack her, and had her success diminished.

Kumrou understands the trolls are projecting their unhappiness. “You have to become really, really strong yourself,” she advised. “Work on your own mindset. And know that it’s about them and not you.”

According to her, one way to reduce trolling is to require ID verification to eliminate fake profiles on social platforms. “A lot of these people who bully people online do it through a fake profile. So if we could get rid of them, I think that would be really good,” Kumrou said.

Kumrou’s Two-Piece Advice on Forging a Successful Online Business

When it comes to attracting and engaging an audience on social media, Dani Kumrou emphasizes the importance of video content and being unapologetically yourself. “I love video content. I think that really helps you to engage with your audience,” she said. “If you want to get people to watch you, you 100% need to be showing you and your face.”

The candid entrepreneur has found success by giving followers an inside look at her daily life through channels like Instagram Lives, TikToks, and Stories. This authentic, behind-the-scenes approach has allowed her to build a following of around 100,000 across platforms. “I do a lot of really raw, in-the-moment TikToks and talking to my Stories a lot, giving people like a day in my life.”

According to her, video content effectively reaches potential new audiences. “Instagram is a massive way to attract people because the way the algorithm works with Reels is it’s put out to people that are not necessarily following you,” she explained. “If they resonate with that content, it’s a really big way for you to find people.”

For those just starting to build their online presence, Kumrou advises focusing content on 2-3 topics or passions that truly represent who you are as a person. “If you’re really big on family, that might be family. If you’re really into skincare, it might be skincare…really giving value in that area rather than just trying to post about everything.”

Community building is also paramount for cultivating an engaged audience. “If you can find ways to make people feel included and a part of a community through the channels that you create, it’s absolutely everything,” Kumrou stated. She has found success fostering positive communities like her Power of Women group, which provides support and inspiration.

Ultimately, Kumrou wants to continue expanding her reach and impact. “I want to attract more people to my content and my pages to help people. Whether that’s to put people in touch with brands through my influencer work…or to welcome people into my Power Women community to help women through the hard times.”

Her final words of advice: “Remember that you are worthy. You are enough…Everyone that works online, behind their online persona, are normal people as well. And if you want to work online, you can absolutely do it. There’s no reason why not..You’ve just got to work on yourself. You have to be brave. But absolutely anyone can do this industry.”

Cecilia Carloni, Interview Manager at Influence Weekly and writer for NetInfluencer. Coming from beautiful Argentina, Ceci has spent years chatting with big names in the influencer world, making friends and learning insider info along the way. When she’s not deep in interviews or writing, she's enjoying life with her two daughters. Ceci’s stories give a peek behind the curtain of influencer life, sharing the real and interesting tales from her many conversations with movers and shakers in the space.

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