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Day Jobs Used By Influencers To Create Interesting Content

Social media influencers have managed to infiltrate our daily lives as well as our popular culture. These individuals operate on a variety of different platforms and have managed to make full-time careers from their content. In fact, the global influencer market is worth around 13.8 billion, proving that this is a growing and bustling industry. Despite their popularity, some creators do not make influencer marketing their main source of income. Netinfluencer has dived deep into the influencer sphere to discover which popular influencers still upkeep a day job.


This influencer has been praised by his 209.2K followers for his relatable stories as a retail manager. retailkingb focuses on finding the humor in tough retail jobs, mimicking difficult customers, and reenacting workplace drama. This influencer includes many of the popular sounds on the app and uses them to detail his day-to-day workplace stress. His success has enabled him to branch into personalized merchandise, offering his fans a collection of branded coffee mugs and t-shirts. Although retailkingb does not share much of his personal life, he does occasionally post videos alongside his daughter, showing how he likes to have fun on his very rare days off. 

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Morgan Eckroth who’s day job is a barista who is most known for her popular TikTok account, morgandrinkscoffee. What started as a humble hobby during her part-time job, has now allowed her to gain 5.5 million devoted followers. Eckroth explores the different types of characters that enter her coffee shop and humors the quirks that these customers show. This influencer also uses their day job to create interactive YouTube videos. Her channel focuses on important updates within the coffee industry as she reviews up-and-coming coffee machines and brewing practices. Eckroth combines her love of social media with her passion for coffee and has even participated in nationwide coffee competitions such as The US Barista Championships

@morgandrinkscoffee The smolest drink #barista ♬ original sound – Arlo Sterling


quickballs takes their 945.2K followers on a journey as they prepare lunches for preschool children. Wearing their signature Breaking Bad apron, this influencer shows the simple joys of their day job as a chef in a daycare center. They prepare nostalgic meals such as mac and cheese and corn dogs. quickballs also enjoys adding a little festivity into their cooking, preparing special lunches for events such as Halloween and Cinco de Mayo. This creator also produces popular ASMR content on their growing YouTube channel. quickballs’ endearing content shows that with the right levels of engagement any type of job can be made into popular short-form content.

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Ann Russell

Ann Russell may not seem like your typical social media influencer, but she has managed to take TikTok by storm. Russell has spent most of her adult life working as a cleaner, giving her a plethora of tips to share with her 1.4 million followers. From removing mold to dissolving stains, Ann Russell has a superb tip for any type of cleaning struggle. This influencer has also made a positive impact through her blunt, yet charming, personality. She is often seen giving valuable life advice to her younger followers, ensuring that they always act with kindness. Russell has also released a line of merchandise, using her slogan ‘What Would Ann Do?’ 

@annrussell03 #answer to @xo_alea_xo ♬ original sound – Ann Russell She/Her

Elliot Forbes

Combining useful tips with satisfying ASMR sounds, Elliot Forbes brings the fascinating art of barbering to TikTok. This influencer presents his daily routine as a barber and hairdresser, creating content using some of his devoted customers. Forbes uses an array of high-quality materials and equipment to make his craft seem effortless and enjoyable. This influencer also runs his very own barbershop in London and allows some of his 7.5 million followers to book appointments directly through his TikTok. Elliot Forbes seems to be a fan of short-form video content as he often posts YouTube Shorts for his 854,000 subscribers to enjoy. 

@elliotforbes 💈Have A Great Day If You See This💈 #asmr #oddlysatisfying #satisfyingsounds ♬ original sound – Elliot Forbes


tylerbutt_eats aims to make nutrition an easy task, posting recipes and advice to his 510,000 TikTok followers. This influencer is determined to revolutionize the fitness industry, encouraging his followers to simply and cleanly and not stress about the numbers. Butts also showcases his daily workout routines, showing how he remains fit and healthy whilst also looking after his young daughter. This influencer’s success on TikTok has enabled them to make their advice more widespread. His ebook ‘The Dream Body Diet’, presents three main pillars of health, making dieting a much more approachable task. He also offers personalized coaching classes for those looking for a more interactive experience. 

@tylerbutt_eats Get those nutrients innnn 🔥 #weightloss #fatloss #healthyeating #healthylifestyle #lowcalorie ♬ original sound – Tyler Butt


This influencer has completed various managerial positions across the UK. As such, she uses her experience and knowledge of the recruitment industry to educate others on correct workplace practices. newforestsara may only have 67.5K followers, but her advice has saved many people from staying in negative or toxic workplaces. Sara also discusses ways in which others can be better managers, advocating for better mental health support in workplaces across the UK. By using her wealth of experience, newforestsara provides us with an understanding of how TikTok can be used as a versatile and supportive platform that can reach a variety of untapped audiences. 

@newforestsara Reply to @noahavis06 ♬ original sound – NewForestSara

Dr Julie Smith

Dr Julie Smith is an acclaimed British psychologist that is helping others from around the world cope with their mental health struggles. Using an array of TikTok captions and popular sounds, Smith breaks complex mental health issues into simpler steps to ensure that we can become more mindful of our thoughts. This influencer has used their day job to produce a best-selling book called ‘Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before?’, which details how to manage issues such as anxiety and maintain composure in difficult situations. Her book has gained popularity on both sides of the Atlantic and has been an incredible benefit to her 3.1 million followers. 

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Charmane Isabella is best known as charsbusbanter, a successful bus driver with over 933,000 followers on TikTok. Isabella created her account to show her followers what life is like as a female bus driver, something that is quite rare in her home city of Leeds. charsbusbanter uses a collection of TikTok filters to detail the hilarious interactions she has with customers on a regular basis. She also shares the more difficult aspects of her job such as rude customers and feelings of loneliness during her drives. Charmane Isabella also has a popular Instagram account with nearly 39,000 followers. Here, she displays more of her daily musings as a bus driver but also presents her fitness goals and updates. 

@charsbusbanter Actually obsessed with this scent! Genuinely one of my favourites 😍 #tiktokmademebuyit #shopontiktok #tiktokshoppartner ♬ original sound – Charmane Isabella

Robert Mayhew

Robert Mayhew is a successful marketer in his own right and was recently appointed as UK Head of Influence and Retail at FleishmanHillard. However, his success in this role was brought on by his growing TikTok account, where he makes humorous comedy sketches about typical office life. With much experience in a creative agency, Mayhew describes how different characters act in this environment, making funny and relatable content for his 93.4K followers. This influencer has also dabbled in stand-up comedy, posting his old sets on to his growing YouTube channel. Mayhew’s success on TikTok highlights how influencer marketing can help many brands to seek out the right assets for their campaigns. 

@mrrobertmayhew hitvthe ➕ for daily workplace sketches #relatable #sketch #workplace #officelife #agencylife #corporate #anxiety #chairface#voiceeffects ♬ Big Little Lies (TV Theme) – Voidoid

As influencers become more prevalent within our society, it can be hard to imagine them doing anything other than creating content for their fans to enjoy. Influencers with day jobs prove to us that engaging content can be created by any person at any time, helping to create a more diverse influencer marketing industry. To discover more about the different types of influencers, visit our website

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