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Clinique Forms Derm Creator Council To Promote Skincare Products


Clinique Forms Derm Creator Council To Promote Skincare Products

Estée Lauder’s skincare brand Clinique is taking a new approach to social media marketing by partnering with seven dermatologists for an initiative called the “Derm Creator Council.” This group of influential dermatologists will create educational content showcasing Clinique’s products while also advising the brand’s consumer engagement team on social media strategy.

The seven dermatologists, each with hundreds of thousands to millions of followers on platforms like Instagram and TikTok, will serve dual roles. They will produce social media content educating consumers about Clinique products and addressing viral skincare trends from a medical perspective. Additionally, they will consult behind the scenes, providing guidance to Clinique’s team on developing engaging, derm-approved content.

Clinique Forms Derm Creator Council To Promote Skincare Products

Photo: Clinique

“With our Derm Creators, they can help to amplify the sharing and informing of science and dermatological insights that can reach millions of viewers,” said Michelle Wong told Vogue, SVP of Global Marketing at Clinique.

Clinique Forms Derm Creator Council To Promote Skincare Products

Clinique’s North America VP of Marketing, Catie Cambria, explained the rationale: “We know social is a really important channel for our consumers today. This is where they’re looking for education from dermatologists and brands on their skin.”

The move reflects changing consumer behavior, particularly among younger generations, who increasingly turn to social media platforms like TikTok for medical advice on skincare. A 2023 survey found 90% of Gen Z often seeks such guidance online. However, much of the content lacks expertise, with quick-fix trends and misinformation proliferating.

Clinique Forms Derm Creator Council To Promote Skincare Products

Photo: Clinique

By tapping dermatologist influencers with specialized knowledge, Clinique aims to provide trustworthy, educational content that cuts through the noise. The derms will share insights on ingredients, skin concerns, and Clinique formulations to help consumers make informed decisions.

“There’s an increasing need for expert education and trusted opinion around a product’s ingredients and formulations,” said Isabella Palmer of beauty consultancy Seen Group to the same publication. “For skincare brands…partnerships with dermatologists are essential to create content that prioritizes education.”

Other brands have made similar moves. For its recent Super Bowl campaign, CeraVe enlisted dermatologists to showcase the brand’s medical expertise to actor Michael Cera.

However, Clinique’s two-pronged derm council approach – producing social content while consulting on overall strategy – is a novel effort to leverage influencer marketing with credentialed experts. It allows the heritage brand to directly combat misinformation by putting dermatological authority at the center of its social outreach.

As Cambria stated, “We really wanted to be a part of that conversation” happening on social platforms about skincare advice and education.

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