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Whalar’s New Creative Chief Wants To Liberate The “Creative Voice” – Here’s Why It Matters

Christoph Becker was appointed Chief Creative Officer (CCO) at global creator company Whalar Group in April, injecting an entrepreneurial vision to unlock content makers’ full creative potential.

The seasoned creative leader plans to foster co-creation between Whalar Group’s multifaceted divisions—the core creator marketing agency, data analytics arm, capital venture unit, comprehensive talent management, gaming/metaverse offering, and creator community facilities. His goal is to provide creators with a collaborative ecosystem to “liberate the creative voice” and facilitate boundary-pushing innovative work that has not yet been conceived.

Christoph stresses the importance of developing an authentic understanding of the “language of creators,” which he believes the traditional corporate marketing world often fails to speak. Under his leadership, Whalar Group intends to become an essential creative partner deeply attuned to empowering creators through connectivity and collaboration.

Whalar’s New Creative Chief Wants To Liberate The “Creative Voice” - Here’s Why It Matters

Injecting a Creative Vision at Whalar Group

In Christoph’s entrepreneurial, creative vision, “anyone who is in the creative business and doesn’t see that the avant-garde of our creativity will live in this space would probably not have the opportunity to build in a way where the creativity [can reach] its full potential,” he says of the creator economy.

According to him, the combination of “entrepreneurship, technology, and creativity” at Whalar allows for limitless possibilities.

In his first six months as CCO, Christoph aims to elevate the creative conversation. “There is an opportunity to bring to life what Whalar Group has in its DNA, which is the liberation of the creative voice,” he explains. “If we don’t put our creativity as our leading force and narrative, then we [are] missing an enormous opportunity.”

The industry veteran sees his role as a “connector and source of inspiration” to drive co-creation between creators, brands, technology, and businesses. This allows him to tap into “untouched territory of growth” commercially while redefining “how creativity of the future should look like” from an artistic standpoint. The twin pillars of unlocking new revenue and pioneering creative frontiers are what he intends to accelerate.

Orchestrating Whalar Group’s Multifaceted Offering

Christoph sees his role as CCO at Whalar Group as orchestrating the firm’s six divisions to empower creators to tap into their creative and commercial potential. “Everything is born out of how to empower creators to reach higher heights, get on a bigger stage, and also evolve their own business success,” he explains.

At the core is the full-service Whalar agency, which provides creators with direct “access to brands and their business” through influencer marketing campaigns and partnerships. Whalar’s proprietary data and analytics system, Foam, is the backbone of the operations.

However, Christoph envisions much more than just an influencer marketing firm. Whalar Group’s The Lighthouse facilities give creators a community hub with learning resources, facilities, and connectivity to the creator economy’s opportunities.

Moby Ventures offers creators “access to capital and advice to create products” and bring their ideas to market. World Talent provides comprehensive 360-degree talent management services.

Umi Games taps into the gaming and metaverse realms. “I forgot to add, by the way, the gaming and metaverse access with Umi Games,” Christoph says, emphasizing that the company is also engaged in gaming.

“The mission statement is that you cannot stop the progress of creative thinking,” the CCO states. He views business itself as “a creative act” stemming from ideas. “The common ground is creativity. So if you ask me, the mission is basically to unleash the combination of those two ideas to reach, as I said, untouched territories of creativity.”

Ensuring this overarching creative vision permeates all of Whalar Group’s operations while serving clients’ diverse needs “is definitely a journey that cannot happen overnight,” according to Christoph. The path involves evolving from an influencer marketing “tactic” to driving integrated, data-driven creative solutions strategically.

“It requires a strategic method and knowhow that we will definitely implement to make sure that it’s a creative output out of it,” Christoph on combining Whalar Group’s divisions into a unified creative force.

Nurturing Authentic Creativity in the Creator Economy

For Christoph, Whalar Group’s mission is to “liberate the creative voice” by fostering environments conducive to co-creation between creators and brands. “If we’re the organization that gets creators better than anyone else, our obligation is to create the co-creation environment that leads to a creative output that hasn’t been created yet,” he states.

 The Lighthouse facilities and multidisciplinary divisions provide the collaborative ecosystem and resources to facilitate innovative, creative expression. “We have all the tools and companies that can create that environment,” Christoph on Whalar Group’s ability to spark boundary-pushing creativity.

However, maintaining authenticity is paramount as brands increasingly involve creators in their marketing efforts. Christoph believes Whalar Group’s deep connectedness to creators provides a unique understanding of “the authentic data” and insights required to nurture relevance.

“By being so close to creators, we have the data, information, and insights – the authentic data – from them and the communities that nurture the creative output. That’s what makes it authentic, unique, relevant, and honorable,” the entrepreneur explains.

He foresees a future where “any marketer or communication professional would never do any marketing, communication, or promotion action without having creators in mind.”

However, Christoph cites upholding human relevance and community respect as critical challenges. “We have to elevate the respect and the value and put creators on a pedestal if you really want relevant impact shaping voices,” he says. “You need to become part of that creator connectivity, co-creation, and collaboration.”

Unlocking Creativity’s Infinite Potential

Christoph deems unsealing creators’ full creative potential pivotal for driving innovation and resonance in the creator economy.

“If we don’t find the language, the strategic tools, and the bridges to tap into the unleashing power of creators, we’re going to miss probably one of the biggest opportunities to create creativity that really resonates,” he states. “The future of creativity in a creative economy – an economy that thrives thanks to creativity – that’s basically the reason why we’re here.”

For creators looking to build sustainable careers, Christoph advises adopting an open mindset to collaboration that elevates their creative visions. “As creative minds, find people who help you elevate your ideation and content to levels you cannot even imagine,” he recommends.

This openness to partnership is critical, as Whalar Groups’s exec believes the corporate advertising world often fails to speak the authentic “language of creators.” He urges creators to “find someone who speaks your language and feels the way you feel, which we know already many industries don’t.”

With Christoph at the helm, Whalar Group plans to establish itself as a creative partner that deeply understands and empowers creators. “My excitement comes from learning…I’m getting lost in the summer night, so what’s more exciting than the discovery of that?”

His vision is to showcase “a couple of ideas” that exemplify “how the future of creativity should look like and why the creators should belong as the leaders of that future.” For the seasoned vet, “Creatives like all of us, we talk with facts, we don’t talk with words…The only value we have are the ideas.”

Christoph views the creator economy as “an homage to the infinite power of imagination and creativity of humankind,” where unexpected innovators can connect, build communities, and unleash their full creative potential unencumbered. “We are flying the flag of liberation – the celebration of the difference and the ones who want to be different.”

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