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Captions Introduces A New AI Feature That Lets Anyone Star In Videos Without Being On Camera

AI-powered creative studio Captions announced the launch of AI Creator, which allows users to create talking videos on social media using three-dimensional avatars. The feature enables users to select an avatar as the subject of their video and customize various production elements.

According to the announcement, the company aims to empower users to communicate their stories through video. AI Creator is designed to cater to those who want to create content without appearing on camera. The feature currently offers a collection of avatars styled for social media and supports 28 languages.

Captions co-founder & CEO Gaurav Misra said, “It has become clear that not everyone who wants to create content also wants to be on camera. Launching AI Creator feels like the natural next step.”

AI Creator is available to users with the Captions Max subscription, and based on customer feedback, the company plans to introduce new avatars and enhance customization options.

Captions has also announced AI Creator Ads, a feature that enables users to produce talking-head-style ads by providing a link to a product. The feature includes avatars styled to resemble user-generated content. It will incorporate creators from the Captions community through the AI Creator Program, which allows content creators to become avatars and generate passive income.

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