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Toronto Creative Bilal Dawson The Balance Of Going Viral And Building Community


Toronto Creative Bilal Dawson: The Balance Of Going Viral And Building Community 

Newbies to the content creation game go into things with vague expectations and little to no strategy inspired by the success stories of their favorite creators. 

In this interview, we sit down with Bilal Dawson, an aspiring Canadian film director, content creator, and comedian, to learn about his journey to success and what it takes to excel in the online space as a multi-talented creative. 

Who is Bilal Dawson off-camera?

Toronto Creative Bilal Dawson: The Balance Of Going Viral And Building Community 

“I’d say I’m a more chill version of the guy you see online. I get that often with people who follow me and then meet me in real life. This is a good thing because if I were completely different off-camera, it would be tiring to pull and manage multiple personalities and get into the proper flow of things.

What inspired you to start content creation?

“I’ve wanted to be a film director for as long as I can remember. I even went to York University in Toronto to study film production, where I found that most of what I was being taught was setting me up to be a film critic.

Bilal Adds, “ I’ve been creating content for over 10 years now, but none of this quick one-minute style, mostly just YouTube videos. It wasn’t until recent years when I noticed everyone was making skits on TikTok and Instagram, that I could be doing better that I started creating TikToks.”

Bilal tells us it wasn’t until he dropped out of film-making school on the craft that he went all-in on content and started to maximize production, a decision that opened up new avenues of interest.

Bilal wraps up his answers with, “I wish I made the transition to short-form sooner; not only is it fun, but it’s motivating from the aspect that as much as you put in, is what you’ll get out of it. With content creation, you’re in full control of where your career is going and the speed that you are moving at.” 

Has It Always Been Comedy For You?

“It’s funny you mention it because I never saw myself doing comedy like this. I think my sense of humor, or light-heartedness, comes naturally. But it is good that comedy worked out because it is one of the broader niches in Content creation.”

Bilal also states that most of his skits are relevant to all ages and demographics, making his work more shareable and relatable. However, despite his love for comedy, Bilal tells us that this is only his first 

Improv VS Unscripted Content 


Theres always that one person in the movie 😂 #comedyskit #funnyvideos #jokes

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“I believe that as a creator, you have more control over the outcome of scripted content. However, from the performance aspect, I’d say that Improv is more of a hit or miss.” 

Bilal explains, “When coming up with ideas on the spot, sometimes you manage to pull off a skit or video  that performs better than what was planned, but as a professional, you’ll always need to have at least a base idea of where you’re going with things.” 

Scripting is generally a safer and much more efficient practice, according to Bilal, but like any other creative skill, it takes time to master. 

Making Content Creation A Full-time Career

Toronto Creative Bilal Dawson: The Balance Of Going Viral And Building Community 

The content creation game can be divided into two main segments. He tells us.  “There is the business side of things and the creativity aspect. Having studied the industry, I know the value of attention and how to turn it into money.” 

Bilal adds that doing so is more challenging than it may sound, as building his media company that promotes his services was among the most challenging stages of his career. 

“If you create content long enough, someone is bound to notice and offer you some sponsorship, but you do not have to wait for that to happen when you can kickstart your career by reaching out and pitching the collaborative value you offer.

Wrapping up his opinions on what it takes to turn passion into profit, Bilal recommends all creatives initiate promotional collaborations to speed up the process. 

What Short-form Platform Is Your Favorite, and Why?


Replying to @FxKG should this be the end of the series ? 😭 #barber #haircut #funnyvideos

♬ original sound – DAWSON

“Both TikTok and Youtube for very different reasons. But I only say it because of their For You Page that allows viewers to discover new interests, allowing for an overall better reach. Plus, followers on TikTok are far more likely to share your post than on any other platform.” 

I see platforms appeal to different creators, but for me and the content I make, TikTok offers the best reach, while Youtube is the overall favorite for offering more creative potential. Youtube 

Is Going Viral A Hit or Miss, Or Is There A Formula to Success? 


Her channel actually been blowing up 😭 #funnyvideos #conedyskit #jokes

♬ original sound – DAWSON

“I don’t think it’s a hit-or-miss in any way. I know when a video will do 30k or 3 million views, but I also believe that it’s not always a matter of going viral. Sometimes the purpose of the content is only experimental, or something only a small community cares about.” 

It’s Not Always about Going Viral 

Bilal explains that there is a balance between finding new followers and building a sense of community with existing followers who have been there throughout the journey

“I know people with endless viral videos, but would their viewers come to a meet and greet and show them love? Probably not.

The Structure Of Viral Content 

Among the endless ways to go viral, the safest way to discover new followers is by creating a video viewers can’t resist sharing. Relatability, humor, and having a good hook are a few other things to consider when creating the perfect viral video. 

What’s Next For Bilal Dawson 

Right now, it is all about expansion for me. My main goal is to broaden my audience and venture out into different forms of entertainment and business. From personal branding to finding new things I’m good at. I look forward to new inspirations and seeing how far I can take things.” 

What Are Some Tips Of Advice For Creators That Look Up To You? 

Toronto Creative Bilal Dawson: The Balance Of Going Viral And Building Community 

Be Persistent 

“The most basic thing that any successful creator will tell you is persistence will craft you into the creator you need to become to reach your career objectives. Creators must also break out of the restrictive mindset that keeps them from posting at any given time or because the video wasn’t good enough..”

“You are only going to reach quality by putting out quantity. There is no shortcut around it or life hack; give back to your audience and discover new niches as you go.” 

Chase Making Mistakes

Finally, you’ll only know where to direct your creative energy by making mistakes and trying out new things. I never saw the opportunity in comedy, but here I am. This also means you should be open to criticism and see things from your follower’s point of view when planning your next video. 

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Moe is freelance writer and content creator who enjoys interviewing influencers and learning about their journeys to success.

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