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Set the Mood Best Music for Creators


Set the Mood: Best Music for Creators

The right music is like a life hack to get you in the right productive state, but some tracks hit differently and impact your productivity more than others. 

While people’s tastes and preferences vary, here is a comprehensive list of some of the best genres and sample tracks to help you click into the right mood ASAP. 

How does music affect productivity?

In a study conducted by the University of Windsor in Ontario, Canada, it was found that generic music, such as classical, pop, or what is described as “Elevator music,” was proven to help balance stress levels when working. 

An experiment was conducted on 56 individuals who worked as computer developers, measuring the effect of music on the working state of mind.

Even though studies found that music didn’t directly affect attention spans and people’s focus while working, it showed that music is proven to have positive effects on those who believe they can relate to it in one way or the other. 

Most associate their past experienced emotions with a specific genre or type of music; if one associates a particular genre with negative feelings, it won’t positively affect their performance. 

Best music to increase productivity

Rock n’ Roll/Metal 

Most recommendations will say that classical music is the best to boost your productivity, but if you’re like us, nothing sets the productive mood like some loud Rock n Roll. 

Rock n’ Roll fans say they find peace in the rage, and we couldn’t agree more; the guitars, drums, and upbeat patterns of soundwaves have a positive effect on the mind and help improve your mood, keeping you on a consistent workflow. 

For those who enjoy loud uplifting music, here are a few of our favorite tracks to blast when you need an extra push to get the day going and set the vibe. 

  • Bulls on parade by Rage Against The Machine
  • Breaking the law by Judas Priest 
  • Money by Pink Floyd 

Classical Music 

Classical music is popular in corporations, offices, and numerous other establishments. There is an extensive range of classical music you can vibe to while working, but the faster-paced tracks will usually give you better results. 

A recent trend among university and college students (as seen on TikTok) has included studying for exams and tests with classical or “lo-fi” music as the soundtrack to their prep. It has been proven to increase concentration for extended periods, bringing older compositions back to mainstream listens and playlists across platforms such as Spotify.

  • Beethoven’s Piano Sonata No. 1 in F Minor 
  • Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons
  • Bizet Carmen’s Habanera
  • Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake


This genre of music is usually played when workers just want background noise to cover the endless typing and clicking sounds. 

Pop music is often simply what’s trending on the local radio and can be found ranking in the Top 40 charts, but it certainly works for people who enjoy listening to what’s corporate-appropriate. 

People who listen to Pop whilst working don’t necessarily aim to set a productive working mood, except those who enjoy mainstream music; otherwise, it’s simply annoying to hear the same music you’ve encountered everywhere.

Some of the best pop songs on the radio today are

  • Taylor Swift Karma 
  • Ed Sheeran Shivers 
  • Beyonce Break My Soul 
  • The Weeknd Die For You 


Electronic (EDM)

The ultimate mood booster, EDM, or Electronic Dance Music, is made to set a cheerful, uplifting ambiance.

A Turkish study in 2021 that analyzed over 100 people aged between 18 – 65 and their response to the soundwaves produced from EDM music found that 87% experienced an increase in blood pressure. Not that it is unhealthy in any way, but the point derived from the study, is that EDM isn’t by any means calming or relaxing. 

Some common EDM tracks to listen to at work include: 

  • Avicci, Wake me up
  • Daft Punk, One more time 
  • Marshmello, Alone 

Best platforms to stream the best music for creators 

Spotify (Best for creating custom playlists)

Spotify is the platform of choice for many listeners who prioritize convenience. The main reason Spotify is overly popular is due to its unique user experience strategies. 

Users enjoy a tailored listening experience based on the analytics gathered through their daily streaming activities. A monthly subscription of $9.99 or even less for students allows users to create their own music libraries, like different songs, follow artists, and even create a collaborative playlist with friends and family, 

Additionally, with a Spotify membership, you have access to more than music; you can find almost any of your favorite podcasts, and soon ebooks too.

Apple Music (Best for apple users) 

Spotify’s top competitor, Apple Music, is the second most popular music streaming platform and is convenient for all those with Apple devices. 

While the platform competes with Spotify in many ways, Its main advantage lies in the bundle packages that can be purchased with Apple Tv and other Apple services.

However, unlike Spotify, Apple Music does not offer a free subscription with ads, nor does it include a library of your favorite podcasts and e-books. 

Tidal (Best for compensating artists) 

Less common than other platforms recommended on this list due to higher costs, the platform is designed to compensate and promote artists better than any other. 

Tidal’s main competitive advantage is offering high-fidelity lossless audio, a feature that Apple Music and Spotify have also incorporated lately. Aside from compensating artists with the best rates, tidal is also owned by several investing artists, including Jay-Z, Alica Keys, Daft Punk, and more. 

While there is intense competition for the platform, using Tidal is a listener’s way of saying my favorite artists deserve more, and I’m here to support them. 

Amazon Music Unlimited (Best for Amazon Prime Users) 

Like Apple and its services, Amazon Music is often purchased out of convenience for users who already own one or more of the platform’s services. 

Amazon Music is the cheapest of all recommended platforms and serves your essential music streaming needs at a basic level. People who are Amazon Prime members, by default, have access to Amazon Music, Amazon TV, and more with one single subscription that costs the same as a basic Spotify plan.


Soundcloud (Best platform for independent artists) 

SoundCloud is known to be the starting point of many “Underground” artists or those on the rise who seek to promote their music at the lowest cost possible. 

However, you can still find all your favorite significant artists, bands, and more on the app. It competes by offering more variety and better exposure for independent and undiscovered artists. Therefore, Soundcloud is your best option if you’d like to discover new artists and songs before they go viral.


Overall, music can shape a considerable advantage within the workplace when played solely to boost productivity and not as a distraction from other things or simply as background noise.

Many argue that the best music for productivity is without lyrics or just instrumentals. Still, according to research and studies, if listeners can relate, any kind of music can boost productivity and set the right vibe. Whether in a group office setting or by yourself, use music to your advantage and get into the productive spirit with songs and genres that you relate to and make you feel seen.

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David Adler is an entrepreneur and freelance blog post writer who enjoys writing about business, entrepreneurship, travel and the influencer marketing space.

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