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Writing Her First Book & Handling Criticism As An Adult Creator With Bella Lexi


Writing Her First Book & Handling Criticism As An Adult Creator With Bella Lexi 

Creating adult content can result in criticism and disapproval from those around you. Adult creator Bella Lexi shares her experience becoming a full-time adult creator, model, and writer and how she handles criticism from others, monetizes her content, and measures success online.

Bella Lexi is a former cop turned adult creator. She served in law enforcement for 28 years before becoming a full-time content creator and model. Her Onlyfans content focuses on dominance, cop, and MILF themes. 

Additionally, Bella Lexi is a writer and currently working on her first book, which will be in bookstores across the country in May 2023. She also submits her work to ASN Magazine, where she writes a monthly column and answers questions from other individuals working in the adult industry. 

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Bella’s Content

Bella Lexi uses a variety of platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, Onlyfans, and more. 

She shares, “I’m on all of them because each platform has a different community. I don’t have a lot of crossover, so if I’m talking to someone on Onlyfans, I don’t run into them on any other platform.”

Like any creator, Bella Lexi occasionally gets into creative ruts where she struggles to come up with new ideas. Her solution is to saturate herself with inspiration, which includes watching porn to generate ideas and talking to other creators. 

Bella Lexi explains, “Just because someone else did it doesn’t mean I can’t do it, but with my own twist. I have a lot of creator friends around the country, and we talk about a lot of that stuff and come up with ideas for each other and things like that.”

Her most popular content on Instagram is bikini and lingerie try-ons. However, Bella posts a lot of everyday content as well, such as content about recent events, like the Superbowl, or her favorite everyday looks. 

Bella Lexi also frequently appears on The Four B’s Podcast, where she interviews others and speaks on various topics, including the Superbowl, the adult industry, and more. 

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Facing Criticism and Disapproval from Others

Bella Lexi shares, “I would say the hard part [of content creation] is friends who didn’t approve of it, who were like, you shouldn’t be doing this. I can’t be your friend, and I kind of subscribe to this philosophy of looking at my life as a bullseye, like a target. People choose where they are. You’re either in the bullseye right there next to me, or you’re on a different ring, or maybe you’re not on the target at all.”

She adds that she’s had some friends unfriend her or block her on social media. 

For her, losing people over something she has been doing for years is heartbreaking and the most challenging part of creating adult content, especially when she has known the person for years. 

Writing Her First Book

In addition to content creation, Bella Lexi is a writer whose first book is coming out in May 2023. Her book focuses on relationships, communication, and sex advice. 

She shares, “I have a publishing company. They’re going to do a lot of the marketing for that [her book], but it will be in bookstores across North America. It’ll also be available on  my website, and it should be available on Amazon also.”

Measuring Success Online

The metric Bella focuses on the most is engagement from the people who follow her. She shares that she loves talking to people who follow her. It also makes her day when people walk up to her in person when she’s not with her kids. 

In the future, Bella would like to work with more brands, especially smaller clothing vendors, which she can give a bigger platform and opportunity to get their name out there. 

Monetizing Her Content

Bella shares that she monetizes her content in multiple ways, including brand deals, Onlyfans paid features, and more. She has also shot professional porn, which often results in more traffic to her website and social media pages. 

Her book is another venue that she is excited to launch. In the fall, she is working on a non-profit for sex workers who cannot afford counseling or other kinds of support. 

Although not a monetary source, one of the things that means the most to her is when people recognize her in public, especially since she considers herself an everyday mom and neighbor. 

Bella shares, “That’s always a great feeling, and I think having the ability to have girls reach out to me if they have questions about law enforcement or something like that. I have girls who are like, “I think I might have been the victim of a crime, but I don’t know, and I’m scared to report it.” I walk them through that process and still being there for people, even though I’m not a police officer. I still have value to offer to other creators and things like that.”

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Bella’s Advice for Other Creators

Above all else, Bella shares that you must be true to yourself and look out for your mental health in this profession. 

She adds, “It can be very stressful, and it can be very discouraging, and your mental health is first and foremost and needs to be your priority. Second of all, don’t put yourself in a position to do something you’re not comfortable with. We all have a voice, and if you’re not comfortable with it, you need to make sure that you say no.”

Being comfortable with what you are creating is critical. Bella urges creators to remember that saying no doesn’t mean that other doors will close. 

Third, she recommends that you always have fun. 

“If you’re not having fun, your content will show that you’re not having fun, so make sure you’re enjoying yourself. It is tough, it is a lot of work, [but] as long as you keep those three things in mind, I think most girls could be successful.”

What’s Next for Bella

Bella is excited to see virtual reality porn emerge. 

She shares, “That’s the thing that I really want to get into and figure that piece out. I’m very fascinated by it, so if I could get involved in that, I would be thrilled.”

In the future, Bella would also love to focus more on supporting sex workers. 

“I don’t think that I’ll be doing content creation for a very long time. I’m 47. I’ll do it as long as I can, but I think that between the book and the nonprofit, I think that you’ll find that I’m making a little less content and focusing more on that.”

She would also love to expand more into writing. Currently, she writes a monthly piece for ASN Magazine and would love to write even more.  

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