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AskThatRecruiter On Carving A Niche And His PHD In Corporate BS


AskThatRecruiter: On Carving  A Niche And His PHD In Corporate BS

Justin M., who many may recognize as The Corporate Bullshit Guy, has come a long way in the past few months, growing a following From 20k to over 200k followers in the blink of an eye.

While much of his success can be attributed to his innovation and specialization in a niche with little to no competition, strategy and a long journey of trial and error also play a prominent role.

Read along as we sit down with AskThatRecruiter to learn more about his recent rise to the top.

Who is Ask That Recruiter off Camera? 

AskThatRecruiter: On Carving  A Niche And His PHD In Corporate BS

Outside of the content creation world, Justin is a full-time senior recruiter in the Tech industry and a seasoned professional passionate about his craft.


Replying to @AndyBoyz888 here is how to say “you’re a little b*tch and I bet you won’t say it to my face” at work 🥶 #corporatespeak #corporatehumor #corporate #work #relatable #9to5

♬ original sound – Professor Corporate 🥶 🎓

Justin tells us, “I do this for a living; what may seem shocking to my followers is just another day in the office for me. But I love my job and am proud of how far I’ve come. To put together such relatable situations and stories and learn to speak professionally, I had to first live almost every video I made in real life.” 

He adds, “None of this is acting or staged. I’ve had a few toxic jobs in the past that prepared me for any odd or unpleasant situation anyone could encounter in the workplace. Perhaps this is why my recent videos appeal to a large demographic.” 

Has Your Content Always Been About Corporate Bullshit?

AskThatRecruiter: On Carving  A Niche And His PHD In Corporate BS

Although the “Corporate BS” videos were Justin’s call to fame, his initial idea was to promote himself professionally and offer a public consulting service from his experience as a recruiter. 

Justin explains, “My first ever video to go viral was one I recorded on the fly with zero preparation. I saw a creator post a TikTok on a situation she had at work and stitched it to include what I would have done, and it took off overnight. I woke up the next day to find the video at over a million views.”

Elaborating on how he reached his current level of success, he tells us, “After going viral overnight, I had the assumption that any next video would be a hit, but that wasn’t the case.”

“Even though I didn’t find the stitch video to be special, it’s what resonated with my followers, and I quickly came to realize that Corporate Bullshit videos were all they wanted, and I created a library of over 100 different videos to post. Things started to take off once I started to strategize and consider the feedback I received in the comments.”

Where Does the Inspiration Come From, and What Does Your Creative Process Look Like?


Replying to @user9839942250918 here is how you say “I don’t give a f*ck who you ar OR what your title is” at work in corporate 🥶 #corporatespeak #corporatelife #corporatehumor #work #relatable #9to5

♬ original sound – Professor Corporate 🥶 🎓

“In terms of where my ideas come from, many people might be surprised that none actually come from my current job. My managers have all been amazing, and there’s nothing to complain about; instead, a lot of the new content is inspired by follower demand.

AskThatRecruiter: On Carving  A Niche And His PHD In Corporate BS

He tells us that he has three main sources of inspiration when looking for new ideas.

  1. The Early Experience of My Professional Career

“My previous jobs, specifically the first five years of my experience, are the main source of creative energy. I understand the unnecessary nonsense people put up with during the first few years of their career, and I make some of my most engaging pieces by mentally tapping into early times.”

  1. My Friends And Surrounding Circle 

“I’m kind of known as the person people go to for advice in general, including career stuff, and so I’ve kind of been doing what I do on TikTok in real life and taking any questions friends may have and turning them into engaging content by adding a unique personal spin.”

  1. The TikTok Community I’ve Built

“Last but not least are the loyal followers that made all this possible. My TikTok Community, which I call the Corporate Clapback Academy, is another main source of inspiration. I generate ideas for my videos directly from the audience and people who genuinely need his help.”

“As you’ll notice on my videos, hundreds of commenters ask me to address specific situations; I pay attention to the ones that get the most engagement and capitalize on the opportunity.”

He also elaborates upon the strategic aspect of things, adding, “Studying big names in the industry also played a crucial role in where I am today, from Mr. Beast to creatives that worked within these social media companies.” 

What Did You Learn From Studying Creators? 

“There is an endless amount of different things, but the most important to me was the way they perceive content creation. None of today’s influencers made it big, my mistake; they study their audience and craft well.” 

Justin gives us an example of an ex-Instagram employee from whom he learned the importance of incorporating different delivery methods from other creators.” 

Justin believes that by doing so, you’re evoking feelings that viewers are already familiar with, which in return makes followers more accepting and open to who you are as a creator and your unique take on things.” 

What Advice Would You Give Creators Trying to Stand Out and Introduce New Ideas? 


Replying to @Universoul_D here is how to say “you’re f*cking stressing me out and giving me anxiety” at work in corporate 🥶 #corporatespeak #corporatehumor #work #relatable #9to5

♬ original sound – Professor Corporate 🥶 🎓

Be Willing To Experiment And Fail

“Things are going to suck for the first 6-12 months, but that is honestly where you learn the most, whether it’s editing, format, or experimenting with different methods of deliverance. In this period, you’re setting a base for yourself and bridging the communication gap with followers.

Many get discouraged and stop posting throughout this stage, and I’ve been through that phase multiple times but learned through it that all it takes is one viral video.”

Carve out a Niche for Yourself 

“Picking a niche is important. One of the biggest lessons I learned is that you must start narrow before going wide. So this is kind of obvious, but picking something you feel extremely confident making content about every single day.”

“Once I got to 20k followers, I made the mistake of thinking people would care about my opinion on anything versus the niche I had developed, and because of that, all of my videos flopped. 

“So, build up your audience with a specific appealing format to gain credibility, then slowly branch out into other things you’re good at instead of confusing your audience by doing many different video formats at once.”

Develop a Signature Format

“I believe developing a memorable signature format is one of the best tips I have for creators. This is important because of how the algorithms of these social platforms work. TikTok and Instagram Reels are good at pushing content to people who do not follow you.”

“A good example of such is my introduction, “I have a Ph.D. in Corporate BullShit,” which plays a significant part in my online identity. Some may even recognize me as the guy with a Ph.D. in Corporate Bullshit.” 

Learn To Deal With Trolls

“I religiously block haters and trolls. I have the longest block list, and I’m not hesitant to say it. As a creator coming up, you need to learn to transform that negative energy into a drive that will only help you reach more potential followers.” 

What’s Next For AskThatRecruiter? 

“I’m new to the influencer world and reached 200k on Instagram in November of 2023. I have big expectations of what’s to come. But I will stay true to the reason I started my influencer journey and use my reach to promote my corporate training company, Corporate Clapback Academy.

Justin explains that his new training program, educational material, and in-depth explanations of different videos are his next step in bringing his brand closer to its full potential. 

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