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All About Angel Long Podcast An Insightful Look Into The Adult Industry And Life As A Performer


All About Angel Long Podcast: An Insightful Look Into The Adult Industry And Life As A Performer

The Angel Long Podcast is hosted by an adult film actress who goes by the name Angel Long.

Before becoming a director and a podcaster, she made several adult films and starred in them as the main actor. 

As an adult film star, director, and podcaster, the host wants to give an authentic cognizance of the adult film industry with this talk show.

But that’s not all: one of her goals as host of this podcast is to also provide insights into the lives of adult actors.

The host wants to dig into their psyche and extrapolate their personal experiences and feelings regarding the adult film industry. 

She wants to understand what made them land this profession and now that they have, how they feel about it.

The podcast has thousands of listeners so far. 

New episodes are released every Sunday and immediately receive thousands of downloads. 

For people who are fascinated by the adult film industry and are fans of the actors, this podcast is a gold mine of information and insights that they could never have gotten otherwise if not for this show.     

The Creator Behind the Podcast

Sarah Elizabeth Read, more well-known as Angel Long, hosts the popular Angel Long podcast. 

Before being involved in the adult industry, she was a country swimmer and worked on a construction site mixing cement and painting buildings. 

After spending some time in Canada, Elizabeth shifted back to her native England and joined the adult industry in 2001, when she was only 20 years of age. 

Due to her age and beauty, she had an edge over all the adult co-stars. 

Her career took off the moment she stepped into the limelight. 

Almost immediately she was signed on to various hardcore adult films which portrayed her as a naughty teenager. 

Soon enough, after graduating from naughty teenagers, Elizabeth began receiving roles as a naughty college girl. This paid off since it skyrocketed her popularity in the adult film industry and gave her the opportunity of appearing on the famous Partyland channel as one of the chat girls. 

Soon enough Elizabeth Read became the well-known face of the adult industry along with Laura Jones and Michelle Thorne

Read also worked as a presenter on UK television. 

She hosted a show called SXTV Live on the adult channel where she had intercourse with Spice Extreme host Lolly Badcock in one famous episode. 

In 2003, she received her first award for Best Group Sex Scene. Later in 2010, she received a SHAFTA award for Best Anal Sex Scene.  

Later, Elizabeth began producing her own adult films and began to star in them as the main actor. 

A few years later, she took a step further and began to direct adult films, using her experience of so many years for more creative output. 

However, that was not enough. 

Elizabeth wanted to branch out and share her experience as an adult film star, who was also an important part of the adult film industry. 

She had a lot of stories to share with her fans. Hence, she decided to host a podcast that would serve as a medium to reach as many people as she could.      

Themes and Topics Covered

The Angel Long podcast aims to be more than an adult film podcast with an adult film star as the host. 

It covers topics such as how adult stars became involved with the industry, what events transpired in their lives that pushed them to take this step, and whether they are happy about it. 

The latest episode How Did it all Start is a clear example of how this podcast wants to stand out from the rest. 

It takes the listener deep into the host’s personal life and portrays to them how it all started; how Elizabeth became Angel Long. 

Elizabeth mentions that she was very, very shy during her first film. 

The director had to repeat numerous shots and constantly talk to her to make her feel comfortable doing the intimate scenes.

When the host interviews Suzie Best in one of her episodes she follows the same format: asking her how all of this started for her and what propelled her to join the adult film industry. 

Suzie shares some moments from her personal life with her listeners and describes her feelings of anxiety and excitement during the first scene of her first adult movie. 

These small snippets allow the audiences to picturise adult film stars as normal people with depth and deep feelings. 

It shows them that they are not just puppets who do whatever they are asked, instead, they feel, think, and act for themselves. 

They are all very hard workers and an episode with Sienna Day proves that. 

They discuss how Sienna Day did meticulous research to understand how to let go of hold up in the bedroom along with other details discussing the time she came to the United States to jump-start her career and what that meant for her. 

The reason these topics are interesting for the audiences is that it shows people doing what they love. 

The podcast showcases people who are good in their profession and who want to excel in their industry. It is no more different than an entrepreneur looking to expand their business.      

Reach of the Angel Long Podcast

The Angel Long podcast so far has 368 subscribers on YouTube

Since the channel was recently created, it is still trying to garner the attention of more subscribers. 

However, on YouTube, where view statistics are readily available, the average podcast receives between 5,000 views and 2,700 views per episode, which is very impressive for a channel that has just premiered. 

The podcast is present on Instagram as well where it has a decent following of 28,000 followers. 

Each post on this platform receives more than 900 likes and a few hundred comments, showing that it has a massive following.

On Twitter, which can be said to be the podcast’s primary social media platform, the talk show has 141,200 followers. 

One of its most recent tweets received more than 1,000 views and 68 likes. This shows that fans are constantly interacting with Angel Long on this platform.  

She also has a strong presence on the famous platform called Onlyfans which has more than 5,000 likes only on its header image. 

With that, millions of subscribers interact daily with the content released on this platform.    

Angel Long podcast has a rating of 4.5 stars on all major podcast platforms including Apple Podcast

Based on this analysis we estimate that the talk show receives at least 100,000 listens each time an episode goes out across Apple, Google, Youtube, and Spotify podcast networks.

The Format of the Podcast

The show sticks to a very simple format without any fancy segments. 

Every episode starts out with the host introducing herself, and her profession, and giving a very brief account of her background. 

Soon after that, the host introduces their guest for the current episode and gives a more in-depth background story of their profession and their achievements throughout the years. 

Once that is done, the guest and the host embark on a candid and funny conversation about whatever topic they choose to discuss. 

More often than not, this discussion begins with asking the guest how she got into this industry and what are her plans for the future. 

Towards the end, the host thanks her guest for participating in a riveting and insightful conversation, which brings a simple end to a simple but effective episode.  

Reception and Impact

The podcast has been received very well by audiences worldwide. With a rating of more than 4 stars and exciting comments on all major platforms, we can safely assume that this podcast is turning some heads. 

One listener applauds the show saying: 

“I love this podcast! Angel gets such a good mixture of people on her show. Informative, and funny, and she always asks the questions we all want to know. I always look forward to new episodes. Keep it up!”


Angel Long podcast is a breath of fresh air in the lifestyle and sexuality category. 

It is different from other shows in several ways, one major way is that it is more human and has more feelings. 

To get a glimpse of the hype, listen to the podcast for yourself. 

Apple users can easily access the show on Apple Podcasts, along with Spotify. Other platforms include Podchaser, Podnews, Deezer, etc. For more similar talk shows and programs visit our resourceful podcast library here.

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