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All About Andrew Tate Podcast An Inside Look At The Life Of A Professional Fighter And Entrepreneur


All About Andrew Tate Podcast: An Inside Look At The Life Of A Professional Fighter And Entrepreneur

Four-time kickboxing world champion Andrew Emory Tate II is a master of controversy and has drawn much attention recently. Some claim he’s a misogynistic monster; others admire his billionaire status and lavish lifestyle.

Introduction to Tate Speech

Banned on all platforms you can think of aside from Rumble, the Andrew Tate podcast took the world by storm in 2022 and early 2023 before he was accused of human trafficking and locked up by Romanian authorities. 

All About Andrew Tate Podcast: An Inside Look At The Life Of A Professional Fighter And Entrepreneur

The podcast gained popularity for its anti-woke agenda and far-right points of view, creating a cult-like following of young men. 

The podcast is hosted by Andrew and his brother Tristan Tate from their home in Bucharest, Romania. Its primary source of viewers comes from Andrew being on other podcasts and gaining viewers through controversy and heated debates. 

Some of the most popular podcasts Tate has been on include, Your Mothers House by Tom Segura, The Nelk boys, and the Patrick Bet David Show.

According to Tate, the podcast is a self-help resource to help listeners “Escape the Matrix,” build healthy habits, and make as much money as possible.

“The Matrix” is a term that the Tates use to describe societal rules and global norms that people follow as law-abiding citizens. 

The podcast aims to better the lives of young men, and according to Andrew Tate, it is his way of giving back to the community after reaching superior statuses in professional fighting, business, and entrepreneurship. 

Themes and Topics Covered

As serious as the podcast is, Andrew is a great speaker and hilarious individual with funny but logical comparisons and analogies. 

Topics focus mainly on being the ultimate alpha male, from money and business to working out and self-discipline. 

Additionally, the podcast aims to drive more traffic to Andrew’s Husteler’s University, a virtual online institution that helps people make money through new innovative methods. Hustler’s University teaches everything from investing in stock and crypto to copywriting and starting your own business. 

The podcast is no longer on Youtube, but out of all the popular episodes, here are the most viewed from the Tate Speech and emergency Meeting Podcast. 


An episode with over 2.7 million views on rumble only, this Emergency meeting is Tate’s first appearance after being canceled on the internet. 

In this episode, Tate states that he will pave the road for every canceled individual after being banned from platforms like Youtube, TikTok, Instagram, and even Uber.

Resist the slave mind as the brothers preach; the Tates analyze the strategies of social media companies and how modern media will corrupt your mind.

Highlights of this episode include the Stage two process he is working to accomplish, Andrew opening up about his government issues, the Bugatti’s bulletproof upgrade, and the encouragement of other creators to shift platforms. 


A funny episode where the brothers troll each other about fashion and then compare western society to strict middle-eastern countries. 

Andrew loses control in discussing degeneracy, government propaganda, and how football shouldn’t have anything to do with politics.

The episode, at its core, is about how Qatar banned wearing pride flags in the World-Cup, and how doing so goes against the religious rules of the country. 

Highlights include Andrew trolling Logan Paul and how famous figures sell their soul to reach exceptional highs and promote specific agendas. 

Tate takes shots at American politics, BBC, and football fans with sarcasm and replies to super chats of fans, giving them advice on how to get rich.

The Dam of Censorship Is Breaking

An episode where the Tates meet Steve Will Do It, another canceled influencer who moved to the Rumble platform to be himself. 

Steve from the Nelk boys claims that he was canceled for no reason and shares his story with the world in an episode that generated over 2.89 million views. 

Rolexes are gifted to the brothers on the stream as a token of appreciation in an episode sponsored by Rumble. 

A whole episode about lifestyles, income, and Youtube’s cancelation policies; if you do not know the Tate brothers, this episode is an excellent introduction to who they are and what they stand for.

However, no Tate podcast is complete without making fun of somebody; watch along as they take shots at Eathen Klien of H3, the US president, and more.

Reach of the Andrew Tate Podcast

The Andrew Tate podcast and Andrew Tate himself had some of the most substantial influence on the internet before cancelation, and the following statistics no longer exist. 

The Tate confidential channel had 786,000 subscribers on Youtube and 4.4 million followers on Instagram, with no TikTok channel but 1 million followers on Rumble. 

Their Youtube channel is no longer available to gather statistics from. Still, on Rumble, where stats are readily available, the Tate podcast gets an average of 700,000 to 1,000,000 views per episode on the platform. 

Based on this analysis, we estimated that the Andrew Tate podcast receives around 2 – 3 million listens each time an episode goes out across Apple, Google, Youtube, and Spotify podcast networks.

The format of the podcast 

Despite the controversy, Andrew and his brother propagate, if there is one thing they’ve mastered, it is their exceptional marketing techniques. 

The ultimate message of the podcast is to join the millionaire club. Still, its unique deliverance shapes each episode, packed with well-spoken personal opinions and analogies promoted by fans worldwide, sometimes entirely out of context. 

Each episode is a mix of comedy controversy, rich arrogance, motivational examples, and preaching that they do it all solely to inspire and educate. 

The Tate speech podcast is best classified as a “Red Pill Podcast” as most guests on the podcast promote similar alpha ideologies. 

Some of the most notable guests include Sneako, Luke Bellmar, Fresh & Fit, streamer Adin Ross, and more. 

Reception and Impact 

The brothers are among the most impactful in the red pill space, as fans even started rioting in countries such as Romania and Greece upon detaining the brothers in early 2023.

Although the podcast offers plenty of educational and informative value, the niche-specific message only appeals to young masculine men hungry for inspiration.

When out of context, some of the messages may seem absurd and toxic, but you can find full-length Tate podcasts and videos on Rumble and decide for yourself. 

The Tate Speech podcast is currently on ice due to their detention, and you can follow the case online through Fresh and Fit or follow Andrew’s Twitter account for the latest updates from the podcast team. 

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