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Toronto Comedian Andrew Oporto Everything Is A Comedy Skit If You Want It To Be


Toronto Comedian Andrew Oporto: Everything Is A Comedy Skit If You Want It To Be

Writer, skit creator, and actor Andrew Oporto is a Canadian comedian known for his open-mic sessions and stand-up comedy.

Leveraging content creation for its career benefits, Andrew tells us, “I think everyone needs to start creating content, and Covid confirmed that.”

Toronto Comedian Andrew Oporto: Everything Is A Comedy Skit If You Want It To Be

“I acknowledge the benefits content creation offers, and you must have it in the mix whether a business, talent, or comedian.”

However, unlike comedic skit creators who stick with one specific format until it gets old, Andrew’s skits aim to find “the funny” in everything from everyday interactions to lifestyle and politics.

From what he tells us, “Creators can turn anything into a skit.” 

Follow along to learn more about the inspiration behind Andrew’s skits, the translation process of real-life situations, and the differences between online and stand-up comedy.

Who is the Andrew We Don’t Know On Social Media?

Toronto Comedian Andrew Oporto: Everything Is A Comedy Skit If You Want It To Be

“I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, and I’m a comedian who goes to church with other comedy buddies I work with. I think those may be a few things people don’t know about me.”

He adds, “Although content creation is my main gig at the moment, I also do commercials and work for a biometric face-reading company in Romania, which allows me to diversify my comedic takes on things through traveling and experiencing different cultures.

Why Comedy, How Did You Discover Your Talent?

Toronto Comedian Andrew Oporto: Everything Is A Comedy Skit If You Want It To Be

Andrew explains that the best comedians grew up in an environment that fostered their talent and that his upbringing and school years are what inspired today’s endeavors of becoming a full-time comedian.

He tells us, “You start young. I grew up in Toronto, a very diverse city, but also in a diverse household with an Argentinian dad and an Irish Mom from the UK.

Although there were many emotions going on, comedy was in the family and was always present, even in the most serious situations. 

“It builds up from there, and then after taking it to school and friends and seeing that it’s widely reciprocated, you start thinking about how far you can actually take this talent.”

“I started asking myself, could I do it on a stage? Should I share it with the world? And these to me are crazy thoughts because it takes 10 years to get good at stand-up, so to stick to a single goal for 10 years is wild!”

The Different Comedic Routes To Success  

Toronto Comedian Andrew Oporto: Everything Is A Comedy Skit If You Want It To Be

Andrew explains that, similar to other creative careers, comedians can either work their way to the top via larger media names such as network TV or pave their own way and choose the independent route.

Network TV Comedic Route

From Andrew’s in-depth insights, we learned that comedians pursuing careers with public networks and TV shows face limitations of creative freedom. 

This goes beyond Andrew’s values as an authentic creator. He believes that the main element in a successful comedic career is being firm on your beliefs and what you find to be funny.

Focusing solely on agreeable content may expedite growth, but it also hinders a comedian’s ability to develop a unique comedic style and stand out with a new perception. 

The Independent Comedic Pursuit

Andrew chose the independent route to success, telling us, “It allows me to touch topics on things that actually make a difference and address matters that others wouldn’t have.”

Elaborating with an example, he adds, “The recent skit I did with two other Toronto Comedians, Noor Kidwai and Bonggun Kim, was a big hit; it was about diversity hires, which is a relatable topic worth addressing.”

Breaking down the point of view of the skit, he tells us. “Racism is a real thing, but is it solved by hiring people just for being a foreign national or airing a commercial of an unbelievably diverse family?” 

He sums up his answers with, “I honestly don’t see any of this as controversial or sensitive. It’s just a matter of questioning everything and then delivering the outcome of your thoughts in a humorous manner.”

Steps Of Translating Real-life Matters into Jokes

Determine Your Topic

As I mentioned, comedy can be anything, but before transforming anything into a relatable, funny video or performance, you must first find a good topic that you have a genuine opinion on.”

Create A Shell Of The Idea 

“Once you know what you’re discussing, it’s important to dive deeper into how you feel about it. What are your thoughts? Why do you think that? Do other people share that same point of view?”

“This creative stage is most effective and best enjoyed with a team of similar-minded comedians, as their opinions won’t be too far off from yours. They also add a fresh take on things, opening your eyes to matters you wouldn’t have otherwise considered.”

Find The Funny

“Jokes are always the last thing unless the basis of the idea is a joke itself. It’s essentially the process of coming up with a variety of punchlines and finding which of them has the strongest humorous impact.”

Should All Online Comedians Do Stand-up?

“Yes, I believe that all comedians should work to get a better sense of how real-time comedy is delivered. It’s a great insight for online comedians on how to control a pace and evoke engagement.”

He adds, “But sometimes it’s nice not to have an audience, as it allows more of a backstory, and you can discuss topics that would have otherwise not been reciprocated well if they were in person.

Andrew gives an example of his recent dog skit, explaining, “If I had done the lady dog lover skit  in person, it would have been hard to get away with; people would lose engagement within the first few seconds and not wait for the punchline.”

“But with online comedy, the skit finds its audience online, and I have more flexibility with crafting the message’s delivery, thinking through every element to the point of perfection.

Stand-up Vs. Online Comedy

“Personally I think online comedy is harder, despite stand-up taking more improv, and pace control, the online work takes more creative energy, and is more time-consuming to an extent.”

Despite preferring content creation to stand-up, Andrew tells us that each has its advantages and downsides.

Content Creations Requires More Skills

“I only say content creation is more difficult because there are many moving parts to it, while with stand-up you just have to be funny.”

Andrew says, “There is no doubt that online comedy has a better reach, but creators need to learn how to be good at multiple skills. From controlling the pace to editing and filming, a comedian also becomes a director, cameraman, and more.”

What Creators Inspire You As A Comedian?

Andrew explains that Toronto enjoys a thriving comedy community where comedians support each other, collaborate, and provide feedback. While not all comedians work together, they often form smaller groups with mutual creative energies, helping each other excel in more than one way. 

What Tips Do You Have For Comedians On Social Media?

Quantity Over Quality

“This is some of the best advice I received throughout my career from a famous fellow Toronto creator, and I’ll always pass it along to others since it served me well.”

Have A Firm Point Of View As A Base Of Your Joke

Andrew encourages creators to be convinced of what they’re about to share online or in a stand-up setting. He explains that when a joke comes from an authentic place within, it’s received better by the audience.

Let loose when recording.

“I think that many comedians try to stick to what they’ve scripted out, but through recording hundreds of videos, commercials, and more, I can tell you that some of the best-performing ones were when I allowed myself to flow and improvise.”

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