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A Journey Of Transformation A Conversation With Yoga Influencer Amanda Angeles Quiambao


A Journey Of Transformation: A Conversation With Yoga Influencer Amanda Angeles Quiambao

In the world of health, fitness, and wellness, there are individuals whose stories inspire and motivate others to embark on their own journeys of self-discovery and transformation. 

Amanda Angeles Quiambao, a prominent yoga influencer, has become a beacon of positivity and empowerment for her followers. With her unique approach to yoga and commitment to authenticity, she’s garnered a substantial following of 14.5 thousand on Instagram alone. 

In this interview, Amanda takes us through her personal journey into the world of yoga, the challenges she faced, and the lessons she’s learned along the way.

A Journey Of Transformation: A Conversation With Yoga Influencer Amanda Angeles Quiambao

A Journey Of Transformation: A Conversation With Yoga Influencer Amanda Angeles Quiambao

Discovering Yoga: A Journey of Beginnings

Amanda’s journey into the world of yoga began over a decade ago, during the advent of social media. “I started doing yoga about 10 years ago,” Amanda reflects. “I actually became interested in it because I saw a girl doing a posture, like an inversion posture, and she put hashtag yoga on IG. And that’s actually how I found yoga, what’s funny is that it’s quite full circle.” Her initial curiosity paved the way for a transformational voyage that would change her life in unexpected ways.

At the time, Amanda was living in the United States and working a full-time office job. Despite her background not being rooted in sports or physical activities, Amanda decided to venture into the realm of yoga. “I was very weak when I started,” Amanda admits. “I had never done sports or anything like that.” 

Despite the challenges, Amanda’s determination and motivation fueled her progress. With consistent practice, she began to witness her body undergo remarkable changes. “The more that I would practice, the more that I could see changes happening in my body and in my mind,” she states.

Embracing Change and Sharing Her Passion

As Amanda’s love for yoga grew, she made a pivotal decision that would shape her path. She pursued a master’s degree in design management in Spain, and it was there that her dedication to yoga deepened. “I was doing a master’s in design management, and I was skipping classes to go to yoga classes,” Amanda recalls with a laugh. Her time in Spain allowed her to explore her passion more fully, and she connected with others who shared her vision.

During her journey, Amanda’s connection with a friend who was involved in the production of yoga clothing sparked a turning point. She became involved in helping him launch his business and managed social media for the brand. “My first couple of years in Barcelona, it was more about helping him start the brand and helping him with everything that needed to be done for the business,” she says. As she immersed herself in the yoga community, Amanda’s interest in teaching gradually grew stronger.

Amanda’s journey as a yoga teacher was not without its challenges. Being naturally shy and navigating a language barrier, she initially struggled with public speaking and instructing classes in Spanish. However, her dedication to her craft and belief in the transformative power of yoga drove her to overcome these obstacles. “I’ve had so many different jobs, but being a yoga teacher is probably the job that I’ve stuck with for the most amount of time,” she reflects.

What sets Amanda apart in the world of yoga is her emphasis on physical transformation and empowerment. Many of her followers are struck by her petite stature and the strength she exhibits during her practice. “A lot of people are blown away about how much strength I have,” Amanda acknowledges. This unexpected strength challenges preconceived notions and inspires her followers to believe in their own potential.

Amanda’s teaching philosophy centers around the idea that anyone can experience transformation through consistent practice. “I want people to understand that if you believe in yourself and you keep practicing, you can also have a big transformation in yourself as well,” she emphasizes. Her message resonates deeply with individuals who may doubt their capabilities, and she empowers them to challenge those self-limiting beliefs.

Leveraging Social Media for Yoga Teaching Success

In today’s digital age, social media has transformed from a mere communication tool to a powerful platform for businesses to connect with their target audience. This holds true even for the world of yoga, where instructors have discovered innovative ways to harness the reach and impact of social media to elevate their teaching careers. 

In a world saturated with influencers, Amanda’s story stands out as a reminder that transformation is possible for anyone willing to believe in themselves and embrace change. Her journey reflects the essence of yoga itself—finding strength within and using it to empower others.

Amanda starts by reflecting on the evolution of social media in the yoga community. “Social media has completely changed the game,” she affirms. “Platforms like Instagram have given yoga teachers a direct channel to connect with students globally. It’s no longer limited to local studio classes.” Amanda’s sentiment echoes the sentiment shared by countless yoga instructors who have embraced the digital landscape to extend their reach beyond geographical boundaries.

With a humble smile, Amanda highlights the significance of platforms like Instagram in forging a deep connection with her audience. “These platforms allow me to share my journey, my teachings, and my philosophy with a wide range of individuals. It’s like having a virtual studio that’s open 24/7,” she explains. Through captivating images and insightful captions, Amanda effectively communicates her passion and expertise, attracting like-minded individuals from various corners of the world.

Amanda’s journey in the world of yoga was not without its challenges. “When I started teaching, finding opportunities was tough,” she reveals. “That’s when I turned to social media. It became a platform for not only promoting my classes but also showcasing my personality and unique style of teaching.” Amanda’s journey exemplifies the transformative power of social media, allowing even those without a substantial local following to build a global brand.

A distinctive aspect of Amanda’s approach is her specialization in teaching handstands. “Handstands are not just about physical strength; they symbolize finding balance and conquering fear,” she passionately shares. Amanda’s commitment to mastering and teaching this challenging pose has resonated with her audience, attracting students eager to embark on their own handstand journeys.

Amanda delves into her specialization, explaining how handstands became a central theme in her teachings. “Teaching handstands is my way of sharing a unique aspect of yoga. The journey to an ideal handstand requires patience, dedication, and resilience—qualities that are transferrable to all aspects of life.” Her dedication to this pose has yielded inspiring success stories among her students. “Witnessing someone conquer their fear and achieve a handstand for the first time is incredibly fulfilling. It’s not just about the physical achievement; it’s about empowering individuals to defy their limitations.”

Balancing Trends and Authenticity

As the conversation shifts to the dynamics of social media trends, Amanda emphasizes the importance of authenticity. “Trends come and go, but your authenticity remains constant. It’s essential to be yourself and not get swept away by every new trend that emerges,” she asserts. Amanda’s viewpoint reflects a refreshing perspective in an era where the pressure to conform to trends can often overshadow genuine self-expression.

“Every yoga teacher brings a unique voice and perspective to the table, even when discussing common topics,” Amanda continues. Her words serve as a reminder that individuality is a cornerstone of effective teaching, even in a space where certain themes might seem overdone. Amanda advocates for embracing personal experiences and infusing them into teaching content, thereby creating an authentic connection with students.

Navigating the digital landscape comes with its own set of challenges, but Amanda’s philosophy remains steadfast. Engagement is key,” she emphasizes. “Responding to comments, answering questions, and fostering a sense of community are essential aspects of maintaining a thriving online presence.” Her commitment to engagement underscores the value of meaningful connections over mere online visibility.

Advice for Aspiring Yoga Teachers

Amanda’s success story offers valuable insights for aspiring yoga teachers seeking to establish a meaningful online presence. “Don’t be afraid to show your personality,” she advises. “People connect with authenticity, so let your true self shine through your content.” She encourages teachers to strike a balance between personal and professional content, allowing students to see the multifaceted aspects of their lives.

“In the online world, consistency is key,” Amanda emphasizes. “Whether it’s sharing tips, insights, or your own yoga journey, maintain a regular posting schedule to keep your audience engaged.” While acknowledging the challenges of constantly evolving platforms, Amanda stresses the importance of staying true to one’s unique teaching style, despite the pressure to conform.

A Glimpse into the Future: Amanda’s Vision

As our conversation draws to a close, Amanda shares her insights into the future of her business and the impact she envisions within her community. Her passion for connecting with people and her innovative approach to leveraging social media shine through as she discusses her plans.

“I do wanna focus more on offering more classes online,” Amanda reveals with enthusiasm. “I’ve been traveling a lot more lately, and Instagram has created this way to keep in touch with people you’ve met in real life and also people you haven’t met in person, like people you’ve just connected with through the social media platform.”

Amanda’s eyes light up as she describes her vision of growth. “I see my business growing more online,” she says. “I want to make my business more accessible, not just in the city of Barcelona, but all around the world. Right now, I offer mostly in-person classes, but I am looking forward to expanding my online studio and building an online community. It’s incredible to have the ability now to keep in touch with people from all corners of the world.”

Amanda’s roots in the Philippines and the US drive her desire to connect globally. “I want to keep expanding my online community by offering more workshops, classes, and private sessions,” she explains. “While I’m excited about expanding online, I also want to keep meeting people in real life. The strongest connections have been with people I’ve met in person, and maintaining that connection online is essential.”

As our discussion continues, Amanda highlights her plans for upcoming retreats. “I have a lot of retreats planned for next year,” she shares with a smile. “I’m planning one in the Maldives that combines yoga and snorkeling. It’s the first time I’m trying such an international retreat. Social media has made it possible to connect with people from different corners of the world, allowing me to create and reach diverse audiences.”

The conversation takes a reflective turn, and Amanda offers words of wisdom for those who aspire to follow their dreams. “If you’re scared to take a risk or step into something that scares you, it’s likely what you’re meant to do,” she advises. “The thing you’re most scared of is probably your purpose and path. Take risks and follow where you feel called. You have no idea where it might lead you.”

Amanda’s journey exemplifies the power of embracing challenges. “Remember, it’s a test,” she affirms. “If you really want something, life will test you to see how much you want it. Overcoming those hurdles is what paves the way for growth and fulfillment.”


In the age of digital connectivity, Amanda’s journey exemplifies the potential of leveraging social media for yoga teaching success. From humble beginnings to a global platform, Amanda’s story underscores the transformative power of authenticity and specialization. 

Aspiring yoga teachers can draw inspiration from Amanda’s emphasis on embracing individuality and navigating social media trends with integrity. With her dedication to teaching yoga and handstands and her unwavering commitment to being herself, Amanda continues to uplift and empower students worldwide through the digital realm.

You can follow Amanda Angeles Quiambao’s journey on Instagram and keep up to date with her offerings and retreat dates.
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