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All About Allie Schnacky Podcast Christian Conversations That Spark Joy And Encouragement


All About Allie Schnacky Podcast: Christian Conversations That Spark Joy And Encouragement

The Allie Schnacky podcast is unambitious in its format but undeniably effective in the positivity it produces. 

Those interested in new-age spirituality, self-improvement, female-led spaces, and all things Christian will find plenty to enjoy here. 

The “elevator pitch” for the podcast is as follows: 

“Grab a coffee and come hang as Allie Schnacky, Founder of Chosen & Free Co., invites you to listen in on some fun and inspiring convos with her and many amazing guests that will for sure bring you joy, encourage you, and that, we pray, will help you grow into all God has called you to be!”

The content in each episode is joyful; the conversations within lead to fascinating and insightful places time after time. 

This is likely why thousands tune in to listen to each episode. 

Another factor in the podcast’s popularity is the warm, playful presence of influencer Allie Schnacky, who adds exciting energy to every minute of content.

The Creator Behind the Podcast 

Alison “Allie” Schnacky is an influencer known primarily for her TikTok and YouTube presence. 

In her early days of online content, she became famous for playful prank videos where she would play tricks on passersby or joke around with loved ones. 

These videos and other “vlog” style content soon catapulted Schnacky to the top of the popularity scale with millions of followers and hundreds of thousands of views for each video she uploaded.

After finding significant success online, Schnacky founded Chosen and Free co. This faith-based brand seeks to empower women and create a safe space to explore spirituality and become closer to God. 

The Chosen and Free ethos is all about community and sisterhood. The following is taken straight from the Brand’s “about us” page: 

“If you’re reading this, we believe God has intentionally brought you to this community, to grow with us, to serve with us, to dream with us, and to ultimately change the world with us! to take the freedom that comes from an identity found in Christ alone, and go share the good news with women to the ends of the earth! 

Inside of each sister God is bringing to this community, there are unique testimonies, giftings and abilities that are needed to accomplish this revolutionary mission the lord has for our sisterhood (yes that means you)!” 

The Allie Schnacky podcast was founded on the same ethos described above; it continues and explores the Chosen and Free brand. 

Themes and Topics Covered 

Contemporary American Christianity is celebrated through the lens of self-improvement and women’s empowerment.

In addition, there are Bible studies, conversations about life’s challenges, dealing with jealousy – and much more in the podcast.

One episode that captures the podcast’s theme very well is episode 25 in season 1, in which Schnacky is joined by influencer and YouTuber Carol Chaves.

Together they discuss the toxicity that jealousy can bring into our lives. Envy and needless comparison with others are discussed as a trap. 

The women work together to figure out how to escape the trap of comparing their accomplishments to those of others.

Throughout, the conversation is honest, playful, and endlessly supportive – the love in the air really is palpable. 

If you’re looking for an episode to help you dive into the Allie Schnacky podcast, number 21 from season 1 is a great shout. 

It’s about “how to be great to God.” 

Schnacky is joined by her good friend Kristen Stoutenburgh. Together, the two women wax lyrical on all things pious. 

Their conversation touches on how to live authentically while staying true to God and living as a good Christian. 

The laughter throughout is infectious and serves as a brilliant introduction to Schnacky’s brand. 

In episode 24 from season 1, Schnacky and influencer Sara Graysun discuss eating disorders, addiction, and the pain these have brought to so many. 

A light among the darkness is searched for and God’s teachings are interspersed throughout each heartfelt story. 

The above is really the tip of the iceberg here. 

Schnacky’s impressive online presence, the relaxed atmosphere during interviews with guests, and the Christian themes that so many people around the world love ensure that fans tune in in large numbers.

Reach of the Allie Schnacky Podcast 

Allie Schnacky has 1.03M subscribers on YouTube, 728K followers on Instagram, and 4M followers on TikTok

On YouTube, where viewership info is readily available, Allie Schnacky receives between 7000 and 300,000 views per video upload. 

As of late March 2023, the Allie Schnacky podcast was ranked #84 in the Austrian Religion and Spirituality charts on Apple Podcasts.  

Based on this information and our own analysis, we estimate that the talk show receives between 50,000 and 65,000 listens each time an episode is uploaded across Apple, Google, Youtube, and Spotify podcast networks.

The Format of the Podcast 

The Allie Schnacky podcast is fundamentally conversational in tone. 

It forgoes structured format points in favor of authentic, friendly conversations about God, life’s challenges, and what makes it all worthwhile. 

Listeners are often encouraged to grab a coffee and a notebook for each conversation. 

The wisdom, new ideas, and challenges brought up from episode to episode may warrant some personal reflection – and that’s the goal. 

The guests selected for each episode contribute to this objective.

Many of the podcast’s guests are young female influencers although some male voices appear from time to time. 

They join to share their worldly wisdom and discuss the intricacies of God’s word. 

The incredible talent featured on the Allie Schnacky podcast includes the likes of Carol Chaves, Malik Brookins, and Schnacky’s own brother, Lance Schnacky.

Reception and Impact 

Schnacky’s considerable online presence has helped to maintain a healthy audience for the talk show

The show boasts a 5-star rating on most relevant sites online. 

One happy listener had the following to say: 


Hey girl! I am so thankful for you and your desire to share Jesus with others. You don’t even know how much your podcast has impacted my life. I have been brought to tears MANY times♥️ Thank you for sharing your doubts and just being real…it has allowed me to realize that I’m not alone in my thoughts.

Much love,” Sydney (source)

Another adds the following: 

So Inspiring

Let me just say, I have been watching you guys on youtube for a while and I LOVE YOU! But recently I noticed how my connection with God wasn’t that strong so I was searching for a podcast that would help me grow my relationship with God and when I found out you had a podcast and jumped right on and listened to a couple of episodes. I have never listened to such an eye-opening podcast in my life. You always find the right words when talking about God and you have inspired me to start to grow my relationship with God more. Love you” – Allie (source)

People seem to love that the podcast discusses the teachings of God with a modern approach.

As a general rule, reviewers have left the podcast feeling inspired and empowered to create a better life for themselves. 


The Chosen and Free brand – and by extension, Schnacky’s podcast – are all about making the world a better place for Christian women everywhere. 

If you’re a Christian or have even a moderate interest in modern spirituality, the Allie Schnacky podcast might just be for you. 

Its new-age charms are combined with authenticity and an uplifting vibe. 

Listen today on the following platforms: 

Apple Podcasts


Pod Paradise. For more religious podcasts like this, follow us here.

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