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All About The Flagrant Podcast A Look Into Top-Ranking Unapologetic And Unfiltered Comedy


All About The Flagrant Podcast: A Look Into Top-Ranking Unapologetic And Unfiltered Comedy 

Andrew Schulz is one of the funniest unfiltered comedians in today’s space, and his collaboration with stand-up comedian Akaash Singh makes the podcast even better. 

All About The Flagrant Podcast: A Look Into Top-Ranking Unapologetic And Unfiltered Comedy 

The podcast is quickly gaining popularity mainly because of the excessive controversies, and the successful carreers of both comedians outside the podcast.

Additionally, Flagrant interviews some of the biggest names in comedy, music, sports, and more, driving even more traffic to the podcast and helping them broaden their reach. 

The Creator Behind the podcast 

Both podcast hosts are American stand-up comedians who found their fame through controversy and built a reputation by escaping the norms of comedy limits. 

Andrew first kickstarted his fame with the popular MTV show Guy Code and built a career by piggybacking off the notoriety it gained. 

However, Flagrant isn’t Andrew’s first podcast; before flagrant launched, Andrew Schulz partnered up with Charlamagne tha God and hosted the popular podcast “Brilliant Idiots.”

Unlike flagrant, which is a guest-hosting and reaction-based podcast, Brilliant Idiots is a podcast solely for trolling public figures and making fun and jokes about celebrity gossip. 

Akaash Singh, on the other hand, met Schulz on the Guy Code MTV and moved to New York to collaborate with Schulz to create the popular Pod.

The podcast was inspired by escaping political correctness and launching a show without scripts, limits, or boundaries.

The duo describes the show to be an army of “assholes” who call everything by how it appears and have absolutely no filter. 

Themes and Topics Covered

There is no limit to what you may find on the Flagrant podcast, as they only discuss the hot and trendy. Expect to hear everything from Andrew Tate and his recent controversy to Mr. Beast and the backlash he faced for curing 1000 people of curable blindness. 

Their target market is everyone with a blunt and sarcastic sense of humor and those who admire a raw and honest take on things. 

How inconsiderate Schulz and Singh are about sensitive topics might get many canceled, but they manage to slide them by with a laugh. 

Some of the most popular episodes from the Flagrant podcast include: 

Joe Rogan Gets High & Flagrant

According to Andrew Schulz, this episode is hosted in the presence of “The only Joe that should be running America and a man that kicks so hard that he can snap Lizzzo’s thigh.”

In the single most viewed episode of the Flagrant podcast, hosts thank Joe for inspiring them to start the show and launch their first podcast. 

Unlike most episodes where only Andrew and Akaash interview the guest, this episode is all-inclusive, where everyone on set joins in smoking cigars and discussing hot topics.

Joe Rogan dives into how he grew his podcast from nothing, explaining everything from his guest selecting process and why political figures reach out to him for exposure. 

Akaash gets pressured into smoking a blunt, while Joe and Andrew get high to talk fighting, conspiracies, and debate whether Jason Momoa and Thor are the hottest men on earth.

MrBeast Gets Flagrant and Walked Away from 1 Billion Dollars

Mr. beast has been on the Flagrant podcast multiple times, but this one is by far the funniest as he discusses stalkers, why he wants to run for president and Youtube analytics. 

No time is enough to pick the brains of Mr. Beast, and in this fast-paced interview, both teams jump from one mind-boggling topic to another, each taking at least 2 minutes. 

A Flagrant Episode that is more informative than funny offers insight into everything from marketing strategies to Mr. Beast’s business model and target-generated revenue. 

Andrew and Akaash sometimes overdo it when it comes to sarcasm and puns; however, all their Mr. Beast podcast offer nothing but informative value and insights. 

One of the few episodes where viewers can take Andrew and Akaash seriously, the Mr.Beast interview is the best insight into the duo outside their comedic stage character.

Fresh&Fit Expose Their View on Women with Andrew Schulz and Akaash Singh

One of the funniest episodes with the so-called “red pill misogynists” Fresh and Fit expose their dating preferences since they’re always giving dating advice, and nobody knows what they prefer. 

They open by analyzing Fresh and Fit’s conflict with Asian Doll and how they received plenty of backlash for saying, “We don’t date black women.”

Viral tweets, loud discussions, and a bold side-by-side comparison of both podcasts highlight this Flagrant episode. 

Schulz and Singh criticize Fresh and fit for being politically incorrect and inspiring viewers with biased and partially racist opinions. 

The episode blew up due to the controversial take on things, as most comments disagree with what the “Red Pill” Duo preaches. 

Fresh and Fit usually hold a hard bargain and win debates, but this episode is a must-watch to see Schulz get smart and investigative. 

Reach of the Flagrant Podcast 

The Flagrant Podcast has 1.23 Million followers on youtube, 206,000 followers on Instagram, and 61,500 followers on TikTok.

On youtube, where view statistics are readily available, the average podcast receives between 1 million views and 1.5 million views per episode.

As of March 2023, Flagrant was ranked #55 on Apple podcasts within the comedy category, a few ranks ahead of the Brilliant Idiots podcast by Andrew Schulz and Charlagmene Tha God.

Based on this analysis, we estimated that the Flagrant podcast receives between 3 to 5 million listens each time an episode goes out across Apple, Google, Youtube, and Spotify podcast networks.

Format of the podcast 

Flagrant is one of the most abstract podcasts on the internet that is revolutionizing comedy and how it’s done. Why attend a stand-up show when Schulzy and Akk give you a wild, out-of-box interview every week? 

Schulz’s career took off right after his Netflix special, and since then, there no longer remains a specific target market. 

The Flagrant podcast is for everyone who doesn’t get easily offended, or at least the remainder of those people. 

If you know the boys, you know that nothing they say can be taken seriously, and they feed off of controversy and touchy subjects. 

Flagrant exposes all celebrities and takes shots at everyone, no matter their niche or popularity. If anyone is featured on Flagrant, you best believe they will open with the most embarrassing question ever.

Key interviews include Druski from coulda been records, stand-up comedian Ralph Barbosa, Kano from Top Boy, and Jake Pual. 

No further elaborations will do the hilarious podcast justice, as you will understand once you’ve watched a few episodes and laughed your ass off. 

Find the Flagrant podcast on every major platform, from Apple Podcasts to Youtube and Spotify, to enjoy over 400 episodes of non-stop laughs. 

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