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The Secrets Behind Alex Cooper's Influencer Success


Alex Cooper: Net Influencer Interviews Alex Cooper

If you’re not yet familiar with the name Alex Cooper then you might know have heard of the star referred to as Father Cooper, which is her Instagram handle where she houses over 2 million followers thanks to her hit podcast Call Her Daddy. 

Cooper has managed to grow the podcast exponentially since its original launch in 2018, with many fans tuning in to each episode and watching how the show evolves over time. In its inception, the show was coined “female locker-room talk,” due to the sex-heavy topics and modern feminist flair. 

While nowadays, the podcast continues to cover a wide range of conversations and topics, its popularity and audience have grown due to her interview-style episode that features some of the most notable celebs such as John Mayer, Miley Cyrus, and Chelsea Handler. 

In this article, we’ll be taking a deep dive into everything there is to know about the famous podcast host Alex Cooper.

Who Is Alex Cooper?

Alex Cooper shot to fame when the original episodes of the Call Her Daddy podcast began going live. She’d discuss hot gossip and sex-heavy topics with her friend and co-host Sofia Franklyn. 

But, it was when internet drama with other influencers, friendship breakups, and business disagreements hit headlines that Cooper really shot to fame overnight.

Before Alex Cooper rocked the interwebs with her podcast and the ensuing drama she was a Pennsylvania small-town girl. She was born in 1994 and was brought up in Newton, Pennsylvania, where she grew up alongside her siblings. 

Cooper was a student at Pennington High School where she would excel in most classes, yet none compared to how talented she was on the soccer field. Her passion for soccer is what allowed her to secure a sports scholarship at Boston University.

Cooper became friends with her teammates, yet this group of girls’ first priority was always soccer, after all, they were Division 1 athletes who had to abide by a strict training schedule. Thanks to her devotion to the sport, Cooper went on to win a championship. But, as with most university campuses, parties and events were never in short supply, and Alex was known to make plenty of appearances. 

Despite her busy social life, Cooper took her education at Boston University seriously and went on to pursue degrees in the fields of entertainment and media. She picked a major in production and proceeded to steer her degree into film and television. 

After four years of campus life, filled with infinite parties, sports, and lectures, Cooper graduated in 2017.

New Friendships Paved The Way For The Hit Podcast

Cooper began to explore her post-college life by first taking a leap of faith and moving to New York City. The fresh social scene would soon catapult the star into a whirlwind relationship with Noah Syndergaard a New York Mets pro-baseball player. 

Due to her relationship with Noah, Cooper would be featured in massive media outlets and celebrity gossip content, which ultimately would play in her favor. 

Although the relationship with Noah wasn’t long-lived, Cooper went on to meet Sofia Franklyn, someone who would change her life forever. 

The two girls immediately hit it off and decided to take a trip to Texas, where the idea for Call Her Daddy podcast was born. And even though neither was sure about the topics or direction of the podcast, both stars entered this new chapter with excitement. 

Cooper already had her own Youtube Channel, making her no stranger to the efforts involved in content creation and all the behind-the-scenes work that goes into media production. The lack of experience from Sofia didn’t have a negative effect on the podcast whatsoever, with the two receiving incredible feedback pretty much from the get-go. 

Soon after launching it became clear that they’d struck gold, with audiences tuning in to listen to Alex and Sofia’s hot takes on drama, gossip, and even sex. 

Call Her Daddy And Barstool Sports 

In no time, Call Her Daddy became an overnight success and was noticed by none other than Barstool Sports founder David Portnoy who decided to slide in Alex Cooper’s DMs. Prior to the contract with Spotify, Call Her Daddy was bought by Barstool Sports within months of the first episodes airing. 

The show’s structure and topics have evolved over the years, with the main difference being that Cooper now solo-hosts after Sofia decided to part ways and venture off on her own in 2020. After Franklyn’s exit, the podcast took a hiatus for a year, which left gossip magazines and fans speculating about what had gone down between the two. 

The details of the split remain somewhat unknown, yet many speculate that Sofia’s exit was due to disagreements with the Barstool Sports contract and its subsequent renegotiations. Either way, Cooper stayed and continued to host Call Her Daddy, while Sofia went on to launch her own podcast. 

Once the podcast relaunched after the hiatus in August 2020, Cooper decided to bring on a celebrity guest that would change the format of the show drastically, at the same time as growing her audience in ways never seen before. The celebrity guest was none other than Miley Cyrus, the perfect interview to bring the gossip and fun for the solo version of the show. 

The success of this episode is what moved Call Her Daddy to follow a more interview-style format, in which Cooper gets down to the nitty gritty with some of the top celebrities in Hollywood. The intimate yet hilarious show regularly makes headlines due to the disclosure of celeb gossip, secrets, and locker room talk.

Some of her recent celebrity guests include Jamie Lynn Spears, who used the platform to address accusations regarding her sister’s conservatorship. Hailey Bieber, who discussed their favorite sex positions, and Jane Fonda who authentically opened up about her struggle with eating disorders. 


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Memorable Cooper Fuelled Influencer Drama 

After the long and draw out drama between Cooper and ex-cohost Sofia Franklyn a long list of other internet feuds and drama with celebrities and influencers would follow. Here are the two most notable Cooper-fueled controversies.  

  1. Sway House

Influencer drama is often unavoidable, and this seemed to be the case Cooper was a guest on Josh Richard’s podcast BFF’S where she was asked to rate the members of Sway House live on air. This small and irrelevant exchange paved the way for some of the wildest internet drama that would proceed to take center stage for months on end. 

Back and forths ensued between members of Sway House and Cooper, on Twitter and TikTok. With Blake taking to Twitter and calling Cooper irrelevant 

Nevertheless, Cooper didn’t seem particularly affected by the whole ordeal. Instead, she took to Instagram and posted about how she couldn’t find anywhere that sold Flamin’ Hot Cheetos while on holiday. 

Clearly, the famous podcast host had better things to do than entertain internet drama. 

  1. Logan Paul

Rumors began to take center stage after Logan Paul had stated the pair had hooked up. In 2021, Cooper appeared on the BFF’s podcast as a guest once again to which she answered some of the questions related to the Logan Paul rumors. 

Cooper disclosed that the two had agreed to keep the hook-up under wraps but Logan had let the cat out of the bag by accident. The star took the drama by the reins and decided to take control of a situation that was fast spiraling out of control due to internet gossip and social media trolls. 

According to Cooper, the fling was nothing more than that – a short fling. 

Recent Podcast Deal With Spotify, Engagement, And More

In 2021, Spotify and Cooper signed a three-year contract. The contract’s payment terms are approximately $60 million, making it the platform’s largest female-hosted partnership ever. 

With an estimated yearly salary of $20 million, Alex Cooper has become the highest-paid podcaster on the popular platform – second to none other but Joe Rogan.

Even though Cooper had reached celebrity status on her own, the deal with Spotify only seemed to project her into new and unseen levels of fame. Her celeb status and influence were growing, but so was Cooper’s net worth, estimated to stand at approximately $10 million.

This year, Cooper hit headlines after announcing her long-awaited engagement to Matt Kaplan, a Hollywood producer. The pair have been dating for over three years, and during this time Cooper managed to maintain her partner’s identity a secret from her fans by routinely referring to him on air as “Mr. Sexy Zoom Man”.

Nowadays, Call Her Daddy has expanded and evolved in more ways than one. Grown up from the locker room talk, and sex-centric advice to a variety of topics and conversations that appeal to a larger audience. Most of all, Cooper seems to seek out guests with charisma who don’t shy away from discussions surrounding feminism, empowerment, and dropping all the juicy tea.


Alex Cooper’s loyal fans have followed her and the podcast for years, far outweighing any of the negative press and online trolling. Call Her Daddy is one of the most popular podcasts around, with an audience of over two million and growing. 

From small-town girl to L.A.-based superstar, there’s no stopping Cooper’s successful journey. We’re excited to see what Alex Cooper and the Call Her Daddy podcast have installed for us next. 

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