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Adelicious Navigating The Audio Revolution


Adelicious: Navigating The Audio Revolution

Co-founded by David McGuire and Pascal Hughes in 2020, Adelicious is a network designed by podcasters for podcasters that aims to revolutionize how content creators monetize their work. 

Pascal Hughes

David McGuire

CEO Andrew Goldsmith brings to light the unique origins and ethos of Adelicious. “My two co-founders, themselves creators in audio and TV production, independently established their own podcast production companies. Their journey towards monetization led them to identify a gap in the UK market for a more bespoke, hands-on service,” Goldsmith explains. This realization spurred the creation of Adelicious, a network that embodies the essence of providing a ‘white glove’ service to podcasters, something previously absent in the market. 

Adelicious: Navigating The Audio Revolution

“Ensuring that our podcasters get a fair representation in the market is one of Adelicious’s foundational goals”, Goldsmith says. The network aims to empower creators, enabling them to thrive within the digital economy by maximizing the revenue and monetization opportunities available to them. 

Goldsmith continues describing the network’s unique approach: “We are invite-only, which  ensures that the content we endorse and the podcasters we look after are creating content that we believe is both premium andcross-representative of society”. He further clarifies that this pursuit of quality and representation does not equate to an exclusive focus on large, established shows. “Smaller shows with incredible content and smaller audiences are just as important to us as the bigger shows,” he asserts. 

Beyond the content, the attributes of the podcasters themselves are crucial. “We’re looking for drive, passion, and persistence from the talent. We’re looking for talent that is in it for the long haul”, Goldsmith explains. 

Adelicious: Navigating The Audio Revolution

Adelicious’s Strategy for Maximizing Revenue

The initial step in Adelicious’s approach involves aiding podcasters in growing their audience. “Whether it’s a launch or a growing podcast, we ensure they become as successful as they can in attracting listeners,” Goldsmith explains. This support includes a variety of tactics such as cross-promotion opportunities, guest speaker slots, broader marketing support, in-app support, and wider promotion, all designed to increase visibility and listener engagement.

Another aspect of Adelicious’s strategy is acting as an extension of the podcasters they represent, rather than merely a network facilitating transactions. This perspective shifts how Adelicious interacts with the market, focusing on representing the podcast and host’s essence to potential advertisers. “We’re not just a network buy,” Goldsmith clarifies. Instead, Adelicious takes a hands-on approach to pitching and selling to brands, emphasizing the importance of contextual selling and alignment between the podcast’s core message and the advertiser’s goals. “I think that’s what genuinely makes us stand apart from the rest of the market”, he concludes. 

Fostering Deep Connections: Adelicious’s Blueprint for Podcasters

“The relationship that is built up between the host and the audience is paramount,” Goldsmith begins, acknowledging the intimate bond podcasting creates. “Our role is to ensure that podcasters embrace that relationship and don’t take it for granted.” 

Goldsmith also discusses the importance of leveraging multiple media platforms to enhance the podcasting experience. “We talk a lot about embracing other media to push your content to a broader audience,” he explains, suggesting strategies such as using social media for promotion and engaging with listeners across different platforms. This cross-pollination, he believes, is vital for building a community around the podcast.

The transition from audio-only content to creating visual and engaging material for platforms like Instagram and TikTok is recognized as a significant challenge. “Moving from that audio product and creating something visual and bespoke for Instagram, bespoke for TikTok, is probably a bit of an ask,” Goldsmith admits. Yet, he encourages those who can manage this expansion to pursue it, citing the benefits of community building and audience engagement that a multi-platform presence can foster.

The concept of expanding the podcast experience into real-life interactions is another strategy Goldsmith highlights. “Being able to relate to your listeners in real life is great,” he remarks, suggesting that live events can transform the host-listener relationship by adding a new, tangible dimension.

Furthermore, Goldsmith advocates for creating exclusive content for dedicated fans, enhancing the value exchange between podcasters and their audience. “Creating unique content that sits exclusively for those that are paying… is really important,” he notes, emphasizing the significance of rewarding the community’s loyalty and investment in the podcast.

Sustainability in the Creator Economy: Adelicious’ Method

“Our role in a podcaster’s career is to help them make money,” he states, underlining the importance of financial stability in allowing creators to focus on what they do best: producing engaging content that ranges from 15 minutes to 1.5 hours.

“We educate, we do a lot of workshops and we spend a lot of time with podcasters”. Adelicious is deeply committed to educating and preparing creators for the rigors of the podcasting industry. A key piece of advice Goldsmith offers is the importance of consistency, not only in content creation but also in maintaining a regular posting schedule. “Momentum is key,” he asserts, explaining how regular engagement helps build and sustain an audience.

Goldsmith also sets realistic expectations about the monetization timeline, encouraging patience as audiences grow and brands begin to take notice. “You might not make money for the first few months,” he cautions, stressing the importance of building a listener base before expecting significant revenue.

Marketing and promotion are other critical areas where Adelicious guides its creators. “That includes social, that includes feed drops, cost promotions, and guest speaking slots, and anything that you can do to market your show”, Goldsmith explains. This strategic promotion ensures that content reaches the target audience effectively, contributing to the podcast’s growth.

Navigating the Future of Content Creation: Adelicious’s Vision

One significant trend Goldsmith highlights is the fluidity between video and podcasting content, indicating a move towards a more integrated approach to content creation. “Video to podcast. Podcast to video,” he notes, illustrating the cyclical relationship that is beginning to form between these two formats.

Goldsmith also points to a broader trend affecting the monetization strategies within the creator economy. “Monetization isn’t linear anymore,” he states, emphasizing the need for creators and networks alike to adapt to a more dynamic approach to generating revenue. This involves exploring diverse platforms and opportunities where content can not only reside but also thrive and contribute to a creator’s income. From publishing and live events to merchandise and collaborative product launches with brands, Goldsmith believes the scope for monetization is expanding.

Adelicious is actively embracing this shift, working closely with its network to navigate the increasingly blended world of content creation. Goldsmith suggests that the term “podcasting” might soon become limiting, underscoring the importance of embracing a non-linear path to success and monetization. This perspective is crucial for creators to remain versatile and open to various avenues for growth and revenue.

In response to these trends, Adelicious is contemplating its evolution to ensure it continues to meet the needs of its partners effectively. “We are looking at a slight evolution…just to make sure we remain completely relevant to all of our partners’ levels,” Goldsmith reveals, hinting at strategic changes within Adelicious to stay aligned with the future demands of the creator economy.

Adelicious’s Strength in Independence

“Our size, being small and boutique, is genuinely our superpower,” Goldsmith encapsulates the essence of what makes the network distinctive and effective within the podcasting industry. This boutique approach allows Adelicious the agility to adapt to the ever-evolving landscape of podcasting technology and market demands, ensuring that creators in its network receive the most innovative and beneficial support available. This autonomy liberates Adelicious from being tethered to specific partners or technologies, enabling a dynamic and responsive strategy that always prioritizes the best interests of its creators. “We are free to constantly look at the market and what tools are available,” he explains.

The value of such independence extends beyond technological flexibility. It fosters a deeper, more personalized relationship between Adelicious and its creators. Goldsmith highlights the importance of this close-knit interaction, where creators are not just another account but valued members of a community who have direct access to the team behind their support. “We want to work with people that want that deep relationship,” he says, underlining the desire to maintain a human connection in a digital age, where personal attention and genuine care set Adelicious apart.

Adelicious: Shaping the Podcasting Renaissance

Goldsmith charts the evolution of podcasting from its inception as a niche “audio blogging” hobby for “techie geeks” to its current prominence as a cornerstone of the mass-market media landscape. “I wouldn’t underestimate the role that Apple and Spotify have played in allowing podcasting to move to the masses,” he highlights, pointing out the instrumental role these platforms have played in broadening podcasting’s audience. Goldsmith also believes the significant advancements in technology have democratized the production process, making it possible for anyone to create “a very premium sounding podcast at a very affordable level.” This accessibility has been key to the medium’s explosive growth.

Goldsmith emphasizes the critical contribution of content creators to this expansion, stating, “It is all about the creators.” Their embrace of podcasting, fueled by the medium’s low barrier to entry and the potential for high-quality output, led to a proliferation of content across a spectrum of topics, attracting listeners from every sector of society. “If you can think of a subject, there’s a podcast for it,” he observes. 

This renaissance in podcasting is further supported by the advertising community’s growing interest, which has seen podcasting’s advertising revenue soar to significant figures in North America and the UK. Such financial influx has legitimized the medium and contributed to its professionalization, marking podcasting’s arrival as a significant media channel.

“We are witnessing a snowball moment for podcasting,” Goldsmith asserts, suggesting a bright and expanding future for the medium as it continues to attract diverse audiences and innovative creators. As Adelicious navigates this dynamic landscape, its commitment to supporting creators through these changes remains steadfast, aiming to ensure the success and sustainability of podcasting as a key player in the creator economy.

Cecilia Carloni, Interview Manager at Influence Weekly and writer for NetInfluencer. Coming from beautiful Argentina, Ceci has spent years chatting with big names in the influencer world, making friends and learning insider info along the way. When she’s not deep in interviews or writing, she's enjoying life with her two daughters. Ceci’s stories give a peek behind the curtain of influencer life, sharing the real and interesting tales from her many conversations with movers and shakers in the space.

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