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YouTube has grown to become one of the most popular video-sharing platforms. As technology is becoming more accessible to people, YouTube content viewers and creators are increasing tremendously. Day by day, we see new YouTubers producing various kinds of viral content. And with such a massive user base, YouTube has become a safer option for brands to market themselves.

Brands are realizing the power social media possess when it comes to influencer marketing. Influencers, regardless of followers count, are a great source of promoting the brands. If they make a video or a post that interests people and keeps them informed with ongoing trends, it can get viral. Like the ‘Charlie bit my finger’ video was a complete accident but is now Youtube’s most viewed video. 

So, brands understand the scope YouTube has for its campaigns. Youtube is extremely powerful with its massive 2.1 billion global userbase when it comes to conveying a message. 

 For that reason, let’s look at eight Influencer Marketing YouTube examples.


If you are an avid YouTube user, you must know or heard of ‘MrBeast.’ MrBeast aka Jimmy Donaldson is famous the viral and outrageous videos he produces on YouTube. From giving away millions of dollars to charity to eating world’s most expensive cuisines and even giving away money to Youtubers, he has done some wild things. His videos cluster millions of views and likes, making his channel one of the most subscribed channels on YouTube. MrBeast has 66.9 million subscribers on his main channel and a combined following of 113.4 million across all other social media platforms.

MrBeast & Honey on YouTube

One brand that capitalized on MrBeast’s rising growth and success was Honey. I am sure if you have seen any of MrBeast’s recent video, you must have come across him promoting the brand. Honey is a browser extension that generates coupons and deals that you can use to cut down on your purchases. MrBeast even had his own referral code to sign up on Honey with some incentives. Honey was also a reason how he was able to fund his outrageous videos. MrBeast had the highest views, IMV, and reach amongst all other YouTubers Honey collaborated with. Honey was able to garner over $9 million in IMV and 60,308,056 views as of 2020.


Just like Honey, many YouTubers also heavily promoted Skillshare. Again, if you are an avid YouTube user, you might have come across promotional videos of skillshare. To those who do not know, Skillshare is an online learning platform where you can learn new things and build up your skillset. They have thousands of classes in various fields such as photography, editing, and illustration.

Skillshare has collaborated with various YouTubers such as Yes theory. Yes, theory has a massive following on YouTube, and apart from that, the channel is known to positively convey a message at scale.


OnePlus is a smartphone brand based in China and the United States. They have always boasted themselves as the flagship killer smartphone, and they keep customer experience at their core. They have a vast global community operating in major locations such as the US, UK, Europe, India, and China. They have an aggressive marketing campaign on social media, creating trendy and appealing advertisements for their products. 

Lewis Hilsenteger for OnePlus

OnePlus has been collaborating with many influential tech YouTubers, especially with Unbox Therapy. Lewis Hilsenteger, the owner of the channel, unboxes and reviews tech devices and organizes very big giveaways as well. OnePlus has been sending him their devices regularly whenever they launch. . Not just that, they have sponsored huge giveaways of their phones through the channel as well. Unbox Therapy is also sponsored by other tech brands such as Oppo, Realme, Xiaomi, and Sony.


Since its inception in 1964, Nike has scaled up considerably partly due to its good quality products, sponsorships, and good marketing. They have a talented advertising team that makes catchy and sporty ads, and now they have started collaborating with influencers to expand their reach further. 

They partnered with “What’s Inside,” a father-son-run YouTube channel that tears apart things to figure out really what’s inside? Nike launched their new Air Vapormax and invited them to document the process of going to their HQ and finally splitting the shoe in half to see what’s inside. They made seven videos, one with the teardown of the shoe, showcasing the design and craftsmanship that went into it.


Google has one of the most interesting and exciting advertisements out there. They teamed up with ‘Wassabi Productions,’ a YouTube vlogging channel run by Alex Burris, with 9.6 million followers. He made a video during Christmas where he commands Google’s Home mini device to do some tasks such as adding popcorn to a list, calling a friend, playing Christmas music, and telling jokes, he was able to market the device’s key features in a vlog. That video helped garner 22,200 likes, 1200 comments, and 350,400 views.


Audible is an American audiobook and podcast platform owned by Amazon. They have thousands of titles you can listen to while you are on the go. There are also countless podcasts on various topics.

Influencer marketing
Matt D’Avella for Audible

One prominent partnership for Audible was with minimalist, productivity expert, and content creator Matt D’ Avella. Matt is known for his minimalistic approach to life while stressing how to be productive and a better human being. Audible collaborated with him, offering discounts on signing up. He has shown how he multitasks by tuning into an audiobook while at the gym or traveling.


If you are a sneakerhead, you might know what Complex is. Complex is a sneaker and clothing brand that also runs its own fashion blog. They deal in rare and hyped clothing and sneakers that are hard to find elsewhere. Just before the pandemic, they collaborated with many celebrities like Will Smith and Martin Lawrence and invited them to their store and chatted about the rare collection of shoes they have. More specifically, the video with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence scored 7.5 million views and nearly 10,000 comments. They have invited other celebrities and athletes like Cristiano Ronaldo, Marques Brownlee, and Jimmy Fallon.


If you are into watching competitive eating videos on YouTube, I am pretty sure you have come across Matt Stonie. Matt, from California, has competed in countless eating competitions with various titles to his name. Nowadays, he has his channel on YouTube with 14.6 million followers. He makes videos of eating outrageous amounts of food with a time constraint. Chowing down on giant bowls of cereal to eating dozens of burgers, he continues to attract people’s attention. With millions of views per video, Express VPN took advantage to promote themselves. As the name suggests, Express VPN is a VPN service that provides people safety and anonymity while surfing the web. Often in his videos, he has promoted them and offered a referral link to sign up.

Matt Stonie for ExpressVPN
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