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As in many other industries, automakers recognize the power of influencer marketing. For automakers who wish to spread the word about their latest car technologies, upcoming models, etc., getting top-rated car enthusiasts and YouTubers on board is a great idea. Let’s take a look at 8 strategies used by the industry.

Like many other industries, the automaker industry also acknowledges the power of influencer marketing. Having top-rated car enthusiasts and YouTubers on board is a big plus for automakers that want to spread the word about their latest car technologies, upcoming models, and so on.  

Influencers also have specific expertise when it comes to their field. Not every influencer can be an excellent investment for the auto industry; however, collaborating with those who have in-depth knowledge about vehicles can do wonders for the company. Influencers who can appropriately appeal to the target audience and display what these vehicles have to offer can be an ideal option for automakers to promote their brand. Influencers who have a massive following and have experience in promoting car brands can attract new customers and help a brand outperform its competition.  

In this article, we will look at the top eight influencer marketing strategies for automakers that help them attract their target audience and raise brand awareness. 


Using a unique day to captivate your audience can be an excellent way to raise awareness about your product and company. This is the strategy that Chevrolet used to the fullest by choosing April Fool Day. They named it #BestDayEver and this advertising strategy was based on displaying ‘acts of awesomeness.’ 

Amusing incidents were arranged by the company with someone being offered free coffees while others being entertained with pop songs concerts. While Kelly Clarkson showed up for singing in honor of new moms and pregnant women, Alec Baldwin disguised himself as Abraham Lincoln to surprise the students in a history class at Occidental College in California. Unanticipated things were happening everywhere, which aroused excitement in every other person on the road. Not only that, Chevrolet further collaborated with renowned YouTuber Jon Dore to do a live telecast for consecutive 8 hours. 

As a result of this campaign, 98 percent of people left with a positive sentiment. With a rate of 600 comments per minute, about 3 million people were found to be viewing the live telecast. 


To display the latest model of their car and maximize the audience, Ford launched a campaign named ‘Try More.’ This campaign was brought into execution with the core idea of trying out new and exciting activities like bull riding, ax throwing, or virtual fighting. Having the opportunity to try these activities for free, people hurried to the event site where Ford cars were also displayed to check out and take for a test drive. While the primary purpose of the campaign was to market their latest model, Ford took it to another level by offering the potential buyers a fun-filled evening. 

Not only were the sales drastically increased through this campaign, but also consumer relationships were improved as the company gave a chance to its customers to express their views about the automaker. 


Porsche, a brand known for its luxurious cars, escalated their promotions by launching a virtual reality experience of their Panamera 4-E Hybrid so that the potential buyers and many others can take a look at what new this edition has to offer. 

Google Cardboard viewers were developed to be sent to influencers and celebrities to spread the word using their extensive reach. The strategy to include influencers paid dividends as the brand could raise positive reputations about the new hybrid edition. 


To promote their newest edition of Mustang GT, Ford considered using a social taboo, that women are not good drivers, in a positive way. The social perception was developed by encouraging males to go for a test drive in Mustang GT with a female stunt driver. In the beginning, the driver displayed little know-how of driving; however, with time, she showed her exceptional driving skills. Meanwhile, the expressions of those sitting with her were recorded with the help of hidden cameras in the car. The video went viral on YouTube, attracting the attention of an immense number of viewers. This strategy was clearly unique, and it helped Mustang build its loyal customer base. 


To promote their new CR-V, Honda came up with a campaign named #PowerofDreams. To reach out to diverse communities, Honda collaborated with numerous celebrities, such as Stan Lee, Magic Johnson, and Tina Fey, to talk about their life-long dreams and how they came to be true with years of dedication and hard work. 


To promote it’s latest SUV 4Runner, Toyota collaborated with an influencer named Loki The Wolfdog. The influencer is known to roam in the wilderness with his pet dog Loki. While partnering with Toyota, he posted pictures on his Instagram page to reflect on the versatility of this vehicle. The SUV was seen at its best in extreme conditions such as snow, humidity, and hot weather.

Moreover, the company has collaborated with Kelly Lund, a famous travel blogger, who keeps posting pictures in Toyota’s latest models. 


Maserati is a luxury car manufacturer founded in 1941, having the symbol of a trident since the beginning. With no comparison to ordinary car manufacturers, Maserati gives a sense of luxury to everything it touches. Nevertheless, the company’s ways of marketing have been no different than its cars. 

Maserati has collaborated with Scott Schuman, James Walker, and Jenny Walton to promote the brand with their high-quality photo shoots and videos, featuring Mont Blanc at the back and the luxurious sports car at the front. 


Known for its comfort and practicality, Land Rover aims to promote adventure rides with the help of its team of influencers. Having Lydia Millen, Ed Stafford, Jack Morris, and many others on board, Land Rover is constantly enticing new buyers. 

Having a fan following of 8.8 million on Instagram, the company regularly features new models and quality content.


As the auto industry is occupied with bringing about new features and implementing the latest technologies in their vehicles, they are also deriving ways to market their automobiles in the most effective way. Influencers are now becoming an important part of marketing strategy for most automakers as this has proved to be an excellent investment during the last few years.

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