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7 Best Social Media Apps Like TikTok to Download Today

TikTok, the short-form video sharing app, is a fan-favorite right now. But there is no guarantee that it will stick around forever. In fact, several countries have already banned the app. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t other apps like TikTok out there. In this article, we talk about 7 TikTok alternatives for you to check out.

TikTok might be everybody’s favorite right now, but that doesn’t mean it will be here always. Check out our list of the best 7 other apps like TikTok for you to check out.

Social media apps are like phoenixes. Most of them burn bright for a short period of time before disappearing into ash. Except, in this case, they are never reborn again. Remember Orkut and Google+? I used to think they would stick around forever. But today, there is no trace of them to be seen. In fact, there is a generation of kids who have never even heard of them! 

Today, the spot for #1 social media app is held by TikTok, a short-form video-sharing app. Created by ByteDance, it allows users to watch (and even create) videos ranging from 15 seconds to 3 minutes. It has gained popularity among everyone owing to the wide variety of content it hosts- from entertainment (such as dances and pranks) to informational. 

7 Best Social Media Apps Like TikTok-Net Influencer

Top 7 Social Media Apps Like TikTok


Compatibility: iOS, Android

Best Feature: Auto-editing

Downloads: 250 million+

Rating: Apple Store – 4.3 | Play Store – 3.5

A favorite of celebrities like Selena Gomez and Justin Beiber, Triller makes it very easy for you to record and edit videos. That’s because its unique algorithm will edit your videos for you. Its motto is “you do you, Triller does the rest.” And we are not exaggerating. This app automatically adds lighting, filters, and even the right soundtrack to go along with your videos, turning your creation into a masterpiece! Triller is, however, not a social media app. But you can create your videos here and share it to other platforms such as FaceBook and Instagram easily!


Compatibility: iOS, Android

Best Feature: DanceOff, Rewards System

Cheez is similar to TikTok with some extra features thrown in. Apart from dancing, singing, and comedy, you can also use this app for vlogging and fashion. Two features set this app apart from others: its rewards system, and the DanceOff feature. When you get a certain number of followers, or shares, or when your posts go viral, you receive rewards! If you simply want to lurk and not participate, that’s okay, too. You can earn rewards just by watching and commenting on others’ posts. 

Cheez also lets you challenge others and battle out your talents. Sounds fun, right? You can also take part in DanceOff, the first mobile dancing game! It will be just like the dance off you see in movies, except this will be virtual. 


Compatibility: iOS, Android

Best Feature: Birthday and New Year, Create own channels

Downloads: 225 million

Rating: Apple Store – 4.7 | Play Store – 4.0

Lomotif is very similar to TikTok with features that allow you to create and edit videos in-app. It has a large library of music and effects that you can add to make your videos stand out. Shoot a video of your road trip, add some nostalgic music, and rake in the likes and followers! It has a variety of emojis and beauty filters, too.

Lomotif also lets you collaborate with your friends and create videos in order to gain a wider audience. Its best feature is the “Birthday” and “New Year” feature where your presence on the app gets boosted during these days. On Lomotif, you also get to create your own channels around a certain topic!


Compatibility: iOS, Android

Best Feature: Collaborating with friends, Looping videos

Rating: Apple Store – 4.7 | Play Store – 4.5

Funimate is another TikTok alternative that offers many of the same features as TikTok. This app has unique video effects and makes your videos look like they were edited by a pro. Create your own special effects, lip-sync to songs, enact dramatic dialogues, and simply have fun!

Funimate also lets you create loop videos like the ones on Instagram, take part in weekly challenges, and even collaborate with your friends and combine the videos together.


Compatibility: iOS, Android

Best Feature: Stories, Rewards

Rating: Apple Store – 4.7 | Play Store – 4.6

Kawaii stands for “adorable” in Japanese, and that is exactly what this app is. Filled with short and cute videos, the emphasis here is on beauty content, lip-syncing, dances, comedy, and magic illusions! It also has a rewards system. The more followers you have, the more rewards you can earn!

You can take part in the challenges and trends that are regularly hosted by the app itself. Its best feature is the “stories” feature, except this one stays on for 48 hours!


Compatibility: iOS, Android

Best Feature: Cash prizes, Embedding video clips on website

Downloads: 3 million

Rating: Apple Store – 4.6 | Play Store – 4.2

If you are serious about creating videos and getting noticed for them, Firework is the place to go. The focus here is on the quality of the content, rather than the number of followers. And it is absolutely crucial to follow the trends and make videos according to them in order to gain popularity (and win cash prizes).

The app has a powerful editing tool that lets you stitch vertical and horizontal videos together. The best feature is that Firework gives you the ability to embed your videos onto your websites using a special web player. This means that your website viewers can interact with your videos directly from the website itself!


Compatibility: iOS, Android

Best Feature: Face swap feature, SuperMix feature

Downloads: 330 million+

Rating: Apple Store – 4.6 | Play Store – 4.3

Likee is almost similar to TikTok, except that it has advanced effects, including a face swap feature called FaceMagic. With this, you can become your favorite character! The SuperMix feature lets you create amazing videos instantly. 

Likee also lets you stitch many videos together, and allows you to add effects such as speeding up/ slowing down your video. Finally, it lets you share your creations to other social media platforms!

Why is TikTok Banned in Some Countries?

TikTok, the Chinese-based app, has been banned in several Asian countries such as India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Azerbaijan, and Armenia. It has also been in hot water in several other countries, including the US. 

The most notable reason for this is rising political tensions between China and other countries. These countries banned the app citing concerns related to inappropriate content as well as security. They believe that TikTok is being used as a surveillance app. Other complaints against the app include that it censors “ugly” people, including Black, disabled, and overweight users. 

We do not know whether these concerns are true or not, but it is undeniable that TikTok has been facing several issues in countries all over the world. There might come a day when you wake up and see that you can no longer access the app. So download these other apps like TikTok today. Don’t forget to let us know which one is your favorite in the comments below!

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