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12 Top Medical Influencers To Follow On Instagram


12 Top Must-Follow Medical Influencers on Instagram

In this day and age, when a new illness seems to crop up every year, it is important to get our medical facts straight. However, since we get most of our information from the internet, it can be hard to distinguish fake news from reality. So, here are some top medical influencers you can follow to get authentic healthcare news.

You probably spend at least a few minutes every day reading the latest medical news. I know I do. But have you ever wondered if the news you are reading is authentic or not? 

12 Top Medical Influencers To Follow On Instagram


As the pandemic continues to rage on, it is important to make sure that we get our medical facts straight – whether it is about Covid-19 or general healthcare. Follow these top medical influencers to get authentic healthcare information. All of them are certified doctors and nurses, so you can be sure that everything they say is 100% real. 

12 Top Medical Influencers To Follow On Instagram 

Mark Hyman (@drmarkhyman) 

Followers: 2.1M

Our first medical influencer, Dr. Mark is a family physician, an international leader in the field of functional medicine, and an NYT bestselling author. His Instagram page contains all the information you need to maintain your health and wellbeing with a focus on nutrition. In short, he teaches you how to use food as medicine.

Want to know the signs of various deficiencies? Or maybe you want to know how to change your food habits to reduce stress and inflammation. You will find the answers to everything on his page. He even talks about how your gut is related to your mental health!

Jolene Brighten (@drjolenebrighten) 

Followers: 421k

Dr. Jolene is a certified naturopathic endocrinologist and an author. She educates her followers about women’s health and hormones. Apart from hormones, you can find information about pregnancy, birth control, PCOS, and so on. I also love that she talks about how mental health issues are connected to physical issues as well. 

There is always a dearth of information when it comes to the health of women – especially women of color – so her page is very useful!

Everyday Health (@everydayhealth)  

Followers: 148k 

Another medical influencer, Everyday health, is a page that enables you to stay healthy in your daily life – both mentally and physically. You get information about the health benefits of various foods and vitamins, the benefits of small exercises such as walking and yoga, and so on. All the information is given in infographics, making it easier to retain them.

We never know just how much our health depends on our lifestyle. A little change – such as walking everyday for 15 minutes – can bring about an increase in everyday wellness, and that is what this page focuses on. 

Sara Rearson (@the.vagina.whisperer) 

Followers: 446k

True to her Instagram username, Dr. Sara is a certified pelvic floor therapist who talks about vaginal health. This is largely considered a taboo topic in several places, and often falls to the wayside even though vaginal health is one of the most important things for women. But Sara is here to change all that by spreading awareness. 

She teaches you everything about vaginal health pre- and post-pregnancy as well as childbirth. Follow her for some much needed information!

Karan Rajan (@drkaranrajan)  

Followers: 420k

Dr. Karan is an NHS surgical doctor. On his Instagram page, he teaches us about how our bodies work with easy-to-understand diagrams. Has your nose ever started running while eating certain foods? He will teach you why it happens!

Apart from learning more about your body, you also get to learn some mind-blowing medical facts and events in history! 

Jesse Inchauspe (@glucosegoddess) 

Followers: 1.1M

Jesse is a biochemist who helps you with your cravings, fatigue, skin, diabetes, mood, and PCOS using science. She tells you how to manage your glucose for optimal health. 

Most of us don’t know this, but too much glucose causes fatigue, acne, and wrinkles. Not to mention the risk of developing diabetes in the long-term. By using simple charts, Jesse talks about how to eat foods in a certain order to prevent sudden glucose spikes without giving up the foods you love! 

Joseph Mercola (@drmercola) 

Followers: 454k

Dr. Joseph is an osteopathic physician who helps you take control of your health. He is a passionate advocate of natural medicine and talks about the benefits and risks of various foods as well as activities.

Want to know how to stop snoring and improve your sleep? Dr. Joseph has several tips for you! Follow him to know how to improve your health by making small changes to your lifestyle. It’s more effective than you think!

Sara Gottfried (@saragottfriedmd) 

Followers: 192k

Dr. Sara is a physician-scientist who practices precision medicine. She helps people get healthier by focusing on the root cause of their symptoms. She talks about various things such as hormone balancing, hormonal detoxification, and various ways to improve metabolic health – with a focus on women. She also offers personalized consultations!

Alan Desmond (@dr.alandesmond) 

Followers: 107k

Dr. Alan is a gastroenterologist who believes in a plant-based diet when it comes to the prevention and treatment of gut diseases. He believes that a vegan diet has the power to transform our health and revolutionize our quality of life. 

On his Instagram page, he talks about how you can keep your gut healthy through vegan food. He even teaches a 4-week course on it! 

Mindy Pelz (@dr.mindypelz) 

Followers: 130k

Dr. Mindy is an expert on fasting and teaches women how to fast and take control of their health. She is the author of the book “Fast Like a Girl,” which is a manual on fasting for women. On her page, she talks about the different types of fasting, their benefits, the dos and don’ts of fasting, and so on. 

You can also join her Reset Academy where she has several courses that help you improve your sleep, get into a keto diet, manage menopause, build muscle, and even burn your fat. 

Mark Burhenne (@askthedentist)

Followers: 163k

Our teeth are one of the most important parts of our body. Unfortunately, they are also one of the most neglected. Dr. Mark is here to change that. His belief is that you can’t be healthy without a healthy mouth.

This medical influencer shares dental hygiene tips and bursts myths around oral hygiene – such as the fact that mouthwash is good for you. He also places emphasis on the connection between our diet and our sleep and our oral hygiene. 

Austin Perlmutter (@draustinperlmutter) 

Followers: 19.4k

Our last medical influencer, Dr. Austin, talks about our brain health. Literally everything we do to our body has an effect on our brains, and consequently, our mental health. There is also a connection between our gut and our brain, which is why he places a lot of emphasis on what foods are good for the brain.

Want to learn more about how your brain works and how you can take care of it better? Follow Dr. Austin! 

And we have reached the end of this list of 12 of the top medical influencers. Follow them to learn more about your body and how you can keep yourself healthy. But do remember that if you have specific issues, you must always consult your physician. Don’t forget to share this article with others!

12 Top Medical Influencers To Follow On Instagram


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12 Top Medical Influencers To Follow On Instagram