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WotoKOL Launching Globaal Influencer Recruitment Platform


WotoKOL Launching Global Influencer Recruitment Platform

Today, we are speaking with WotoKOL’s co-founder, Ryan, about WotoKOL’s recent global influencer recruitment program launch, WotoHub. WotoHub is designed to help small and medium-sized brands, in particular, find ideal KOLs and influencers for their campaigns at a low cost and time investment. Ryan shares WotoHub’s many features and how they will affect creators and brands.

What is WotoKOL?

WotoKOL is a global influencer marketing company established in 2015 that works with both influencers and brands. Their advanced data analysis and marketing insight technology are significant assets to anyone they work with. WotoKOL’s mission is to connect influencer ambassadors with the right brands worldwide, creating ideal marketing solutions for brands and additional revenue and opportunities for influencers.  

WotoKOL Launching Global Influencer Recruitment Platform

Currently, WotoKOL’s headquarters is in Hangzhou Zhejiang, but they have additional offices in Shenzhen, Ningbo, Hong Kong, and Vietnam. With over 200 employees worldwide, WotoKOL has been able to create partnerships in 36 countries around the globe. To date, they’ve worked with 2,584 brands and created 8,693 campaigns, covering industries like gaming, tech, fashion, household, makeup, outdoors, fitness, and apps. 

Their primary services include: 

  • KOL Whole branding solutions
  • Wotohub subscription service
  • Livestreams
  • TikTok ads and video planning services 

According to Ryan, “WotoKOL aims to help Chinese brands go abroad by leveraging the influence of global talents. China, as the second-largest economist, has 10 million enterprises, most of them plan to export business, but all of them encounter several marketing issues in this process, including underestimated brand popularity, high marketing cost, [and] unsatisfying marketing results.”

WotoKOL also helps brands with KOL (key opinion leaders) whole campaign solutions, which boosts brand awareness and exposure online. In addition, WotoKOL offers live stream services, TikTok ads, and short video planning to increase brand awareness and conversion on their social media platforms. 

WotoKOL Launching Global Influencer Recruitment Platform

Traction in The Influencer Market

Over the last year, there have been many aspects of the influencer market that have gained traction. 

Ryan shares, “YouTube and Instagram still maintain great momentum as top social media platforms… At the same time, users on TikTk had an exponential increase, with one billion global users. Moreover, TikTok officially launched [the] TikTok shop in February 2021 and is expanding its services to the globe, which all help TikTok’s traffic to e-commerce. The GWV of TikTok’s e-commerce business is aimed to achieve two billion USD.”

In addition to this, Ryan notes that China’s exporting industry is currently recovering. He shares that Chinese enterprises are paying more attention to brand awareness globally. This has led many Chinese companies to increase overseas marketing budgets on global social media platforms. 

He adds that the gaming industry has experienced a massive boost over the past 12 months. 

“The quality content generation and players’ engagement is the key to gaming marketing results. Therefore, gaming brands all increased their budget on KOL promotion.”

WotoKOL Launching Global Influencer Recruitment Platform

What is WotoHub?

WotoHub is a platform that helps brands easily connect with global key opinion leaders at a low cost. 

Ryan shares, “It has a powerful search engine, supports any keywords, channel names, talent names, and multi-dimensionally filters the talents; advertisers can directly send emails to the talents they are interested in, real-time interaction is completed on the platform; advertisers can initiate a campaign to invite influencers to accept tasks, and complete the whole process management including brief, script confirmation, DEMO confirmation, payment, and result monitoring within the platform.”

WotoHub has worked with more than 2,500 advertisers, over 300,000 content creators, and more than 300 campaigns. It also reaches more than 100 talents daily.

WotoHub was developed to help small and medium-sized brands find influencers and key opinion leaders at a lower cost. After seven years of offering brand marketing services, WotoKOL noticed a significant gap in the market. 

Ryan explains, “During these seven years, we have not only witnessed the innovation and reform of big Chinese brands, but also the rapid rise of emerging brands, especially with the continuous development of global e-commerce. Many small and medium-sized enterprises ignite the dream of becoming a big international brand. In the past, WotoKOL mainly served well-known brands with big budgets. However, due to the large number of small and medium-sized enterprises, it was impossible to provide effective services purely manually.”

As a result of this gap, WotoKOL developed WotoHub three years ago to give small and medium-sized enterprises the opportunities to find great influencers and KOLs for their projects at a lower cost. 

The platform’s data marketing analysis also allows WotoKOL to monitor marketing results and improve their own marketing strategies for brands over time. 

Additionally, they hope to bring more high-quality cooperation and opportunities to influencers on the platform, especially because China offers huge marketing opportunities. 

“China, as a huge market, has an annual export marketing scale [that] amounts to 10 billion US dollars.”

WotoKOL Launching Global Influencer Recruitment Platform

How Does WotoHub Work?

WotoHub is an open platform, meaning advertisers and content creators can join at will. 

“Advertisers register on the platform to obtain different rights and interests according to the membership level, and content creators enter the platform to obtain business orders suitable for themselves. Advertisers and content creators can complete the entire process of cooperation within the platform.”

Influencers with more than 5,000 followers on YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, or Instagram are encouraged to join the platform. Currently, WotoHub is recruiting influencers globally. 

Ryan shares, “Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Japan, South Korea, and the Middle East are our key development areas.”

Joining WotoHub doesn’t cost creators anything and offers them plenty of opportunities to gain more business and sponsorships through the platform. 

WotoKOL hopes to experience major changes to their business model from the WotoHub launch. 

“We are continuing to increase R&D investment in artificial intelligence and big data. We are paying more attention to customer experience and customer success. We will advocate data sharing and establish a cooperative ecosystem. We [will continue to] pay more attention to the deep connection with content creators and incubate early-stage potential talents.”

WotoKOL Launching Global Influencer Recruitment Platform

The Creator Marketplace & WotoKOL’s Future Plans

When asked what he would like to see change in the creator marketplace, Ryan noted that the influencer market is unevenly developed. He explains that Europe, the US, South Korea, and Japan have relatively mature creator economies, but Southeast Asia and the Middle East are behind in this area. 

“We hope that the celebrity market will become more standardized in the future. On the one hand, advertisers will respect the content creative ideas of influencers, and on the other hand, celebrities will also abide more by the contract and complete content creation with quality and quantity.”

In closing, Ryan shares, “WotoKOL will continue to increase investment in the research and development of the WotoHub platform, invite more advertisers and content creators to join the platform, and at the same time strengthen the platform security function, so that advertisers and content creators can complete business cooperation on the platform with equality and mutual trust., to incubate more creative, potential content creators with contractual spirit.”

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