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Struggling To Keep Your Community Organized WhatsApp’s Clever New Update Will Solve All Your Problems


Struggling To Keep Your Community Organized? WhatsApp’s Clever New Update Will Solve All Your Problems

WhatsApp has rolled out new features for users to organize events within group chats associated with a “Community.”

Within these Community groups, any member can create an event, such as a virtual meeting or birthday party. Other members can indicate whether they plan to attend. The event will appear on the group’s information page, and those marking themselves as attending will receive automatic notifications as the event nears.

WhatsApp is also adding structured reply capabilities to “Announcement Groups” within Communities. When an admin posts an important update, members’ replies will be grouped together yet minimized, allowing others to easily see responses in context. However, all members except admins will have notifications for these reply threads muted by default.

The events functionality is launching first for groups within WhatsApp’s Communities, with a broader rollout to all groups coming over the next few months. The platform says the reply capability for Announcement Groups is also being introduced gradually.

According to WhatsApp, these additions are part of an ongoing effort to provide more organization tools for Communities as the company looks to position the app as a hub for user groups of all kinds. Additional features are expected in the coming months.

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