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10 Ways To Promote Your Music on Social Media


10 Ways To Promote Your Music on Social Media

Many of us discover new music on social media with artists such as Justin Bieber and Charlie Puth being discovered on YouTube. In fact, 70% of teenagers now discover a majority of their favorite songs on social media, indicating a shift in how we consume new art forms. With such a saturated market, it is vital that new musicians do not get lost in the crowd. Netinfluencer lists the top 10 ways to promote your music on social media.

Why Should You Promote Your Music on Social Media?

In the age of streaming platforms, we can access new music instantly and at a relatively affordable price. Yet, as more and more musicians resort to these platforms, many artists struggle to gain exposure and climb up the ranks. Promoting your work on social media can help you quickly gain engagement and develop an avid fan base for your music.

Social media platforms such as YouTube and TikTok can also act as expansive portfolios for your music. As such, you are better able to showcase your music to potential managers and record labels. Plus, these platforms allow fans to provide feedback and constructive criticism on your latest project. 

10 Ways To Promote Your Music on Social Media


10 Ways To Promote Your Music on Social Media

  1. Build a content strategy

If you have been producing music for many years, it can be tempting to release all of your content at once without any regard for strategy or operations. By building a consistent content strategy for your music career, you are better able to set and achieve long-term goals. In addition, a successful strategy can lead to more people becoming aware of your work, leading to more record sales on a variety of different platforms.

10 Ways To Promote Your Music on Social Media


  1. Use consistent branding

Branding refers to the names, designs, and symbols that are associated with your work and aims to create a positive response from the customer. Data suggests that it takes 5 to 7 impressions for people to recognize your brand. As a musician, you must use the same features across all of your work. For example, if you use your logo as your profile picture on one platform, make sure that it is the same across all other platforms. 

  1. Experiment with different platforms

Music often relates to long-form content as it allows the audience to listen to the song in full. However, it is still useful to add small samples of your music to short-form platforms. Many artists have posted their music on TikTok, leading to them becoming viral sensations overnight. Original music can also be added to Instagram Reels, helping to add atmosphere and character to each video. Every platform requires a little bit of trial and error so do not give up if you do not see success straight away. 

10 Ways To Promote Your Music on Social Media


  1. Engage with your audience

The main purpose of social media is to interact with others, making it the perfect place to communicate with people who enjoy your work. You could reply to comments on various posts or conduct live streams to connect with others in real-time. By doing this, you are making your music more personable and easily attaching your personal brand to your music. In turn, if audience members find your personality endearing, they are more likely to return to your content.

  1. Post regularly

A regular posting schedule is also a key aspect of finding success on social media. This could be expressed in the form of weekly vlogs or daily uploads on TikTok. Musicians can also post teasers of their latest content over a span of a couple of weeks. This helps to build suspense and anticipation, encouraging more listeners to keep checking in with your content. Posting regularly also ensures that an influencer remains relevant within their niche, allowing them to stay ahead of the competition. 

10 Ways To Promote Your Music on Social Media


  1. Use hashtags

Hashtags are a great way for musicians to insert themselves into their respective niches. By adding a few hashtags at the end of every post, your content is more likely to be found when an audience member searches for keywords. You can use a variety of tools to discover the best trending hashtags for your niche, heightening your chances of being discovered online. 

  1. Adhere to popular trends

Even if your music is considered unconventional, there are still many benefits to following popular trends. On TikTok, many users partake in dance challenges to a collection of viral hits. Music is even used to create humorous videos and other engaging trends. Therefore, musicians can also follow these trends using their own catalog of music. Also, trends can provide access to your target demographic, ensuring that you are marketing your work to the right audience at all times. 

  1. Track your analytics 

Social media platforms now provide users with a personalized analytics dashboard that allows them to see how many people are engaging with their content. This is incredibly useful for musicians as it can help them gauge how their work is performing on each platform. These pieces of data can also help growing artists discover their target market, aiding them in refining their overall marketing strategy. 

  1. Update your fans on events

Now that live music events are becoming more common in our post-Covid world, musicians have the opportunity to attract more guests to their gigs. You can add a link to your tour dates in your bio or even create video content about the venues you will be performing in. If you are unable to complete live performances, you can still uphold community-building events such as Q&A sessions or giveaways. The important thing is to keep your audience up to date with your latest ventures and make sure they can always engage with your content. 

10 Ways To Promote Your Music on Social Media


  1. Make your music accessible 

Streaming sites such as Spotify and Apple Music, require a rigorous application process and it can take quite a long time to get your music set up on these platforms. However, you can still make your work accessible on social media. Platforms such as Bandcamp allow musicians to sell their work directly to a paying customer, without losing too much profit. Thus, you can sell your work in a much more convenient fashion without the need for large corporations. 

10 Ways To Promote Your Music on Social Media


Promoting music on social media allows even the smallest of artists to gain attention. By using a variety of marketing techniques, musicians have the potential to see a boost in revenue and the chance to secure very profitable opportunities. To discover more about creating a social media marketing campaign, visit our website

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