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Tech Entrepreneur Pours 10 Years Of Studying Social Media Into New Gen Z-Focused App


Tech Entrepreneur Pours 10 Years Of Studying Social Media Into New Gen Z-Focused App

Tiffany Zhong, a 27-year-old tech entrepreneur, has spent the past decade studying social media habits to develop a new app called Nospace. Scheduled for official release at the end of April, Nospace aims to provide Gen Z with a social media experience reminiscent of the early days of Myspace and Facebook.

Zhong believes the current social media landscape has become less about genuine social connection and more about passive consumption of others’ lives. “That’s the problem we’re solving: connection with others and self-expression,” she told Bustle. According to her, over 380,000 people have already signed up for the Nospace waitlist.

Zhong envisions Nospace as a platform that puts users in control. The app will allow users to customize their profiles, share updates on what they are “watching, eating, reading, listening to IRL,” and flag their interests to connect with others who share similar tastes. It will also include a “friends only” feed and a chronological global feed displaying updates from all active users in real-time.

Zhong puts Nospace in a growing category of new platforms, such as Youni and PI.FYI, inspired by social media’s early days, it appeals to Gen Z’s desire for more simplicity and kinship in their online interactions.

The creators of these platforms believe that Gen Z, having grown up immersed in algorithmically driven social media, now craves more human connection and peer-to-peer interactions, as opposed to the influencer-follower dynamic prevalent on platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

“Gen Z simply is sick of the same old, same old when it comes to social media,” said brand marketing strategist Katya Varbanova. “They’re craving new experiences mainstream apps aren’t able to produce.”

Research has suggested that increased social media use can negatively impact mental health, including self-esteem, sleep, and physical activities. In response, Gen Z users are seeking ways to level the playing field and create more democratic online spaces where there are no subjects and fans, just peers.

Zhong has included features in Nospace that are designed to foster this sense of equality and connection. For example, a “boost” feature similar to likes or hearts on other platforms will not allow users to power-rank each other’s content but will instead serve as a gamified element for “fun” and “leveling up.”

“Loneliness is increasing for a variety of reasons,” Zhong said for Bustle. “We no longer have as much to talk about with our IRL friends because everyone watches different content.” She hopes Nospace’s focus on shared interests and real-time updates will help address this issue and encourage more self-expression and bonding among users.

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